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Basic History ( 430-432 ) Empty Basic History ( 430-432 )

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Second Assyrian Empire signs the Treaty of Odessa.
King Jason Macckey removes the Kingdom of the Scots from the ATLANTIS Trade Union.
Empire of Vanjar begins trading with Edo, Sunni Raa, Sicily, U.C.T., Circassia, and Dakota.
Both the Valhurian Union and Allied European union vow to advance and protect the Treaty of Amsterdam.
Dakota Empire begins trading with Vanjar, Edo, Cherokee, Singapore, Alps, and Calimento Empire.
Calimento Empire begins Trading with Dakota, Cherokee, Kelmar, Juva, U.C.T., Syria, Ireland, and Soki.
Cubana-Canoa begins trading with Paka-Kamar, Apache, Kelmar, Afghanistan, Tuareg, Soki, Azerbanji, Circassia, Red Sea, and Dakota.
Norse begins trading with Sicily.
Kumarska Vegatables Inc. is put under the management of Agron of Argxerxi.
Mikal Pextrokav II resigns as Representive of the Pextrokav Party in St. Peters Land, Russia ( Aug. 1st, 423 - May 3rd, 430 ) and is succeeded by Niece, Jezzabel Pextrokav.
1st Belarusian Defenders increase their Strength from 2 to 6.
1st Nordic Army ( Nordica ) Increase their strength from 8 to 9.
Kingdom of Ostersund adopts new economics #2.
Norway settles its' Greenland Colony.
After growing unrest in Bealaruse, mostly in Chechnian Bealaruse, the Treaty of Volograd is signed between The Valiant, the Kingdom of Russia, and the Republican Monarchy of Bealaruse.
The Republican Monarchy of Bealaruse Unionizes into Russia.
Kingdom of Russia adopts New Economics #2 and #3.
Cypria opens its; Industries for international Trade.
The Valiant begins trading with Circassia, the Red Sea, and Vanjar.
Nation of Serbs adopts New Ecoomics #3.
Hungarian Empire becomes the Kingdom of the Huns.
Ostrobothnia ( Finland ) begins trading with Fong, Azerbanji, Vanjar, and Cubana.
Third German Empire adopts New Economics #3.
FInland adopts New Economics #3.
Kingdom of Litchenstein adopts New Economics #3.
2nd Werftstriek ( Germany ) becomes 2nd German Defence Legion.
The Kelmar Union closes Port Duetchlander ( Oslo ).
Kelmar Union releases its' 430 census.
15) Religion : Norse ( 31% ) Christianity ( 53% ) Judaism ( 9% ) Paganism ( 7% )
16) Language : German ( 33% ) Norse ( 9% ) Finnish ( 25% ) Polish ( 14% ) Estonian ( 4% ) Lithuanian ( 0.5% ) Latvian ( 15% )
17) Major Ethnic Groups : German ( 20% ) Finnish ( 30% ) Polish ( 15% ) Prussian ( 15% ) Estonian ( 10% ) Swedish ( 10% )
18) Average IQ : 99.4
Peterbrukors ( Lithuanian Kelmarian military ) increase their strength from 6 to 9.
After a year long delay in the General Elction of teh Luxon Kingdom, the Bismark party assumes control over the Durario party.
Felix Gournervi retires as Commander of the Military of Nordica ( Jan. 25th, 424 - Oct. 8th, 430 ) and is succeeded by Ragoski Nathyer.
The Order of Old Europe vows to Abolish the Treaty of Odessa.
Sicily begins trading with Dakota.
Kingdom of Rome adopts New Ecnomics #3.
Alps begins trading with Paka-Kamar, Bejan, Pyreneese, and Juva.
Government Volunteer Forces of the Holy Empire of Italy defeat the Union of the Holy Empires' riots leaving over 200 dead.
Sebastian DeLourst founds the Florencia Republica Italita in Sicily to establish a Florance Republic over Sicily.
Sicily declares war on the Free Isle of Sicilia ( Anti State )
Third Dalmatian War begins as Francis II leads an Itallian Assault against Roman Dalmatia.
King Constantine I of Rome repels a Marxix, supposed Papal plot to overthrow him.
Empire of Spain opens Port Leon.
Spanish Bombardment of Corsica ( 11/23/429-12/2/429 ) leaves nearly 1,300,000 wounded or dead.
The Second Spanish War begins as the mainly Hispanic population of Brazzaillia lead an invasion to reconquer Hispania from Caravanian Spain.
A portion of the Coastal and Portlander Spain ( Spanish Western Coast ) succeeds to brazzaillia.
Silvia Eloxai is sent from the Valiant to the Priesthood of Fire to represent their trade.
Octavious Munrich is sent from the Kelmar Union to represent their Trade with Ostrobothnia ( Finland ).
Elgrozo of Inus becomes the Captain of the Helsinki's Revenge.
Gugol Bordadox is sent from Finland to represent their Trade with the Taureg.
The Luxon Kingdom appoints Saul Winchmen as Manager of their Port.
Carrigan Moizaxis II is sent from Sicily to represent their trade with the Fong Dynasty.
Union of the Holy Empire becomes the Holy Latin Empire.
Kingdom of Holland adopts New Economics #3.
Daris Coris Co. opens under Legron' Olp'Xco Inc.
Zezoura Inc. opens in the Keep of Paris producing Arsenic.
Scotland begins trading with Dakota, and Calimento.
Wales opens its' Industries for International Trade.
Kingdom of Scots adopts New Economics #5.
Dispite popular opinion, Jason Macckey begins the War of the Irish Sea ( Against Ireland ) due to poor trade relations.
Welshs' Royal Army ( Anti-State ) Declares War on Wales.
Margon III of the Norse Republic ( Jul. 5th, 430. ), Mikel Pextrokav II of the Kingdom of Russia ( Feb. 6th, 430. ), and Hans Attila Yuno VI of the Kingdom of the Huns ( Apr. 21st, 430. ) all sign the Treaty of Amsterdam.
Free Nation of Italian North Africa replaces African Single-Body Empirial System with Holy Impirial Papacy.
Tylot Ageroux is sent from the Kingdom of Holland to represent their trade with the Construct of Edo.
Raeil Sinmont is sent from Holland to Andia to represent their Trade.
Saul Labronx is sent from the Keep of Paris ( Pyreneese ) to the Shogun Kingdom to represent their Trade.
Kingdom of the Scots sends Pual McHarrison to the Empire of the Raa to represent their Trade.
Lord Drake Cromwell ( Aug. 18th, 414 - Jun. 23rd, 430 ) retires as Lord of the Welsh military as is succeeded by Commander Maxwell Cardi.
Harrald of Ghovonia ( Circassia ) is sent to The Valiant to represent their Trade.
Bashkirian Peoples' for Russian Rule vow to those murdered in the Third Repulsion Massacar
The 2nd Circassian Horde becomes His Majesty's Royal Guard.
Voushitra ( 407 - 430 ) retires as Commander of the Bashkir Guard and is succeeded by Hiergronian Dubonkis.
U.C.T. Begins trading with Dakota Empire.
Cearku Co. of Biokjour Inc. ( Butipovlad Dynasties ) is put under the management of Xole Arrgia II.
Butipovlad begins trading with Fong Dynasty and the Alps.
Ikkria of Yule ( Butipovlad Dynasties ) is sent to Paka-Kamar to represent their Trade.
United Chechnian Tribes adopts New Economics #6.
Ultariop of Bjark ( Butipovlad Dynasties ) is sent to Ireland to represent their Trade.
Daxter the Ruler ( Daxter I ) founds the United Chechnian Kings' Enforcement, a law enforcement organization put together by the King to uphold his law.
Daxter I declares the United Chechnian Tribes' State Motto " Together in Arms for Mother Chechnya! " and the State Anthem " Tell it Like you Mean it " - Quantic.
60 memebers of the Circassian Revolutionary Army die in a failed assualt on the 2nd Circassian Hords Base in Cavogradol, 13 members of the 2nd Circassian Horde are killed also.
Kingdom of Northern Chechnia opens Port Ascvoni.
Northern Chechnia launches its' first battleship, the N.C.V. St. Daxter.
Construct of Edo begins trading with Ireland.
Zouka Manzukai is sent from the Construct of Edo to Andia to represent their trade.
Shogun begins trading with Cubana-Canoa.
Soki begins trading with Elam, and Edo.
Taru Adzai is sent from the Construct of Soki to Cubana to repsrent their Trade.
Sazei Itokariza is sent from the Construct of Edo to the Cherokee Trade Empire to represent their Trade.
Construct of Edo releases its' 430 census
Religion : Paganism ( 19% ) Chakra ( 32% ) Nihism ( 7% ) Pogism ( 26% ) Kuji ( 16% )
Language : Mari ( 57% ) Fujian ( 33% ) Drumkan ( 13% )
Major Ethnic Groups : Mari ( 35% ) Kuji ( 13% ) Buryat ( 37% ) Zarpoki ( 15% )
Average IQ : 84.3
1st Royal Shogun Fleet increases its' Strength from 5 to 9.
Zaiche Canon Works Co. opens under Xaioto Arms Inc. in the Construct of Soki.
Eakoi Baisung founds the Royal Guard of Soki.
Tikishi Hirorito ( 240 - Dec. 29th, 430 ) of the Construct of Edo is succeeded by Jushima Takasari.
Fong Dynasty begins trading with Vanjar, Circassia, and P.H.F..
Singapore ( Shan ) Begins trading with Ireland and the Cherokee.
People for Burmese Power increase their Strength from 5 to 11.
1st Viet Mihn increase their Strength from 6 to 9.
Shen Ti Feng ( 426 - 430 ) retires as Commander of the People for Burmese Power in the Band of Lao Tribes. He appoints Ahshwic Igoa to power.
Algero Dynasty, of the Empire of Paupa, narrowly avoids an attempt to reform the Government by their opponents, Menerto Dynasty.
Ozao Dga'Jumoaipek is sent from the Vanjar to Sunni Raa to represent their trade.
Vanjar begins trading with Shan, Alps, Norse, Ireland, Shogun, Syria, and Taureg.
Empire of Vanjar opens Port Axwositumba.
Pakaramurashunti Agsolmaratumi is sent from the ( Shan ) Empire of Singapore to Sicily to represent their Trade.
The Vanjarrians begin to Colonize North-Western Africa in order to move closer to Trade hives as well as control the South African Seas. The ' Vunjuri Colony ' is founded.
Tiwi Civil Union adopts New Economics #2.
Agoru Taba founds the Uuni Dynasty Navy.
Rezassa Bodoki, Sister to Tsa Bodoki, of the Tuareg Kingdoms is sent to the Red Sea to represent their Trade.
Nunga Peoples' Dominion swears to exterminate the Croatians.
Red Sea begins trading with Sicily, Bejan, Apache, and P.H.F..
Taureg begins trading with Ireland.
State of Tobogo releases its' 430 census.
Religion : Vooddoo ( 73% ) Traditional ( 14% ) Islam ( 13% )
Language : Lybian ( 11% ) Tobogan ( 17% ) Spanish ( 32% ) Other ( 17% ) Taurag ( 23% )
Major Ethnic Groups : Tobogan ( 52% ) Taurag ( 33% ) Spanish ( 10% ) Italian ( 5% )
Average IQ : 61
Dagunga Drugs Inc. opens in the State of Tobogo producing Drugs.
Syria begins trading with Cubana.
Elam begins trading with Vanjar and Calimento.
Abbarrius Jezzarii takes on the daring task of moving to Afghanistan to represent their Trade with Elam.
Monzealia Affari is sent from Elam to Scotland to represent their Trade.
Harrold Akkaratri is sent from Afghanistan to Soki to represent their Trade.
Azeranjistan begins trading with Paka-Kamar and Cherokee.
Afghanistan blocks its' Trade with Juva Hunjurra.
The Kingdom of Olum ( Azerbanji-Anti State ) is transformed into the Azerbanji's Armies of God to Abolish the Shariah Monarchy and establish a Illium Dynasty to Unionize into the Valiant. Moshabi Illium is joined by European, of Persian decent, Eiziekial Mombarasi.
Price Adam I ( Persin Republic / Alem ) founds the 2nd Persian Royal Navy.
The Ex-Syrian Colony to Maylay, the now Kingdom of Aceh, begins to colonize for itself land of the Shan Empire of Singapore.
Emporer Mukel Ishemezzal Gein I of the Second Assyrian Empire turns over a plot to overthrow him.
Jubal Kameir Cessezar is sent from Afghanistan to the Cherokee Nation to represent their Trade.
New African Republic opens Port Ogwagzni.
Boar of Afkerica Inc. opens in the New African Republic producing Pork and restoring Industry to its' resource.
the Bujumburian Freedom Army of the Kivu Peoples increases their strength from 7 to 13, they also swear to reject any European Intervention.
The South African Liberation Army begins to hold mass rallies across Beja ( Trade Territory of Southern Africa ).
Island Trulu Warriors ( Madika ) increase their reach from 4 to 5.
Second Bantu War ( June 23rd, 429 - October 8th, 430 ) ends in Madikan Political Victory. No territoral changes are made.
Paka-Kamar begins trading with the Norse.
Muzahed Juizzaserti is sent from Paka-Kamar to Elam to represent their Trade.
Princess Olma Juno returns as Commander of the 1st Western Guard ( Fulani ) after Empress Africa III ( 427 - 430 ) steps down due to political pressure.
The Western Fulani Nation sends Ardwu Boknici Juno to Scotland to represent their Trade.
Prage Fuzujer is sent from Sunni Raa to the Cherokee to represent their Trade.
Patal Enut is Sent from Sunni Raa to the United Chechnian Tribes to represent their Trade.
Atasha of Punji is sent from Sunni Raa to Ostrobothnia to represent their Trade.
Rudaslo Puhtift of Bakkar is sent from Sunni Raa to the Construct of Soki to represent their Trade.
Hofstad Buhkjaf is sent from Sunni Raa to Ireland to represent their Trade.
Sunni Raa releases its' 430 census.
Religion : Hindi ( 76% ) Buddist ( 24% )
Language : Hindu ( 41% ) Ho ( 59% )
Major Ethnic Groups : Hindu ( 64% ) Bengal ( 8% ) Kashmiri ( 15% ) Nepoli ( 13% )
Average IQ : 83.5
Kingdom of Raja becomes the Kingdom of the Raj.
Muhjalad Ava becomes the owner of Port Raj.
Apache begins trading with Vanjar.
Grey Brick Inc. opens in the Cherokee Trade Empire producing Iron.
Running Fox is sent from the Cherokee Nation to Syria to represent their Trade.
White Wolf is sent by the Apache Country to represent their Trade with the Kelmar Union.
Inuit Nation adopts New Economics #3.
Dakota Empire adopts New Economics #5.
Dakota begins trading with Andia, Priesthood of Fire, Parisian Empire, Shogun Kingdom, and The Valiant.
Calimento Empire begins trading with Paka-Kamar.
Saratoya Dance Theater opens in the Calimento Empire.
1st Azza Guard ( Cubana ) Increases its' strength from 1 to 3.
The 2nd Banikia Seaforas ( Empira Castrona ) becomes the Navy of the Golden Circle.
Cubana-Canoa begins trading with Edo, Shan ( Singapore ), and The Alps.
Juva Hunjurra begins trading with Shogun Kingdom and Shan ( SIngapore ).
Andia begins trading with Juva.
Priesthood of Fire ( P.H.F. ) begins trading with Shogun, Butipovlad, Norse, Shan, Circassia, and Vanjar.
Juva Hunjurra releases its' 430 census.
Religion - Traditional (20%) Christianity (46%) Char (34%)
Language - Spanish (2%) Panemanian (30%) Venisian (4%) Peruvian (32%) Other (4%) Columbian (28%)
Major Ethnic Groups - Columbian (26%) Venezeulian (5%) Panemanian (19%) Amazonian (27%) Peruvian (23%)
Average IQ : 65.5
Gaurdians of the North ( Juva Hunjurra ) increases their strength from 4 to 9.
Kingdom of Char adopts New Economics #1.
Jin Tameso of the Construct of Edo is sent to The Valiant to Represent their Trade.
Eelkturi Xezaixti founds the Juva-Columba Hunjurra Surpeira to Establish a New Juvan Monarchy out of Juva-Hunjurra.
Oxia of Ojhu ( Juva-Hunjurra ) founds the army of the Guardians of the South.
Dsario Monozji is sent from Juva-Hunjurra to represent their Trade with Ireland.
Efrot Eregu is put over the Argrogathian Port.
Innanorian Dieoxis Inc. opens in the Empire of Andia producing Hemp.
Takakeru Opizase ( Representent of Andia to the Tuareg from 6/23/429 - 2/17/430 ) is killed and replaced by Ogharus Eritia.
Iguyas Vengra is sent from Andia to represent their trade with Azerbanjistan.
Collosus Bunnumi is sent from the Preisthood of Fire to the Vanjar to represent their trade.
King Bonibon, Cheif of Toula ( 426 - Feb. 6th, 430 ) of Juva Hunjurra dies and is succeeded by Great-Grandson King Columbo, Cheif of Juva.
Construct of Edo sings praises on Japans' Development in the East.
18,000 Paupans are killed in a Forrest fire.
Empire of Monathethia adopts Brasza Monarchy System.
Azai-Europa ( a Trade Union between Afghanistan and the Keep of Paris ) is founded by Ishmeal Alexdreni of Holland on April 2nd.
Xos-Pacifica-Maraiana, a Joint-Stock Company with intentions to allow shared access to National-Resources is formed between Hishero Itakoia of the Construct of Edo ( chosen to represent the Company by the State ) and Muljoxil Ferrazax of Juva-Hunjurra ( Also chosen by the State ) on April 2nd.
Population of Europe is Estimated at 192,967,043 and World population at 457,358,043.
Jushima Takasari, representing the Construct of Edo as Master of the Japanese Allied Progressions, vows to maintain the development of the Orient to the confinds of respect for the various and numerous cultures that make up Mother Asia.
Azourme Coal Inc. ( Keep of Paris ), through the workings of Azai-Europa comes under the Ownership of Afghani, Reffarri Azeikule.
Alun Joster, Grand Knight of Ostrobothnia, representing the Kingdom of Finland for the ATLANTIS Trade Union, adressed the Treaty of Odessa - Welcoming it as a solution to much Balkan based Conflict.
Hishero Itakoia, Representing the Construct of Edo in the Xos-Pacifica-Maraiana Stock Company, Expresses mild concerns over European intervention in the Americas(Marianica). Construct of Edo's Stock Worth drops $9.00.
Emperor Erwin Sinclaire of New Berlin, representing the Third German Empire in the United European nations Union, adresses the Treaty of Odessa - Stating that by allowing further intrusions from Non-European nations, Europe was being put at risk of reliving the bloody '300s' all over again.
The Kingdom of Russia adds $3,000,000.00 E.P.'s to the U.E.N. after making a minor statement to the Union on Parisian Debt.
Chancellor Oliver Veirghra ( Oct. 22nd, 424 - Apr. 2nd, 431 ) of the Valhurian Nations Union retires from his position and withdrawls the Kingdom of Norway from the Union.
Atharious, Andrew Puin of the Republican Monarchy of Macadonia becomes the Chancellor of the V.N.U..
Atharious adresses the Parisian Ddebt, claiming that it was nothing more than a case of Karma.
Donner Ocari, of the Croat Empire of the V.N.U., speaks out again in favor of the Treaty of Odessa - Reassuring that exploring treasures of the world would bring vast riches to Europa.
Cypria begins trading with The Valiant, Empire of the Raa, and the Norse Republic.
Wales begins trading with Cherokee, Paka-Kamar, Apache, Kelmar, Scotland, Juva, Soki, and Dakota.
Two more unsuccessful summits are held for the Treaty of Odessa and the Sofia Agreement.
(Treaty of Valerie) Currencies are accounted for of both the new Spanish Kingdom of Brazzazelia, and the Preisthood of Wind - a Deep South American peoples'.
The Norse begin to trade with the Butipovlad and Cubana-Canoa.
The Norse send Ondogus Kumarska II to the Kelmar Union to represent their Trade.
The Norse send Jon Credael to the U.C.T. to represent their Trade.
The Norse Send Yargus of Ardwinsdalaini to the Construct of Soki [Construct of Edo] to represent their Trade.
The Government of the Norse Republic give a three year lease to Nordica Mining Inc. in place of closing it at once.
Scadzrevik party wins in the Sub-Election of Bealarusian Chechnia under their Provisional Government under the Kingdom of Russia.
The R.R.S. The Petrite increases its' Power from 5 to 11.
Joseph Moropoli, Governor of the Russian Kingdom State of Nordica, retires as charter chairman of the Nordican Peoples Party ( Aug. 1st, 423 - Oct. 27th, 431 ) and is Suceeded by Kiov Monxaviar.
Head of Representation of the Kigndom of Russia, Mauri Pavlavich II ( Aug. 1st, 423 - Oct. 27th, 431 ), retires and is succeeded by Bryan Vogznupli ( Represenitive from Northern Bealaruse ).
Danyiel Ipikski ( Mar. 9th, 427- May 16th, 431 ) steps down as Commander of the Finkelen milutare Opoles ( U.K.F.S. ) and is succeeded by Polish Kelmarian Rogski Dajumi.
Holding mass sit ins, the Osturkelen milutare opoles vows to maintain the Cultural dignity of the Swedish People.
Army of the Swedish Revival ( Ostersund ) increases their strength from 2 to 7.
Kingdom of Norway closes Hourra Wodds Inc..
Zerxata Lumbers Co. ( Norway ) is sold to Pomil Timber Inc. ( Afghanistan ).
Cypria begins trading with Dakota and Paka-Kamar.
Emperor Erwin Sinclaire of New Berlin signs the Treaty of Amsterdam.
Dariot Clay Inc. ( Cypria ) is put under the management of Baxtogne [Dariot] of Xarllessi.
Kingdom of Cypria adopts New Economics #4 and opens Adrezzzias Build Co. under Dariot Clay Inc.
Religion : Greek ( 73% ) Islamic ( 27% )
Language : Greek ( 74% ) Kurdish ( 26% )
Major Ethnic : Greek ( 44% ) Kurdish ( 27% ) Syrian ( 29% )
Average IQ : 71.7
The Valiant closes Argairio Fuels Co..
The Valiant blocks trade with the Cherokee.
Lord Prescotte Jigkopelo Grigrenko's drive for fame and Serbian Expansion leads to the Serbian Invasion of Macedonia and the Sixth Serbio-Macen War.
Kelmar Union begins trading with Beja.
Jerrald Icshmundi ( Manager of Danish Lead Inc. ) dies and is succeeded by Ludwig Domus on January 10th.
Grand Dutchy of Estonia adopts New Economics #2.
The Trade Union EDEN is founded on August 12th in order to Maintain power and influence over Western Europe, gain access to Port Luxumberg, and to gain closer eyes on the French Economy, the Kelmar Union forms a Trade Union with the Kingdom of Holland in exchange to take the Dutch across the ocean. The two Nations call the new Union the Economical Development Enforcement Network ( EDEN ) - to act as a police force guarding trade routes between the two States and protecting themselves and overseeing the redevelopment of economically ruined states.
Alun Joster, Commander of the Ostrobothnian ( Finnish ) military and navy, represenitive of Finland to the ATLANTIS Trade Union, is assassinated by Finnish Nationalist on July 10th.
Sunjero Pabu III succeeds Alun Joster ( Nov. 15th, 428 - July 10th, 431 ) as Chairman of Finland to ATLANTIS.
Juliano Fignoun succeeds Alun Joster ( Dec. 5th, 421 - Jul. 10th, 431 ) as Admrial of His Majestys Royal Fleet.
Satur ( Brother of Ixion ) Fjhourdrita succeeds Alun Joster ( Jul. 24th, 428 - Jul. 10th, 431 ) as Commander of the Finnish Military.
Juliano Fignoun is appointed Commander of the Estonian Naval Force on July 2nd.
Zacoriah Joster is made manager of Opiu Silver Works Co. ( Finland ).
Kingdom of Lichtenstein installs an Absolute Monarchy by the ( Heading ) Hinreich Dynasty and the Von Truss Dynasty.
Ishmael Jeromiah Hinreich II succeeds Yohan Von Truss ( Nov. 28th, 429 - Jun. 15th, 431 ) as King of Lichtenstein.
Ostrobothnia begins trading with Sicily.
Kingdom of Licthenstein adopts New Economics #4.
Religion : Christianity ( 15% ) Judaism ( 59% ) Pagan ( 26% )
Language : German ( 24% ) Dutch ( 76% )
Major Ethnic Groups : German ( 25% ) Dutch ( 37% ) Danish ( 32% ) Norwegian ( 6% )
Average IQ : 122
1st German Defence Legion increase their reach from 3 to 6.
Kingdom of Finland opens the Altarium Theater.
Sicily begins trading with Calimento.
Jeso Ilyrite is sent from Sicily to represent their Trade to Scotland.
Dominico Mossacca is sent from Sicily to represent their trade with the Cherokee.
The Alps begin trading with Elam, Fulani, Kelmar, Sunni Raa, Soki, Shan, and Calimento.
Gunstroulli party maintains the thrown of Sicily after the General Election.
Cesar party joins the General election of Rome.
Lord Cara Damazzio, Wife of the Governor of the Roman African Colony, murderes her husband and leads the Roman Colony in a rebellion against Rome to form the Free Nation of Roman North Africa.
Popis Party retains the thrown after the General Election of Rome.
Italian North Africa releases its' 431 census.
Religion ( Islamic = 41% ) ( Traditional = 35% ) ( Catholic = 24% )
Language ( Berber = 57% ) ( Latin = 43% )
Major Ethnic Groups ( Berber = 45% ) ( Spanish = 21% ) ( Italian = 34% )
Average IQ : 86.4
Holy Empire of Italy closes Colma Co. at +76 points.
Luciano Vanbruteni is sent from the Holy Empire of Italy to the Kingdom of Alexandria to represent their Political Relations.
Un-ready to take on trade, the Kingdom of Rome declines a request from Sicily and the Alpine public to annex the Alps.
The Treaty of Madrid ( 8/6-7/431 ) is signed between Spain, Brazzaillia, and the Alps - Marking the end of both the Spanish War for the Alps ( May 22nd, 429 - August 7th, 431. )[Alpine Victory over Spain and the Annexation of the Spanish state of Castillia to the Government of the Alps. ] and the Second Spanish War ( March 1st, 430 - August 6th, 431 )[Hispanic Victory over Spain. Brazzaelia annexes a large portion of Western Iberia.].
Pyrenese ( Paris ) begins trading with Cypria and Red Sea.
The Swiss Empire replaces the Proto-Swiss Empirial System with the New Swiss System of Government.
Adustrio Efrencia Co. opens under Pairiee Applications Inc. in Paris.
Paris closes Azderiou Arms Co. at 82+.
Wales begins trading with The Valiant, Fong Dynasty, Butipovlad Dynasties, Kingdom of Holland, Pyreneese, Calimento, Andia, and Cypria.
Ireland begins trading with Cubana.
Aron Reilms is sent from ireland to negotiate Trade with Paris.
Dallion Myurs is sent from Ireland to the Shan Empire of Singapore to negociate Trade.
17 Welch ships and 15,000 Irish Soldiers are lost in the Scottish Bombing of Port O'Brian ( Ireland ) while the bombing of the port threatens to starve Scotland.
War of the Irish Sea ( March 1st, 430 - November 13th, 431 ) ends in Irish Victory after the Irish securment of Scottish Village of McFurris and establishment of a DMZ.
U.C.T. begins trading with Circassia and Wales.
Jonaviks fail to rename the United Chechnian Tribes.
Gargun of Dacerus is sent from the U.C.T. to Pyreneese to discuss Trade.
Dassa Muchoiyu is sent also from the U.C.T. to discuss Trade with the Calimento Empire of Northern America.
Circassia begins trading with Scotland, Cherokee, Andia, Bejan, Dakota, and Azerbanji.
The 1st Circassian Horde becomes the 1st Army of the United Circassian Empire.
Aris Ugzahnih is sent from the Circassian Empire to represent their Trade with Scotland.
Butipovlad begins trading with Circassia.
Tyaga Yule is sent from the Butipovlad to Afghanistan to represent Trade.
Boznopi Eneeigrivich is sent from the Butipovlad to represent their Trade with Juva Kannacoa.
KIngdom of Southern Chechnia adopts New Economics #2.
Agdogzis Spirits Inc. opens in the United Chechnian Tribes producing Spirits.
Bashkirian Peoples' for Russian Rule increase their Strength from 1 to 4.
Cersacia Johesa II ( 429 - 431 ) is removed from power of Caucasia and succeeded by Benjuhmauh Ossacka.
Edo begins trading with the Red Sea.
Serizouza Sakoi is sent from the Construct of Soki ( Edo ) to represent their Trade with the Pyrenesse ( Paris ).
Shogun begins trading with Norse and Circassia.
THe 1st Royal Shogun Fleet ( Shogun Kingdom ) launches the Shogun Service Vessal ' Hitsu Juntashi '.
Bishu Bengshu is sent from the Shogun Kingdom to represent their Trade with the Shan Empire of Singapore.
Soki begins trading with Holland, Cherokee, and Shan.
Ainu Sindicate declares war on the Shogun Kingdom.
The Treaty of Soki is signed between Beijie Hirotota ( 410 - Oct 9th, 431 ) of the Construct of Soki and Jushima Takasari ( Dec. 29th, 430 ) of the Construct of Edo. The Trade routs between the two Nations become one and pre-exiting trades are stacked and form the Japanese Market, a form of the Treaty of Valerie dividing the Construct of Edo's economy into two sides, Edoic, and Sokin. Each side is given a master and Takasari assumes the title of Commissioner.
Ming Dynasty adopts New Economics #4.
Religion : Bhuddism (46%) Traditional (27%) Taoism (27%)
Language : Korean (100%)
Major Ethnic Groups : Korean (37%) Chinese (15%) Japanese (43%) Mongolian (5%)
Average IQ : 92
Pun Yen Ul founds the 1st Impirial Navy for the Fong Dynasty ported in Port Tongchon ( Ming Dynasty ).
Jin Xaiweia is sent from the Fong Dynasty to Paris ( Pyreneese ) to represent their Trade.
Pang Yung Jai Po is sent from the Fong Dynasty to Wales to represent their Trade.
Shan begins trading with Beja and Wales.
Band of Lao Tribes closes Pseundophon Poultry Inc. at +64.
The Cambodian Nationalist Party ( Anti-State within Band of Lao Tribes ) becomes the Cambodian Nationalist Citizens Party.
Nearly 65,000 die in the People for Burmese Powers' ( Da Nang ) Da Luo Nan Ling War (9/10/431-1/20/432) in which the P.B.P. attacked State military and State volunteer outpost for four months. The short period of Violence ends in State moral victory.
Vanjar begins trading with Scotland and Cypria.
Empire of Vanjar opens Port Carnaru off the North-Western African Coast.
Izao Ushinai is sent from the Empire of Vanjar to represent their Trade with Cypria.
Odjbo Heeb ( 423 - May 14th, 431 ) of the Ogdta Vuj Craix ( Anti-State within the Nunga Peoples' Dominion ) is killed by Nunga Guardians and is succeeded by Igjushi Ogjodnaz.
Phifer Fusela ( 260 - 431 ) of the Philipino Empire dies and is succeeded by Khunjite Arcaphelloa.
Kingdom of Baanjaria closes Port Basunnees.
Gertyuo Herasffa VIII ( 410 - 431 ) of the Dakamuta Viuneas dies and is succeeded by Gertyuo Herasffa IX.
Red Sea begins trading with Elam, Syria, and Calimento.
1st Somali Navy ( Kingdom of the Red Sea ) is sold to Syria for 80 E.P.s' and is renamed the 1st Red Sea Fleet.
Nubian Empire adopts New Economics #3.
Tasairrian Wheat Inc. opens in Kassala, Kingdom of the Red Sea.
Emirazza Sundurra is sent from the Kingdom of the Red Sea to represent their Trade with the Shogun.
Astanuo Dun is sent from the Red Sea to represent their Trade with The Calimento Empire.
Taureg begins trading with Dakota, Calimento, and Cypria.
Ogdaro Boar Inc. opens in the Tuareg Kingdoms reviving its' Boar Industry.
State of Tobogo opens Port Tobogo South located off the Coast of the Taureg Capital.
Syria begins trading with Fulani, Azerbanji, Dakota, and Circassia.
Ardamys Minghazi is sent from Syria to represent their Trade with the Shogun.
Syria sends Ismeali Pippidunt to the U.C.T. to represent their Trade.
Syria sends Takarious Cerztix to the Empire of Vanjar to represent their Trade.
The United Elemic and Islamic States becomes the Caliphate of Arabia.
The 1st Elamic Navy ( Docked in Port Ozitica, Persia. ) is founded by Abernam Killeah on May 11th.
Afghanistan begins trading with Alps, Ireland, and Calimento.
Azerbanjistan begins trading with Holland and Ireland.
Northern Aral Inc. opens in Afghanistan producing natural Gas.
Zairisaz Lumber Inc. opens in Afghanistan.
Azaitakui Tea Co. opens under Azerjinian Tea Inc. in Azerbanjistan.
War of Gein ( 426 - May 11th, 431 ) ends in Syrian political victory and Alexandrian military victory. Syria gains one territory of Isreal.
Hazaka Pork Inc. ( Elam ) comes under the management of Isuk Mahjunihad III.
Elam sends Yuroz Coune ( Son of the Ruler ) to Edo to represent their Trade.
Elam sends Romodunaz Aba-Humali to the Butipovlad Dynasties to represent their Trade.
Abashta Henendi Coune II ( Eldest Daughter of Ruler of Elam ) is sent from Elam to the Fong Dynasty to represent their Trade.
The Caucasian Monarchy System is Azerbanjistan is replaced with Azerbanjai Nationalist System. Tigris Dynasty assumes Power
Azerjinian Tea Inc. ( Azerbanjistan ) is put under the Management of Jonuh of Terun.
Boar of Afkerica Inc. ( New African Republic ) comes under the management of Helma Westerberg.
Princess Olma Juno ( 428 - 431 ) of the Empire of Africa / Western Fulani Nation is killed in battle against the Northern Sudanese and is succeeded in her poistions by Empress Africa III.
Edzard Buschenoddier founds the Bejania Germania Protest to Unionize the Bejan State into the Kelmar Union.
Beja begins trading with Cubana, and Dakota.
Fulani begins trading with Andia, Soki, Red Sea, and Dakota.
1st Western Guard ( Western Fulani Nation ) Increase their Strength from 3 to 9.
Herrims party in the New African Republic refuse a request from the Kelmar Union to join the Union as a Grand Dutchy.
After two Summits, the African Party and Kwaza-Luzi Parties of the New African Republic fail to budge the Herrims party from joining The Kelmar Union under the Bejan State ( Southern Trade Territory of Africa ) as a Grand-Dutchy.
Bamidele of Xoji is sent to Afghanistan from the Fulani Nation to represent their Trade.
Sunni Raa begins trading with Dakota Empire.
The Pakistani National Guard ( Paka-Kamar ) increases their strength from 6 to 7.
Fhad Ognazzi is sent from Paka-Kamar to the Apache to represent their Trade.
Bujuzumbar Pork Co. opens under Jumbarra Pork Inc. in Paka-Kamar.
Vivek Adashi is sent from Sunni Raa to Syria to represent their Trade.
Savitar Fuzujer is sent from Sunni Raa to the Vanjar Empire to represent their Trade.
Cherokee begins tyrading with Ireland and Red Sea.
Powaw Tagawarri founds the North American Advancement Party to seek the proper Cultural, Economical, and Political advancement of the Cherokee Nation.
Golden Wolf ( 429 - 431 ) steps down as Commander of the 2nd Cherokee Naval Fleet andis succeeded by Black Sun.
Taltuma Edixit is sent from the Cherokee Trade Empire to Sunni Raa to represent their Trade.
Udnashi Yellowgoat is sent from the Cherokee Trade Empire to Juva to represent their Trade.
Running Fox, Trade Representitive from Cherokee to Syria ( 5/22/430-6/6/431 ), is replaced by the Cherokee Government after failing to raise the Trade relations between the two states ( 111/112 to 105/106 ). She is succeeded by Sage Hare.
Odakota Junipers is sent from the Cherokee Nation to represent their Trade with the Red Sea.
Dakota begins trading with Afghanistan, Apache, and the Red Sea.
Red Hawk of Dabi is sent from the Dakota Empire to the Fulani Nation to represent their Trade.
Yumi Fallings is sent from the Dakota Empire to Paris to represent their Trade.
Cha'risa Waters is sent from the Calimento Empire to the Kelmar Union to represent their Trade.
Calimento begins trading with Beja ( Trade Territory of South Africa ).
Apache Country withdrawls from the Second-Northwest Territory War.
Chochokpi Serrebladeus ( of the Occupied Sioux Apache Nation ) leads a rebellion against the Apache Country and the Free Sioux Nation is founded from the Northern Apache Country.
Cheif Great Mountain ( 140 - 431 ) of the Apache Country is killed by Political Revolutionist and is succeeded by Cheif Ayawamat Rainer on Nov. 7th.
Baluthawanne Zinc Inc. ( Apache Country ) is put under the management of Honan Ardupelo.
In a blockade attempt in the Cherokee War on Chechnya, the Cherokee navy engages Chechnian naval forces ( Moving from Port in Russia ) in battle in the Scottish Islands. Scottish, Kelmarian, and Norwegian ships arrived to Spectate the battle which ended in Cherokee Retreat. ( Battle of the Scottish Seas. )
The Calimento Empire, dispite actions from the Cree party, declare war on the Dakota Empire for exchanging information to the Navajo during the Second Northwest Territory War.
The Nebraska Conflict begins.
Chief Addonious Itropious founds the Grendeliender Warriors Guild for the Inuit Nation.
Cubana-Canoa begins trading with Holland and the Butipovlad Dynasties.
Blue Ridge War ( 427 - 431 ) ends in Cuban Victory over and Annexation of the Choctaw Nation.
3rd Banika Seaforas ( Empira Castrona ) launches the E.C.S. Cemerizo.
Juva-Columba Hunjurra Surpeira increases their strength from 3 to 4.
Berufurma Spiritos Inc. opens in Juva Hunjurra.
Juhikla Inc. ( Juva Hunjurra ) comes under the management of Jesus Ohuzouri.
Augzihara Eritia is sent from Andia to the Fong Dynasty to represent their Trade.
Azserzeis Inc. opens in the Argrogathic Tribes and opens Dairy as a Resource.
Empire of Monatheia adopt New Economics #4.
Religion - Traditional (0%) Charism (0%)
Language - Monatheian (0%) Columbian (0%) Amazonian (0%) Traditional (0%) Charish (0%)
Major Ethnic Groups - Monatheian (0%) Columbian (0%) Amazonian (0%) Other (0%)
Average IQ : 118.0
Empire of Northern Mountains opens Port Oxzise on it's Northern Coast.
Xuijomuni Pugshi is sent from the Priesthoof od Fire to Paris to represent their Trade.
Dassal Bunnumi is sent from the Priesthood of Fire to the Shogun to represent their Trade.
Kingdom of Char adopts New Economics #2.
A wildfire spreads across the Kivu Nationfor five days, claiming reportedly only 10 lives.
Taterious Mugullons ( Kingdom of Rome ) founds the Sicilia-Mazonia[ Stock Company ] on Oct. 3rd. between the Priesthood of Fire ( Representitive : Dagzi Munpopul ) and the Roman Kingdom of Sicily ( Tomilious Degradious II ) to allow the usage of shared resources and co-developement between the two states.
27 States sign the Treaty of Valerie, deeming their places in the Economic World.
Hungary and Afghanistan sign the Treaty of Odessa.
The Valiant signs the Sofia Agreement.

TRADE STATES (39-2)/103) ( As of 431 )
The Valiant[412] ( Trades With : Construct of Edo, Sunni Raa, Cherokee Country, Empire of Panema, Shogun Kingdom, Holland, Butipovlad, Paka-Kamar, Pyreneese, Juva, Kelmar, Afghanistan, Fulani, Apache, Elam, Tuarug, Scotland, Syria, Ireland, Ostrobothnia, Andia, U.C.T., Shan, Azerbanji, P.H.F., Soki, Beja, Fong, Alps, Circassia, Red Sea, Vanjar, Dakota, Cyrpia, Wales, )
Construct of Edo[412] ( Trades With : The Valiant, Kingdom of Holland, Shogun, Panema, Pyrenese, Elam, Cherokee Country, Scotland, Butipovlad, Sunni Raa, Apache, Afghanistan, Tuarug, Sicily, Kelmar, Paka-Kamar, Juva, U.C.T., Bejan, Syria, Fulani, Andia, Fong, Ostrobothnia, Azerbanji, Shan, P.H.F., Circassia, Vanjar, Dakota, Ireland, Soki, Cubana, Red Sea, )
Empire of North Afkerka[413-422]
Kingdom of Holland [414] ( Trades With : Construct of Edo, Shogun Kingdom, Empire of Panema, Pyreneese, Valiant, Cherokee, Elam, Apache, Scotland, Butipovlad, Afghanistan, Juva, Sicily, U.C.T., Kelmar, Tuarug, Fulani, Paka-Kamar, Sunni Raa, Syria, Fong, Bejan, Norse, Ostrobothnia, Ireland, P.H.F., Azerbanji, Alps, Shan, Circassia, Andia, Wales, Soki, Azerbanjistan, Cubana, )
Shogun Kingdom [417] ( Trades With : Kingdom of Holland, The Valiant, Edo, Panema, Cherokee, Apache, Pryeneese, Elam, Sunni Raa, Kelmar, Scotland, Paka-Kamar, Butipovlad, Tuarug, Fulani, Afghanistan, Beja, Syria, Ostrobothnia, Ireland, Andia, U.C.T., Soki, Fong, Azerbanji, Shan, Alps, Sicily, Red Sea, Cubana, Vanjar, Dakota, Juva, P.H.F., Norse, Circassia, )
Kingdom of Sunni Raa [417] ( Trades With : The Valiant, Panema, Cherokee Country, Elam, Apache, Butipovlad, Edo, Afghanistan, Shogun, Kelmar, Juva, Fulani, Tuarug, U.C.T., Holland, Pyreneese, Beja, Paka-Kamar, Ostrobothnia, Priesthood, Sicily, Scotland, Soki, Syria, Ireland, Shan, Norse, Red Sea, Vanjar, Cypria, Alps, Dakota, )
Cherokee Country(North America) {417] ( Trades With : The Valiant, Panema, Sunni Raa, Edo, Holland, Shogun, Elam, Afghanistan, Kelmar, Tuarug, Fulani, Pyreneese, Butipovlad, Juva, Apache, U.C.T., Beja, Sicily, Fong, Paka-Kamar, Syria, Scotland, Ostrobothnia, Priesthood of Fire, Alps, Dakota, Calimento, Shan, Azerbanji, Wales, Circassia, Soki, Ireland, Red Sea, )
Empire of Panema[417-424]
Kingdom of Pyreneese[Paris][418] ( Trades With : Holland, Apache, Edo, Panema, Afghanistan, Shogun, The Valiant, Elam, Cherokee, Paka-Kamar, Butipovlad, Juva, Kelmar, Fulani, Sunni Raa, U.C.T., Scotland, Tuarug, Fong, Beja, Priesthood, Sicily, Soki, Andia, Syria, Shan, Ireland, Azerbanji, Ostrobothnia, Alps, Dakota, Cypria, Red Sea, Wales, )
East Persian Kingdom of Elam[418] ( Trades With : Panema, Edo, Sunni Raa, Cherokee, Holland, Paka-Kamar, Pyreneese, Afghanistan, Scotland, Butipovlad, Tuarug, Shogun, Juva, Sicily, Fulani, Apache, Kelmar, Valiant, U.C.T., Beja, Syria, Ireland, P.H.F., Norse, Ostrobothnia, Fong, Azerbanji, Circassia, Andia, Soki, Vanjar, Calimento, Alps, Red Sea, )
Paka-Kamar[418] ( Trades With : Elam, Scotland, Afghanistan, The Valiant, Butipovlad, Apache, Tuarug, Panema, Pyreneese, Juva, Edo, Holland, Shogun, Sicily, Fulani, Beja, U.C.T., Kelmar, Cherokee, Sunni Raa, Syria, Fong, Ostrobothnia, Andia, P.H.F., Shan, Ireland, Circassia, Red Sea , Cubana, Alps, Azerbanji, Norse, Calimento, Wales, )
Apache Country[418] ( Trades With : Pyrenese, Holland, Shogun, Sunni Raa, Kelmar, Juva, Edo, Paka-Kamar, Scotland, Sicily, Fulani, Butipovlad, Elam, Valiant, Cherokee, Afghanistan, Tuarug, U.C.T., Panema, Fong, Ostrobothnia, Beja, Andia, Soki, Norse, Ierland, Syria, Alps, Shan, P.H.F., Cubana, Red Sea, Vanjar, Wales, Dakota, )
Kelmar[419] ( Trades with : Apache, Scotland, Butipovlad, Juva, Cherokee, Afghanistan, Valiant, Sunni Raa, Edo, Shogun, Holland, Pyreneese, Elam, Panema, Fulani, Tuarug, Sicily, Paka-Kamar, Syria, Tuarug, Fong, Ireland, Soki, Ostrobothnia, Norse,P.H.F., Azerbanji, Andia, Red Sea, U.C.T., Circassia, Calimento, Cubana, Wales, Beja, Alps, )
Scotland[419] ( Trades With : Edo, Panema, Paka-Kamar, Kelmar, Holland, Elam, Apache, Juva, Tuarug, Shogun, Sicily, Butipovlad, Fulani, Pyreneese, Valiant, Afghanistan, U.C.T., Beja, Andia, Sunni Raa, Cherokee, Syria, Soki, Norse, P.H.F., Ireland, Fong, Shan, Ostrobothnia, Dakota, Calimento, Wales, Circassia, Vanjar, )
Butipovlad[419] ( Trades With : Valiant, Edo, Sunni Raa, Panema, Kelmar, Afghanistan, Holland, Paka-Kamar, Elam, Fulani, Pyreneese, Apache, Scotland, U.C.T., Tuarug, Cherokee, Shogun, Juva, Sicily, Syria, Ireland, Andia, Beja, Azerbanji, Ostrobothnia, Fong, Alps, P.H.F., Norse, Wales, Circassia, Cubana, )
Afghanistan[419] ( Trades With : Pyreneese, Paka-Kamar, Butipovlad, The Valiant, Edo, Cherokee, Panema, Elam, Kelmar, Sunni Raa, Holland, Butipovlad, Fulani, Apache, Juva, Sicily, Shogun, Scotland, Syria, U.C.T., Ostrobothnia, Andia, Tuarug, Fong, P.H.F., Shan, Azerbanji, Soki, Red Sea, Beja, Cubana, Alps, ireland, Calimento, Dakota, )
Juva Kannacoa[419] ( Trades With : Apache, Kelmar, Panema, Scotland, Valiant, Holland, Sunni Raa, Pyreneese, Elam, Paka-Kamar, Cherokee, Butipovlad, Afghanistan, Edo, Tuarug, U.C.T., Syria, Fong, Ostrobothnia, Beja, Soki, Norse, Sicily, Azerbanji, Ireland, Circassia, Fulani, Calimento, Alps, Shogun, Shan, Andia, Wales, )
Sicily[420] ( Trades With : Apache, Edo, Holland, Elam, Scotland, Fulani, Afghanistan, Paka-Kamar, U.C.T., Butipovlad, Kelmar, Tuarug, Beja, Cherokee, Valiant, Panema, Fong, Sunni Raa, Pyreneese, Syria, Ireland, Juva, P.H.F., Soki, Andia, Circassia, Shogun, Alps, Shan, Azerbanji, Vanjar, Norse, Dakota, Red Sea, Ostrobothnia, Calimento, )
Seven Tuarug Kingdoms[420] ( Trades With : Edo, Cherokee, Panema, Elam, Paka-Kamar, Scotland, Sunni Raa, Butipovlad, U.C.T., Holland, Juva, Shogun, Fulani, Sicily, Apache, Syria, Beja, Valiant, Pyreneese, Kelmar, Ostrobothnia, Soki, Andia, Afghanistan, Fong, P.H.F., Alps, Circassia, Azerbanji, Red Sea, Cubana, Vanjar, Ireland, Cyria, Dakota, Calimento, )
Western Fulani Nations[420] ( Trades With : Cherokee, Apache, Butipovlad, Sunni Raa, Sicily, Valiant, Elam, Afghanistan, Holland, Pyreneese, Kelmar, Scotland, Tuarug, Paka-Kamar, U.C.T., Shogun, Edo, Norse, Ostrobothnia, Ireland, Fong, P.H.F., Shan, Azerbanji, Beja, Juva, Circassia, Alps, Syria, Andia, Soki, Red Sea, Dakota, )
United Chechnian Tribes[421] ( Trades With : Holland, Tuarug, Sunni Raa, Juva, Sicily, Fulani, Edo, Cherokee, Pyreneese, Beja, Paka-Kamar, Scotland, Elam, Apache, Afghanistan, Ostrobothnia, Priesthood, Ireland, Norse, Valiant, Shogun, Andia, Soki, Alps, Ostrobothnia, Kelmar, Syria, Azerbanji, Calimento, Dakota, Circassia, Wales, )
Second Assyrian Empire[423] ( Trades With : Juva, Taurag, Beja, Kelmar, Fong, Valiant, Edo, Butipovlad, Afghanistan, Cherokee, Holland, Afghanistan, Cherokee, Holland, Paka-Kamar, Shogun, Elam, Ireland, Ostrobothnia, Scotland, Sicily, Pyreneese, Soki, Sunni Raa, Shan, Apache, P.H.F., Norse, U.C.T., Red Sea, Calimento, Vanjar, Cubana, Red Sea, Fulani, Azerbanji, Dakota, Circassia. )
Bejan Nation[423] ( Trades With : Sunni Raa, Cherokee, Paka-Kamar, Sicily, Tuareg, U.C.T., Syria, Edo, Elam, Shogun, Scotland, Pryeneese, Ireland, Holland, Fong, Apache, Juva, Butipovlad, Andia, P.H.F., Soki, Valiant, Ireland, Afghanistan, Azerbanji, Fulani, Alps, Red Sea, Kelmar, Circassia, Shan, Dakota, Cubana, Calimento,)
Fong Dynasty[424] ( Trades With : Cherokee, Sicily, Syria, Kelmar, Holland, Apache, Pyreneese, Juva, Paka-Kamar, U.C.T., Ireland, Edo, Bejan, Soki, Norse, Andia, Shogun, Elam, Fulani, Afghanistan, Scotland, Tuarug, Shan, Red Sea, Valiant, Alps, Ostrobothnia, Butipovlad, Vanjar, Circassia, P.H.F., Wales, )
Kingdom of Ostrobothnia[425] ( Trades With : Sunni Raa, Juva, Valiant, Shogun, Ireland, Apache, Paka-Kamar, Tuarug, Afghanistan, Syria, Edo, Soki, Cherokee, P.H.F., Kelmar, Fulani, Elam, Holland, Shan, Norse, Alps, Pyreneese, U.C.T., Andia, Scotland, Butipovlad, Fong, Azerbanji, Vanjar, Cubana, Sicily, )
Republic of Ireland[425] ( Trades With : Valiant, Elam, Butipovlad, Syria, Beja, Kelmar, Ostrobothnia, Shogun, Fong, U.C.T., Norse, Sicily, Scotland, Holland, Fulani, Soki, P.H.F., Pyreneese, Apache, Sunni Raa, Juva, Paka-Kamar, Beja, Andia, Calimento, Edo, Shan, Vanjar, Taureg, Cubana, Afghanistan, Azerbanjistan, Cherokee, )
Empire of Andia[425] ( Trades With : Edo, Scotland, Butipovlad, Afghanistan, Paka-Kamar, Apache, Pyreneese, Fong, Beja, Shogun, Norse, Valiant, Taurug, P.H.F., U.C.T., Sicily, Soki, Kelmar, Azerbanji, Ostrobothnia, Shan, Holland, Elam, Ireland, Dakota, Juva, Wales, Circassia, Fulani, )
Empire of Priesthood of Fire[425] ( Trades With : Sunni Raa, Pyreneese, U.C.T., Elam, Cherokee, Scotland, Ostrobothnia, Beja, Paka-Kamar, Andia, Kelmar, Holland, Afghanistan, Fulani, Sicily, Ireland, Valiant, Tuarug, Azerbanji, Edo, Syria, Alps, Soki, Apache, Fong, Red Sea, Dakota, Shogun, Butipovlad, Norse, Shan, Circassia, Vanjar, )
Norse Republic[426] ( Trades With : Scotland, Fulani, Fong, Ireland, Elam, U.C.T., Andia, Holland, Kelmar, Soki, Apache, Juva, Ostrobothnia, Sunni Raa, Syria, Sicily, Vanjar, Paka-Kamar, P.H.F., Cypria, Butipovlad, Cubana, Shogun, )
Construct of Soki[426-431]
Shan Empire of Singapore[427] ( Trades With : Valiant, Pyreneese, Afghanistan, Syria, Ostrobothnia, Edo, Paka-Kamar, Shogun, Sunni Raa, Scotland, Fong, Holland, Sicily, Apache, Andia, Fulani, Circassia, Red Sea, Azerbanji, Dakota, Cherokee, Ireland, Vanjar, Cubana, Juva, P.H.F., Alps, Soki, Beja, Wales, )
Republican Monarchy of Azerbanjistan[427] ( Trades With : Valiant, Edo, Shogun, Kelmar, Butipovlad, Afghanistan, Juva, Pyreneese, Soki, P.H.F., Elam, Andia, U.C.T., Taureg, Fulani, Sicily, Shan, Alps, Red Sea, Beja, Cubana, Ostrobothnia, Cherokee, Paka-Kamar, Circassia, Syria, Holland, Ireland, )
Kingdom of the Alps[428] ( Trades With : Holland, Shogun, Cherokee, Taureg, U.C.T., Ostrobothnia, Sicily, Apache, Valiant, Fong, P.H.F., Circassia, Red Sea, Azerbanji, Dakota, Paka-Kamar, Bejan, Pyreneese, Juva, Butipovlad, Vanjar, Cubana, Elam, Fulani, Kelmar, Sunni Raa, Soki, Shan, Calimento, Afghanistan,)
Circassian Empire[428] ( Trades With : Paka-Kamar, Sicily, Tuareg, Alps, Juva, Kelmar, Holland, Edo, Soki, Shan, Elam, Fulani, Vanjar, Cubana, Valiant, Fong, P.H.F., U.C.T., Scotland, Cherokee, Andia, Bejan, Dakota, Azerbanji, Butipovlad, Shogun, Syria, )
Kingdom of the Red Sea[428] ( Trades With : Sunni Raa, Kelmar, Fong, Alps, Shogun, Shan, Tuareg, Afghanistan, Azerbanji, Paka-Kamar, Cubana, Valiant, Sicily, Bejan, Apache, P.H.F., Pyrenese, Edo, Elam, Syria, Calimento, Fulani, Cherokee, Red Sea, )
Empire of Vanjar[429] ( Trades With : Edo, Sunni Raa, Sicily, U.C.T., Circassia, Dakota, Valiant, Ostrobothnia, Fong, Shan, Alps, Norse, Ireland, Shogun, Syria, Taureg, Elam, Apache, P.H.F., Scotland, Cypria, )
Dakota Empire[429] ( Trades With : Vanjar, Edo, Cherokee, Shan, Alps, Calimento, Cubana, Sicily, Scotland, U.C.T., Valiant, Shogun, Pyreneese, P.H.F., Andia, Wales, Cypria, Circassia, Taureg, Syria, Beja, Fulani, Sunni Raa, Afghanistan, Apache, Red Sea, )
Calimento Empire[429] ( Trades With : Dakota, Cherokee, Kelmar, Juva, U.C.T., Syria, Ireland, Soki, Scotland, Elam, Paka-Kamar, Sicily, Alps, Wales, Red Sea, Taureg, Afghanistan, Beja, )
Empire of Cubana-Canoa[429] ( Trades With : Paka-Kamar, Apache, Kelmar, Afghanistan, Tuareg, Soki, Azerbanji, Circassia, Red Sea, Dakota, Ostrobothnia, Shogun, Syria, Edo, Shan, Alps, Norse, Ireland, Beja, Holland, Butipovlad, )
Kingdom of Cypria[430] ( Trades with : The Valiant, Sunni Raa, Norse, Dakota, Paka-Kamar, Pyrenese, Wales, Vanjar, Taureg, )
The Welsh Peoples' Union[430] ( Trades with : Cherokee, Paka-Kamar, Apache, Kelmar, Scotland, Juva, Soki, Dakota, The Valiant, Fong Dynasty, Butipovlad Dynasties, Kingdom of Holland, Pyreneese, Calimento, Andia, Cypria, U.C.T., Shan, )

Trade With - Nation = EXPORT/sell/earn / IMPORT/buy/give ( Greater Import than Export means Unhealthy Trade )
Treaty of Valarie ( Composed by Matilda Sunrego on August 20th, 426. Commision deadline on August 20th, 434. )
Purpose = To Organize a world Finicial structure to help levitate balanced Trade.
Summits : 2

Diamond ( = 8 Gold, 16 Silver, 32 Copper, 64 Shells. )
Gold ( = 6 Silver, 8 Copper, 16 Shells. )
Silver ( = 4 Copper, 8 shells )
Copper ( = 2 shells )
Shells ( = 1 E.P. )
E.P. = ( 1# GDP )
+/- x +/- x
Material / Weight / Difference / Unit Price / Import/Export / Difference
World State - Inter-State State Inter-State End Value

( Modern Economics #1 )
( Substance/.0gs ~ In@-0.00%/Out@*0.00% ~ $1 [Currency]= 1.0 (1) E.P. ~ ( TRADE VALUES/STOCK PRICE )

Each Currency currency used by a Trade Nation will be assigned M.E. #1 as long as their Government has approved.
Nordics ( Norse Republic[428], Kingdom of Russia(432), Republican Monarchy of Bealaruse, Northern Russian Empire of Nordica, Kingdom of Ostersund, Kingdom of Norway, United Kingdom of Finns & Swedes(430). )
Arctic Rual
Nordic Rual
Finnish Shimling
Russian Ruble
Aegeans ( Kingdom of Cypria, Kingdom of Cairo. )
Balkans ( Nation of Serbs, Hungarian Empire(432), Republican Monarchy of Ukraine, Republican Monarchy of Macedonia[428], The Valiant, Croat Empire. )
Serbian Boc
Macedonian Urgea
Hungarian Tulas
Romanian Ergoa
Germans ( Third German Empire(432), Kelmar Union[428][, Grand Dutchy of Estonia(432), Kingdom of Findland(429), Empire of Valhurez, Free Luxon Kingdom[427], Kingdom of LIchtenstein(429). )
German Mark
Italians ( Roman Kingdom of Sicily[427], Kingdom of Rome(432), KIngdom of the Alps(432), Free Nation of Italian North Africa, Holy Empire of Italy. )
Roman Dari
Dalmation Lam
Spanish ( Kingdom of Spain(429). Brazzazalia[431]. )
Spanish Peso
French ( Swiss Empire, Kingdom of Holland, Parisian Empire[427]. )
Swiss Mark
Parisian Frank
Dutch Mark
British ( Kingdom of Scots, Kingdom of Wales[428], Republic of Ireland[428]. )
British Shilling
Russian ( United Chechnian Tribes(429), Circassian Empire(432), Trechlavech Okkervar, Grand Kingdom of Kahzahkastan, Butipovlad Dynasty, Kingdom of Northern Chechnia(432), Kingdom of Southern Chechnia. )
Russian Ruble
Chechnian Goblum
Arctic Rual
Kamyatchtkan Cargzist
Japanese ( Construct of Edo(429), Shogun Kingdom, Construct of Soki[428]. )
Edoic Yun
Kyotian Jin
Shuzit Uzi
Ejien Fuji
Chinese ( Ming Dynasty[427], Feng Dynasty, Sengbadasa Empire, Fong Dynasty(429). )
Chinese Yin
Mongolian Larma
Han Pow
Fong Dynasty Sero
South East Asian ( Cambodian Empire[428], Shan Empire of Singapore, Band of Lao Tribes[427], Kingdom of Da Nang(432), )
Vietmanese Uin
Indonesian ( Empire of Vanjar[428], Philipino Empire[428], Kingdom of Baanjaria, Empire of Paupa(432), Dakamuta Vinueas. )
Vanjarian Eloua
Philipino Zan
Paupian Deaa
Yuaan Deaa
Indoburman Serobakun
Australian ( Nunga Peoples' Dominion(432), Tiwi Civil Union, Uuni Dynasty. )
Aboriginal Caberaonti
Yuaan Kuuea
North African ( Nubian Empire, Kingdom of Sud(430), State of Tobogo(432), Kingdom of the Red Sea(432), Seven Taurug Kingdoms(429). )
Egyptian Rasa
Sudanese Haasha
Middle Eastern ( United Elemic and Islamic States(429), Second Assyrian Empire, Iranian Kingdom of Eastern Persia(432), Empire of Afghanistan(432), Republican Monarchy of Azerbanjistan(432), Kingdom of Aceh, Persian Republic, )
Persian Alen
Assyrian Turkash
Afghani Hishaashaa
South African ( New African Republic[428], Empire of Africa, Kivu Peoples, Madakaa(432), Bejan Nation(429), Western Fulani Nation(432). )
Bejan Taj
Fulani Haasha
Afkerkan Fuhgi
Indian ( Kingdom of Raja(432), Empire of the Raa(432), Empire of Paka-Kamar. )
Kashmirian Rupee
Bengal Oga
Hindu Rassa
Pakistanian Erizzia
Redishian Raa
North American ( Cherokee Trade Empire, Apache Country(432), Inuit Nation[428], Grand Emprie of Ottawa, Choctaw Country(432), Dakota Empire[428], Calimento Empire(432), Navajo Country. )
Cherokee Tamakochobe
Ottowan Yuni
Alaskan Yuni
Mexican Piro
Central American ( Empira Castrona(429), Papian Kingdom, Empire of Cubana-Canoa, )
Azteccan Para
Mayan Poru
Panamanian Azzatof
Mexican Piro
Dallassian Dixie
South American ( Juva Hunjurra(432), Agrogatha Tribes, Empire of Andia(432), Empire of Monatheia, Empire of Northern Mountains, Kingdom of Char(432), Priesthood of Fire(432), United South, Priesthood of Wind[431], )
Columbian Gurra
Amazonian Ax
Argentinan Chardrag

Treaty of Amsterdam.
Composed : February 26th, 424 by Kuri Agmos of Kingdom of Ostersund
Campelle Juox of Kingdom of Holland.
Dealine set for February 26th, 437 by Kelmar Union.

Goal - To Ease tension and balance cultures in Europe.
Prop. 1) The Valhurian Nations Union must be closed. (E)
Prop. 2) The State of Hungary cede the Costa vally to Macedonia. (V)
Prop. 3) Norse and Arctican relations will be improved. (E)
Prop. 4) The Western Portion of the Hungarian Empire will become the Kingdom of Austria. (V)
Prop. 5) The States of Bulgaria and Romania will be formed in Southern Hungarian Empire. (V)
Prop. 6) Chzeck Republic will be formed in Northern Hungarian Empire. (V)
Prop. 7) All Peoples must be accounted for and considered in Europe. (V)
Prop. Cool States under 250e.p.'s cannot be colonized or invaded by states with e.p.'s larger than 500. (Cool
Prop. 9) The Prices of Ports and trade route security will be raised. (Cool
Prop. 10) Sicily must remain neutral in any non-Italian based conflict. (E)
Prop. 11) All European hosted Nations must account for and consider all cultures developement. (E)
Prop. 12) Serbian region of Kosovo must be ceded to Croatia. (V)
Prop. 13) Western Oslo is to be ceded from Kelmar Union to Kingdom of Norway. (Cool
Prop. 14) Southern Albania will transferred from Syria to the Government of the Alps. (V)
Prop. 15) Croation Held Eastern Slavanian territory will be returned. (A)
Prop. 16) Croatian Territories of Iglizose and Joxidea shall be transferred to Serbia. (E)
Prop. 17) Valhurian territory of Milkjipogelo Obrazza shall be transferred to the Chzeck Republic. (E)
Prop. 18) Republic of Odessa shall be formed with North Eastern Hungarian Empire. (E)
Prop. 19) Serbia is to be reperated $2,000,000,000.00. (A)
Prop. 20) South Western Otta Coast is to be transfered from the Alps to Syria. ( A )
Prop. 21) Ukrainian territory of Sevas is to be transferred from the Syrian Gov. to the Gov. of the Alps.

Signers : Releigh Fjhoudrita of the Kingdom of Ostrobothnia. ( June 19th, 424. )
(14/37) Mar Gunstroulli of the Roman Kingdom of Sicily. ( Jan. 25th, 426. )
Mikel Valria II of the Croat Empire. ( Aug. 1st, 427. )
King Denard Gore of the Welch Peoples' Union. ( Dec. 24th, 427. )
Erik Julikoigo I of the United Kingdom of Finns and Swedes. ( Aug. 25th, 428. )
Prescotte Jigkopelo Grigrenko of the Nation of Serbs. ( Mar. 20th, 428. )
King Martin Egzales of the Kingdom of Brazzaillia ( Nov. 28th, 428. )
King ZeFrenk IV of the Parisian Empire ( Aug. 25th, 428. )
Gardenvier Nogaski of the Northern Russian Empire of Nordica ( Dec. 10th, 429. )
John Rice II of the Republic of Ireland ( Sep. 7th, 429. )
Margon III of the Norse Republic ( Jul. 5th, 430. )
Mikel Pextrokav II of the Kingdom of Russia ( Feb. 6th, 430. )
Hans Attila Yuno VI of the Kingdom of the Huns ( Apr. 21st, 430. )
Emperor Erwin Sinclaire of New Berlin of the Third German Empire ( Apr. 15th, 431. )

Era of Balkan Reformation. ( February 26th, 424 - )

1) Treaty of Odessa.
2) Composed by Allistor Manly of the Republican Monarchy of Macedonia on June 30th, 426. Commission Deadline set by Kelmar Union for April 16th, 432.
3) Goaled to Peacefully divide the State of tbe Keep of Ukraine between the States of Empire of Hungary, Republican Monarchy of Bealaruse, Second Assyrian Empire, and Empire of Afghanistan.
Signitures Required : Ukraine () Hungary (x) Assyria (x) Bealaruse(Russia) (x) Afghanistan (x)

2) Treaty of Amsterdam. ( See Above / Treaty of Amsterdam )

3) Sofia Agreement.
2) Composed by Allistor Manly of the Republican Monarchy of Macedonia on June 30th, 426. Commission Deadline set by Kelmar Union for April 16th, 436.
3) Goaled to Peacefully Unite the Nations of Romania.
Signitures Required : Bulgaria () Romania () Eastern Slavania (x) Hungary () Slovakia () Odessa (x) Macedonians ()

1) Memphis Agreement.
2) Composed by Ishmal Shujiaz VII of the Nubian Empire on November 23rd, 426.
3) To finalize the Kingdom of Alexandria' seperation from the Nubian Empire.
4) Signitures Required : Alexandria () Nubia (x)

Wars of Italian Union [418/404 - ]
Northern Florance
Southern Florence
North-West Territory
North Africa
North Africa

Belligerents :
"Free Italy"/"Democratic Italy" ( Roma Italia )
Sicily(T) (405 - 407 / 421 - 424 )
King Mar Gunstroulli ( 405 - 429. )
King Mar Isieh Gunstroulli II ( 429 - )
Rome ( 421 - 424 / 430 - )
King Constantine I of Rome ( 421 - )
Leopold Mourne ( 421 - )
Oregino Osgular ( 422 - )
Alps(T) ( 404 - 408 / 415 - 417 / 428 - 431 )
King Marcelli Yogoth ( 404 - )
Philip Tremore II ( 407 - )
Ukraine ( 422 - 424 )
Yokrovich III of Keiv ( 422 - 424 )
Russia ( 422 - 424 )
Mikel Pextrokav II ( 422 - )
Roshu Invaltize ( 422 - )
Aquataine ( 421 )
Samus II, King of Aquataine ( 421 )
Brazzaillia ( 430 - 431 )
King Martin Egzales ( 430 - )
Jaqueni Bozellza De Leonia ( 430 - )
"Holy Italy"/"Impirial Italy" ( Italy )
Italy ( 421 - 424 / 430 - )
King Francis II ( 421 - )
Panema(T) ( 421 - 424 )
Emile I ( 421 - 424 )
Leopold Mourne ( 421 )
Spain ( 428 - 431 )
Emporer Rosell Vergros II ( 428 - )
North Africa ( 405 - 407 )
King Victorili Fretila Negoli ( 405 - )
Corsica ( 415 -417 )
King Vermin Valhurez I ( 415 - 417 )
Austria ( 404 - 408 / 415 -416 )
Erik Thomwuller Sigfreid II ( 404 - 416 )

Era of Parisian Debt ( 421 - )

States/Figures involved.
Paris : Queen Victoria II ( 390[Kingdom of Frenks]- Jun. 30th, 427[Parisian Empire]. )
King ZeFrenk IV ( Jun. 30th, 427 - )
Saul Labronx ( 12/29/430 - )
Reffarri Azeikule[Afg.] ( Jul. 24th, 431 - )
Merseile Dujont II ( Sep. 26th, 428 - )
Field Marshall Zefrenk III ( Apr 22nd, 422 - )
Holland : King Jorduon LaAmore ( Sep. 27th, 405 - Nov. 23rd, 421 )
Queen Elizabeth Asteri I ( Nov. 23rd, 421 - )
Fredriece Imalia ( 7/5/429 - )
Afghanistan : Heriomo Azazarii IIX ( 406 - )
Kelmar : Queen Helenda Groudans ( Jun.11th, 416 - )
King Ragi Orkorsk I ( 404 - )
Princess Angela Orkorsk ( Nov. 5th, 412 - )
( Kelmarian Military Authorized in 431 to use military presense to maintain order in Francia. )
Commanding Officer of the Kelmarian Armed Forces and 1st Legion Marshall : King Ragi Orkorsk I ( Sep. 13th, 418 - )
Peterbrukors ( South of Riga )
Jun Peterbruk ( Mar. 14th, 413 - )
Royal Provisional Danish Guard.
Gordern Meerik ( Jan. 18th, 418 - )
Royal Hamburg Armed Forces.
Carl Poloxi ( May 25th, 413 - )
1st Kelmar Guard
Prince Douglas Ikrune ( Mar. 5th, 419 - )
2nd Kelmarian Legion Commanded by Satur Fjhourdrita ( Jul. 10th, 431 - )
408th Ostrobothnian National Guard.
Ixion Fjhourdrita ( Apr. 28th, 423 - )
100th Ostrobothnian Tan Army
Bolbe Fyraid ( Aug. 1st, 425 - )
101st Ostrobothnian Tan Army
Issak Melrosia ( Jul. 24th, 428 - )
Kelmarian Naval Force commanded by Juliano Fignoun ( Jul. 2nd, 431 - )**********
Royal Ostrobothian Navy
Juliano Fignoun ( Sep. 14th, 419 - )
1st Finnish Fleet.
F.O.S. Helsinksi' Revenge ( 420 - )
Elgrozo of Inus ( 4/21/430 - )
Erindonvardk Dejengle ( Mar. 23rd, 418 - )
2nd Finnish Fleet.
Erindonvardk Dejengle ( Sep.. 26th, 429 - )
His Majesty' Royal Fleet.
Juliano Fignoun ( Jul 10th, 431 - )
ATLANTIS : Queen Helenda Groudans ( May 12th, 420 - )
Alun Joster ( Nov. 15th, 428 - Jul. 10th, 431 )
Sunjero Pabu III ( July 10th, 431 - )
Ludwig Domus ( 1/10/431 - )
Azai-Europa : Ishmeal Alexdreni ( Apr. 2nd, 430 - )
Heriomo Azazarii IIX ( Apr. 2nd, 430 - )
Zefrenk IV ( Apr. 2nd, 430 - )
Iltari Benghuzzai ( 5/30/429 - )
Merseile Dujont II ( Sep. 26th, 428 - )
Reffarri Azeikule ( Jul. 24th, 431 - )
U.E.N.U. : Pashdun Akilte IV ( 405 - )
Jaques Dinomin ( 413 - )

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