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Basic History ( 429 - 430 )  Empty Basic History ( 429 - 430 )

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Alps begins trading with Holland, Shogun, Cherokee, Taureg, U.C.T., and Ostrobothnia.
Circassia begins to trade with Paka-Kamar, Sicily, and Tuareg.
Red Sea begins to trade with Sunni Raa, Kelmar, and Fong.
Norse begins trading with Syria.
The Norse Republic sends Asol Dercas to represent their Trade with the Ostrobothnians.
A referendum to reform the Government of the Kingdom of Russia is proposed by the Nordican Peoples Party and after 6 delegations, Congress and the Senent pass it to public vote in which it is quickly shot down.
First Army of the Norse becomes 1st Army of the Republic.
Governor of Eastern Nordica, Kingdom of Russia, Lisa Mujura [Lexonis Mauripoli Party] ( Aug. 1st, 428 - July 5th, 429 ) retires as Governor and is succeeded by fellow party member Karsola Jiaraph.
Congressman of Eastern Nordica, Kingdom of Russia, Jonah Petrovik II ( Aug. 1st, 423 - Oct. 8th, 429. ) retires from his position and is succeeded by fellow party member Ogor Petrovik.
Head of the Karelian Freedom Party, Zano Pozilu ( Aug. 1st, 423 - Apr. 2nd, 249 ), withdawls the party from the Russian State of Prussia.
The Russian Navy launches the R.R.S. The Faroe.
Nordica releases its' 429 census.
15) Religion : Norse ( 100% )
16) Language : Norse (65%), Swedish(1%), Circassian(4%), Russian(12%), Finnish(11%), Estonian(7%).
17) Major Ethnic Groups : Norse(73%), Russian(21%), Circassian(6%).
18) Average IQ : 92.6
The war declared Osturkelen milutare opoles on by Ostersund in 427 is ended after Ostersundi Government Forces beat back any rebel held territory.
King Jarven XII founds the Army of the Swedish Revival ( Anti-State ) to Redeem the Swedish Nation as a World Class State and begins holding protest and marches to opose German Intervention.
Xavier Carmukle II ( Jul. 31st, 427 - Nov. 28th, 429. ) is executed by Norwegian officials and the Norgernkelen milutare opoles dies.
Carq Pottery Inc. opens in the United Kingdom of Finns and Swedes producing Pottery.
Kingdom of Sibiria annexes the remaining land claimed by Russia belonging to Trechlavech Okkervar.
Gardenvier Nogaski, of the Northern Russian Empire of Nordica, signs the Treaty of Amsterdam. ( Dec. 10th, 429. )
Russian Senent blocks an attempt to Re-Title the Kingdom of Russia.
Ishmael Hozzopiuli founds the New Cyprian Army in the Kingdom of Cypria to Unionize Cypria into the Kingdom of Alexandria.
Kingdom of Alexandria installs Alexandrian Kingship.
The Valiant begins trading with Beja and Fong.
Yuri Von Hench II ( Dec. 24th, 426 - Aug. 18th, 429. ) of the ORder of Old Europe steps down from power and is succeeded by Lithauel Vogger of Crimea.
Donner Ocari, representing the Croat Empire in the Valhurian Nations Union, issues a statement on the treaty of Odessa.
" This treaty will at long last bring peace and unity to the Upper Balkans, les' it repeat the violent and bloody history of the Italians. We can not be held back by ties that once seperated Mother Europa, we must unite and work together to create a more finer world, of more finer systems and ways of life, to create a world where the Master of Currency has been laid to rest and all cultures and Peoples can celebrate in their heritage and advance their Nations forward. We must always Progress and move forward. " - Donner Ocari, Speaker of the Croat Empire in the Valhurian Nations Union, February 3rd, 429.
After violent clashes in major Ukrainian cities, 170,000 members of the Order of old Europe are arrested and detained.
Argairio Fuels Co. opens under Dun Veryus Coal Inc. in The Valiant.
Just barely, the Grigrenko family takes control of the Government of the Nation of Serbs from Vallas in its' General Election.
Yilhelm Vurmeri founds the Hungarian Royal Fleet ported in Port Slavia ( Rome ).
Herin Coal Inc. ( The Valiant ) is placed under the management of Agatharia Mulvaiie on Dec. 10th.
Ezziek Sacello becomes the Governor of the Croatian Eastern Australian Colony - ' Colony Tyga '.
Lord Prescotte Jigkopelo Grigrenko of the Nation of Serbs defeats an attempt by the Teroms party to overthrow him.
Royal Provisional Danish Guard increase their strength from 5 to 6.
Ostrobothnia begins trading with Pyreneese, U.C.T., and Andia.
KIngdom of Lichtenstein opens Port Askstruck.
Sicily re-opens Port Italia.
Sicily begins trading with Alps and Shogun.
Ordeggio Pork Inc. opens in Kingdom of Rome.
Jaques Dinomin, representing the Parisian Empire in the United European Nations Union, expresses great relief in Spanish involvement and urges the Hungarian Empire to act further to ensure "a proper outcome".
Andrew Mon-Opula, representing the Free Nation of Italian North Africa ( U.E.N. ), responds to Dinomin, claiming that the Spanish must end their agression and allow the Italian peoples to sort out their affair.
Alps begins trading with Apache, Valiant, Fong, P.H.F., Circassia, and Red Sea.
Free Italian Navy increases its' strength from 5 to 11.
King Mar Gunstroulli ( Jun 27th, 411 - Feb. 3rd, 429. ) of the Roman Kigndom of Sicily steps down from the Thrown deeming he could no longer do his Nation any well doing. He is succeeded by King Mar Isieh Gunstroulli II.
King Mar II rebutes an Esparrian attempt to decalre war on Croatia.
Jerrald Icshmundi is appointed manager of Danish Lead Inc. in the Kelmar Union.
Hugo Vinstein becomes the Trade Represenetive from the Kelmar Union to Elam.
Free Ostrobothnian Navy becomes 1st Finnish Fleet.
Erindonvardk Dejengle founds the 2nd Finnish Fleet for Estonia.
Army of Lich. increases its' strength from 7 to 11.
Basil Massilli succeeds Rueben Crench ( Jun. 11th, 418 - Jul. 24th, 429. ) as Commander of the 2nd Lich Army.
Dudario party succeeds the Sinclaire party in the General Luxon Election.
Yohan Von Truss Succeeds Bochern Issac Vanrinch V ( Jan. 25th, 425 - Nov. 28th, 429. ) as King of Lichtenstein.
New World Guard increase its' reach from 2 to 5 territories.
The Alps secure the Sardinian capital and the Spanish surrender, ending the Spanish War for Corsica ( October 8th, 428 - July 24th, 429. )
The Empire of Spain declares war on the Kingdom of the Alps sparking the Spanish War for the Alps.
Holland begins trading with Shan.
Wilhelm Xaviet is sent from Holland to the Bejan Nation to represent their Trade.
Cedrick Bonbombart is sent from Holland to the Taureg Nation to represent their Trade.
Salizian Valtaria founds the Free Isle of Sicilia to Establish an Independent Kingdom of the Island of Sicily.
Markeli Cleybourgizi of the Kingdom of Italy ( North African Colony ) founds the Free African Legion to Liberate Italian Northern Africa and re-Establish a Berben Kingdom.
Pulious Issec Bengzouli founds the Union of the Holy Empire to Install a Papian based form of Government over the Holy Empire of Italy. They begin to instantly hold mass sit ins.
Fredriece Imalia is sent from the Kingdom of Holland to Afghanistan to Represent their Trade to Afghanistan.
The Swiss Empire adopts New Economics #2.
Siririan Vanmelalian of the 2nd Swiss National Guard gains 14,000 enlistees after vigerous recruitment efforts.
Swiss Insurgents of the Peoples for Italian Union capture the City of Burgena.
Parisian Empire becomes the Keep of Paris as ZeFrenk IV begins to plea for Dutch, Spanish, or Scottish intervention and protection until the Economy of Paris is restored.
Scotland begins trading with Ostrobothnia.
2nd Army of Wales increases its' Strength from 2 to 3.
Ireland begins trading with Beja.
King Denard Gore of Wales declines the Parliments request to declare war on Scotland.
Scottish and Kelmarian tensions rise.
Battle of Aranior [ Aug. 25th, 249 - Jun. 31st, 430 ] takes place in Southern Ireland between the Peoples for Welsh Dominance and the Irish Volunteer Army. After ten months of fighting and over 20,000 dead, the P.W.D. declares the battle a great victory against the Irish Government.
In response to the Battle of Aranior the Irish Government installs a Wing of its' Government dedicated to representing Irelands Welsh citizens.
John Rise II of the Republic of Ireland ( Sep. 7th, 429 ) signs the Treaty of Amsterdam.
Douglas Farren is sent from Scotland to Afghanistan to represent their trade with Afghanistan.
Arron Simmons is sent from Ireland to Holland to represent their Trade.
United Chechnian Tribes releases its' 429 census.
Religion: Catholic ( 23% ) Atheist ( 11% ) Pagen ( 18% ) Norse ( 7% ) Islamic ( 43% )
Language: Russian ( 51% ) Kurdish ( 49% )
Major Ethnic Groups: Chechnian ( 28% ) Kurdish ( 10% ) Russian ( 62% )
Average IQ : 91.4
U.C.T. opens Port Daxter on the Afghanicoast of the Aral Sea.
U.C.T. begins trading with Azerbanji, Syria, and Kelmar.
Circassia begins trading with Kelmar, Holland, and Juva.
Trechlavech Okkervar begins to produce Fruit as a National Resource and opens Esnupina Citruso I'lkop Inc..
Benjazzia Co. opens under Banjarra Inc. in Kingdom of Kazahkastan.
Butipovlad begins trading with Ostrobothnia.
Erimua Sakoiya ( 429 - ) succeeds Asterickra Kamtahyuriso ( 414 - 429 ) as Commander of the 1st Circassian Horde.
Kingdom of Southern Chechnia becomes the Kingdom of Caucasia.
Circassian Empire annexes the Grand Kingdom of Kahzahkastan.
Edo begins trading with Circassia.
Shogun begins trading with the Red Sea.
Xaioto Arms Inc. opens in Construct of Soki producing Weapons.
Kyoto House Samurai increase their strength from 2 to 8.
The Hungarian Empire grants 'Old Vienna' the classification of a city as being the original Capital of the Austrian people.
Ming Dynasty opens Port Tongchon.
Imuko Hao co. opens under King Poultry Inc. in Feng Dynasty.
Xing Dynasty 1st Army increases its' reach from 10 to 11.
Xaitao Bengshu is sent from Shogun to Edo to represent Shoguns' Trade.
The Shogun sends Aiko Sarujumoi to the Butipovlad to represent their Trade with Shogun.
Qin Mah-Ju is sent from the Fong Dynasty to repre-sent its' Trade with Andia.
Shan ( Singapore ) begins trading with Sicily, Apache, Andia, Fulani, and Circassia.
Magsrukra Humjurbramiju Inc. opens in Singapore producing weapons.
The Cambodian Nationalist Peoples Anti-State in the Band of Lao Tribes becomes Cambodian Nationalist Party.
Empire of Vanjar opens its' Industries for international Trade.
Da Nang Felicias Viet Pom ( 230 - 429 ) of the KIngdom of Da Nang dies and is succeeded by Nung-Hai Jin Ru -Pon-Kui.
Dakamutas Viuneas adopts Proto-Indonesian Tribal Monarchy System.
Kingdom of Baanjaria opens Port Basunnees.
Philipino Empire opens Port Andacaosta.
Muinokaopoas War ( 427 - 429 ) ends in Vanjarrian victory. Vanjar annexes Koori Kuju Mantala.
All 69,000+ members of the Paupas Peace Party are killed in the Baanjar Arrestment by State Government forces.
Bwa Zawus Inc. opens in the Uuni Dynasty producing Gold.
Tuareg begins trading with Azerbanjistan.
Jaikhu of Buhjumuber founds the Banjar Raiders Maran, A naval force of the Kingdom of Baanjaria.
Khamad Ascaliphen succeeds Abu-Kamed Mujalahmad ( 417 - 429 ) as Commander of the Holy Guardians of Somaliland.
The Seven Taureg Kingdoms sends Unuji to the U.C.T. to represent its' Trade.
The Taureg Kingdoms sends Ogabi Oomba to Syria to represent its' Trade.
Taureg sends Tsa Bodoki to Andia to represent its' Trade.
Kingdom of Sud becomes the Kingdom of Northern Sud.
Syria begins trading with the Red Sea.
Elam begins trading with Circassia.
Afghanistan begins trading with Red Sea.
Azerbanjistan begins trading with Fulani, Sicily, Shan, Alps, and the Red Sea.
Aral Gasses Inc. ( Afghanistan ) comes under the management of Iltari Benghuzzai.
Elewyn Aryeh, after revitalizing both Syria's ports, is sent to Oslo from his home in Marma to Represent Syrias' Trade to the Kelmar Union.
Matthewah Khewtiza disolves the Kingdom of Armenia and most territories are ceded to Southern Chechnia, one ex-Armenian territory is claimed by Afghanistan.
Empire of Africa, and, Madakaa adopts New Economics #3.
Beja begins trading with Afghanistan, Azerbanji, and Fulani.
Fulani begins trading with Circassia, and, Juva.
F.N.F. Assiwa receives an increase from 2 to 5 in Strength.
First Bantu War ( 426 - 429 ) ends in Madakaan victory over Smaliland. Madakaa annexes all of East African and Arabian Somalian territory, the Central African Somalian Kingdom is annexed by the Kivu Peoples.
Shortly after Madakaan Law was installed, Omu Tilimobaripomba ( 419 - 429 ) of the Tribal Kingdom of Magudishu is killed and the Anti-State disolved.
Madakaa becomes the African Supremecy of Madika after Burasani Jimbamono's ( 250 - Oct. 27th, 429 ) law is abolished and ( Dagoi ) Antello DuFresti Ogol comes to power.
Second Bantu War begins as Madika invades the Empire of Africa.
Paka-Kamar begins trading with the Red Sea.
Kingdom of Raja opens Port Indus.
Ujumbabar Poxi ( 408 - 429 ) retires as Commander of the Grand Army of the Kingdom as Hundreds of thousands of Sunni citizens begin to Critisize the Government. He is Succeeded by Raiu Yazaberzzai.
Dakota Empire opens its' Industries for International Trade.
Calimento Empire opens its' Industries for International Trade.
Tauren Sgoul is sent from the Fulani Nation to represent its' trade with Holland.
Nih-Hil is sent from the Fulani Nation to represent its' trade with the Shogun.
Paraz Vazruma is sent from Paka-Kamar to represent their trade with Scotland.
Kayel Bunombe is sent from Paka-Kamar to represent their trade with Juva.
Iguri Ferruuo is sent from Paka-Kamar to represent their trade with Circassia.
A movement by the Juno and Wolf Dynasties of the Caliment o Empire to reform the Government is rejected.
Cubana-Canoa opens its' Industries for International Trade.
Empira Castrona releases its' 428 census.
16) Religion : Maya ( 41% ), Inca ( 52% ), Christianity (7% ).
17) Language : Inca ( 14% ) , Azzan ( 52% ), Mayan ( 34% ).
18) Major Ethnic Groups : Mexican ( 19% ), Mayan ( 49% ), Native American ( 10% ), Azzteccan ( 22% ).
19) Average IQ : 56.8
Banikia Seaforas launches their first battleship, the C.R.V. Castorex.
Yutre Volgogru founds the Army of the Swedish Revival in the Kingdom of OStersund to restore the Swedish State an bring it to power in Europe.
23,000 Aztecs are drafted into the 1st Azza Guard to fight against the Mexican forces.
Second Sea Invasion ( 428 - 429 ) ends in mexican Victory. No territorial changes are made.
Golden Wolf founds the 2nd Cherokee Naval Fleet and becomes the Commander of the Cherokee Naval Force.
Light Doe is sent from the Apache Country to represent their trade with the Alps.
Iruo Oiju ( 423 - 429 ) of the Navajo Country is killed by invading Calimento forces and is succeeded by Chief Grey Bear.
Vertiga Cemerizo founds the 3rd Banika Seaforas.
Cubana-Canoa begins to Colonize an Area of the Hudson Bay inhabitad by the Dakota Empire and Navajo Country.
Papian Kingdom claims a large portion of the Southern Mexican portion of the Kingdom belonging to Cubana-Canoa.
Andia begins trading with Holland, Elam, and Ireland.
P.H.F. begins trading with Apache and Soki.
King Huzajuna Cartazie succeeds King Cerizza Mantexi Cazarte ( 421 - 429 ) as King of Monathethia.
Kashju Dynasty overtakes the Pinju Dynasty in the General Election of the Keep of the South.
Diza of Kun-Guyan succeeds Iuchy Pocku ( 420 - 429 ) as Commander of the Armed Forces of the United South.
Takakeru Opizase is sent from Andia to the Taureg to represent their Trade.
Sergai Mizuana of the Circassian Empire forms a Trade Union with the Construct of Edo ( represented by Tekeo Boshi ) and later the addition of the Seven Taureg Kingdoms by Srug-Ogna and their client State, the State of Tobogo by Olusgu. The New Union, whose intent is to secure armed guard of stock through Trade routs based through Edo, Circassia, Afghanistan, Syria, Nubia, and West Africa, is named the Union of Sibirian, Saharan, and Oriental Labor, or, S.O.L.
Second Assyrian Empire signs the Treaty of Odessa.
King Jason Macckey removes the Kingdom of the Scots from the ATLANTIS Trade Union.
Empire of Vanjar begins trading with Edo, Sunni Raa, Sicily, U.C.T., Circassia, and Dakota.
Dakota Empire begins trading with Vanjar, Edo, Cherokee, Singapore, Alps, and Calimento Empire.
Calimento Empire begins Trading with Dakota, Cherokee, Kelmar, Juva, U.C.T., Syria, Ireland, and Soki.
Cubana-Canoa begins trading with Paka-Kamar, Apache, Kelmar, Afghanistan, Tuareg, Soki, Azerbanji, Circassia, Red Sea, and Dakota.
Norse begins trading with Sicily.
Kumarska Vegatables Inc. is put under the management of Agron of Argxerxi.
Mikal Pextrokav II resigns as Representive of teh Pextrokav Party in St. Peters Land, Russia ( Aug. 1st, 423 - May 3rd, 430 ) and is succeeded by Niece, Jezzabel Pextrokav.
1st Belarusian Defenders increase their Strength from 2 to 6.
1st Nordic Army ( Nordica ) Increase their strength from 8 to 9.
Kingdom of Ostersund adopts new economics #2.
Norway settles its' Greenland Colony.
After growing unrest in Bealaruse, mostly in Chechnian Bealaruse, the Treaty of Volograd is signed between The Valiant, the Kingdom of Russia, and the Republican Monarchy of Bealaruse.
The Republican Monarchy of Bealaruse Unionizes into Russia.
Kingdom of Russia adopts New Economics #2 and #3.
Cypria opens its; Industries for international Trade.
The Valiant begins trading with Circassia, the Red Sea, and Vanjar.
Nation of Serbs adopts New Ecoomics #3.
Hungarian Empire becomes the Kingdom of the Huns.
Ostrobothnia ( Finland ) begins trading with Fong, Azerbanji, Vanjar, and Cubana.
Third German Empire adopts New Economics #3.
FInland adopts New Economics #3.
Kingdom of Litchenstein adopts New Economics #3.
2nd Werftstriek ( Germany ) becomes 2nd German Defence Legion.
The Kelmar Union closes Port Duetchlander ( Oslo ).
Kelmar Union releases its' 430 census.
15) Religion : Norse ( 31% ) Christianity ( 53% ) Judaism ( 9% ) Paganism ( 7% )
16) Language : German ( 33% ) Norse ( 9% ) Finnish ( 25% ) Polish ( 14% ) Estonian ( 4% ) Lithuanian ( 0.5% ) Latvian ( 15% )
17) Major Ethnic Groups : German ( 20% ) Finnish ( 30% ) Polish ( 15% ) Prussian ( 15% ) Estonian ( 10% ) Swedish ( 10% )
18) Average IQ : 99.4
Peterbrukors ( Lithuanian Kelmarian military ) increase their strength from 6 to 9.
After a year long delay in the General Elction of teh Luxon Kingdom, the Bismark party assumes control over the Durario party.
Felix Gournervi retires as Commander of the Military of Nordica ( Jan. 25th, 424 - Oct. 8th, 430 ) and is succeeded by Ragoski Nathyer.
The Order of Old Europe vows to Abolish the Treaty of Odessa.

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