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Basic History ( 426-428 )  Empty Basic History ( 426-428 )

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Sunni Raa and Juva begin trading with Ostrobothnia.
The Valiant, Elam, Butipovlad, Syria, and Beja begin trading with Ireland.
Edo, Scotland, and Butipovlad begin trading with Andia.
Sunni Raa, Pyreneese, and U.C.T. begin trading with Priesthood of Fire.
King Jason Macckey I reclaims the chair of Scotland in the ATLANTIS Trade Union after poor effort from his son and previous successor, Prince William Macckey ( Oct. 22nd, 425 - Apr. 28th, 426 ).
The United Republic of Sudder addresses the Assyrian colonization of the African Horn, the Nation known as Somililand.

" To the Kings of the land of Assyria, we in the Afkerkons for Progression and Protection have, over the last years watched your ships land on the shores of our brothers and sisters lands to the north. Great harm has this invasion done to the Somali People, and we are calling for a peaceful resolution to the matter. If Assyrian ships continue to land on Africas Land, than soon shall Africas ships sail to Assyria. " - Empress Africa III, High Queen of the Afkerkons for Progression and Protection and Empress of the United Republic of Sudder.

Vladmir Gustof removes the Tzardom of Ukraine from the United European Nation Union due to growing Pro-Valhurian pressure.
The Council of Eight celebrate the passings of their Orders 3 and 4 into Prop 1.
Kingdom of Russia addresses the War of Italian Union.

" As we revel in the stiring loss of our long time partners in Ukraine, which together in this Union have we stabalized Europe after the horrors of the Second European War, let us in no way, nor shape or form, forget that we have allies yet who are threatened by Instability. The Peoples of Sicilia have long battled for the rights to Sout and even the Romans to Este. They, just as the Ukrainians are now, threatened by the Valhurians who seek to militarize Italia. Petrie supports Sicilia and Roma in their conquest over the Valhurian lands and we will be ready to lend arms when called for. - Alexicai Jures, Feburary 26th, 426.

The Norse Revolutionary Army of Arctica lead by Hugeines Hydrydux increases their strength from 1 to 4, despite the unification of Arcitica and the Norse Republic.
The Norse Republic opens its' Industries for international trade.
Malikai Venur I founds the First Army of the Norse for the Norse Republic.
United Kingdom of Finns and Swedes adopts New Economics #1.
Roland Morchech of the Iretire party of Russia, Representent of Eastern Russian Colony ( Nov. 23rd, 425 - Aug. 20th, 426 ) , is killed by ' Savage ' and ' barbaric ' Chechnian and Eastern Russian native tribesmen. Iretire succeeds Morchech with Igor Mulukski.
Improvements and upgrades on the R.R.S. The Petrite increase its' power from 2 to 5.
The Russian political faction of United Reformation Party ( 40,000 ) closes its' Prussian chapter headed by Cereisa Yuriea ( Aug. 1st, 423 - Apr. 28th )
After five long Sessions the Russian Senent, Lead by Mauri Pavlavich II and the Nordican Peoples Party, Mikel Pextrokav II recalls his statement of war against the Trechlavech Okkervar.
Militants of the Osturkelen milutare opoles begin occupying territory of Ostersund bordering Kelmar Union.
Joseph Godren-Vinyick III of Pult, - aided by Jardagon Government, - overthrows Jordyn Veirghra ( Mar. 9th, 411 - Jan. 25th, 426 ) of the Kingdom of Norway - Transforming it into a Non-Valhurian, more balanced State.
Darolle Potteries Co. opens under Dariot Clay Inc.
Cyrus I of Cyprus ( Nov. 15th, 417 - Apr. 28th, 426 ) retires from the Cyprian Naval Fleet and is succeeded by his son Cyrus II.
Spanish Monarchy System is Installed in Kingdom of Spain.
Republican Monarchy of Mancedonia adopts New Economics #1.
The Valiant begins trading with Ostrobothnia.
Yuri Von Hench II founds the Order of Old Europe in Tzardom of Ukraine to Resotre Europe to Pre-Trade Dominance, and to return to an Allied Nation lead system.
Giggins party wins the National Election of Scotland.
Issak Valhurez III overthrows Yokrovich III of Keiv ( Aug. 13th, 417 - Feb. 26th, 426 ) and turns the Republican Tzardom of Ukraine into the Republican Monarchy of Ukraine, accomplishing the goals of the Ukrainian Liberation Brigade.
Wergstrufin Copper Inc. comes under the ownership of Hugo Manscheider.
Kelmar Union begins trading with Ireland.
Ostrobothnia begins trading with The Valiant, Shogun, Ireland, Apache, Paka-Kamar, Tuarug, Afghanistan, and Syria.
Soutese Poultry Inc. opens in Sicily.
Sicily closes Port Italia.
Sicily begins trading with Sunni Raa.
Free Nation of Italian North Africa adopts New Economics #4.
15) Religion ( Islamic = 45% ) ( Traditional = 33% ) ( Catholic = 22% )
16) Language ( Berber = 58% ) ( Latin = 42% )
17) Major Ethnic Groups ( Berber = 43% ) ( Spanish = 20% ) ( Italian = 37% )
18) Average IQ : 87
King Mar Gunstroulli ( Roman Kingdom of Sicily ) Signs the Treaty of Amsterdam ( Prop 1. ).
Parisian Empire begins trading with Sicily.
The Parisian Empire declares war on the Republican Army of Varge.
Parisian Parlament determines that Queen Victoria II will be removed from the thrown in One year ( 427 ) due to the crash of the Parisian Economy and poor National Development.
Scotland begins trading with Syria, Sunni Raa, and the Cherokee.
Jakobson party wins the National Election of Ireland.
After mass sit ins across Dublin and Belast, the Peoples for Welsh Dominance gains 200,000~ supporters in Ireland.
Ireland begins trading with Shogun and Fong.
U.C.T. begins trading with the Irish.
Asuier Mongora, after several years of vicous construction, open Port Okzala, the Lagest Port project by landspace and land manipulation to date.
Grand Kingdom of Kahzahkastan re-opens Port Astana.
Butipovlad Dynasties constructs of opens Port Butipovlad on its' North-Eastern Coast boarding its' Industry and the Navajo Country across the 'Acressian Channel'.
Malikai Venur ( Oct. 22nd, 424 - Dec. 24th, 426 ) and Hugeines Hydrydux ( Nov. 23rd, 425 - Dec. 24th, 426 ) disband the Anti-Nation ' Norse Revolutionary Army of Arctica. ' as their goals had been accomplished in the Unionization of KIngdom of Arctica into the Norse Republic.
Emperor Erwin Sinclaire abolishes the German Unitarian System and installs the German Monarchy System.
German Monarchy System.
Kingdom of the North - Dutchess Hellen Gernchu IV. ( Oct. 22nd, 426 - )
Kingdom of the East - Prince Hans Sinclaire of New Berlin ( Oct. 22nd, 426 - )
Kingdom of the West - Duke Marlo Gernchu III ( Oct. 22nd, 426 - )
Kingdom of the South - Queen Magetta Gernchu Sinclaire ( Oct. 22nd, 426 - )
Capital = New Berlin
Dynasties = Sinclaire, Bismark, Gernchu, Oberst, Oberlin, Reilms.
Ruling Dynasty = Sinclaire
Malikai Venur I founds the First Army of the Norse for the Norse Republic composed of ex-N.R.A.A. members.
Construct of Edo sends Tirohitchi Obgwani to the Shogun Kingdom as an Embassy.
Construct of Edo begins trading with Fong and Ostrobothnia.
Soki becomes the Construct of Soki.
Costruct of Soki opens its' Industries for International Trade.
Sarui Seboa founds the Kyoto House Samurai in Soki to Establish a Kyoto Kingdom.
Ming Dynasty adopts New Economics #3.
Xinging Dynasty adopts New Economics.
Second Golden Horde becomes 1st Army of France.
1st Frankish Army becomes 2nd Army of France.
Fong Dynasty begins trading with Bejan.
Charolette Gore II founds the Grand Welch Navy docked in Port o'Brian.
Emporer Feng Yu of the Xinging Dynasty conquers most of the Southern Yao Kingdom in the Himeleyan Conflict.
Chief Keifyka Hunfreta ( 408 - 426 ) signs the Treaty of Moscow which unionizes the Tartar Peoples ( Asuier Mongora ) into the Circassion Empire.
Ochtervokkeran Ik'lvish Inc. opens in Trechlavech Okkervar producing Oil.
Yuri Azovari is made owner of Komi Gold Inc in Kazahkstan.
Pyreneese, Kelmar, Scotland, Fong, and Ostrobothnia all Initiate Trade with Soki.
Scotland, Fulani, Fong, and Ireland initiate Trade with the Norse.
Southern Yao Kingdom adopts New Economics #3.
Treaty of Valarie is composed by Matilda Sunrego on August 20th, 426 with a purpose to Organize a world Finicial structure to help levitate balanced Trade. Commisioned deadline by Kelmar Union, U.E.N., V.N.U., set for August 20th, 434.
Kingdom of Cambodia constructs and opens Port Vietszhu.
Shen Ti Feng founds the People for Burmese Power in Band of Lao Tribes to Unionize South-East Asia.
Rano Bennista ( 420 - 426 ) disbands the Peoples of Burma Anti-State in Shan Empire of Singapore. Reasons Unknown.
Band of Lao Tribes adopts New Economics #3.
Kung Ko II succeeds his father, Kung Minusiphun Ko ( 408 - 426 ), as Commander of the 1st Viet Mihn of the Kingdom of Da Nang.
Vouhmihn Spice Inc. opens in Da Nang producing Spices.
Cambodian Nationalist People vow to restore Laotian Industry.
Jumarri Fine Pottery Inc. and Aosinsreng Co. close in Dakamuta Viuneas.
The 411th Nubian Guard becomes the 411th Nubian National Guard.
Holy Guardians of Somaliland increase their strength from 1 to 5.
Assyria begins colonzing Southern Burma, belonging to Singapore.
Syria begins trading with Sicily.
Elam adopts New Economics #3.
Elam begins attempting trade with Priesthood of Fire.
Azgog Lumres Co. opens under Echon Timber Inc. in Afghanistan.
Polshaki Timber Inc. opens in Northern Chechnian Afghanistan.
Afghanistan begins trading with Andia.
Empire of Paka-Kamar leaves the Second Instanian War after economical pressure. It ceeds its territories ( Elamic ) to Afghanistan.
Second Assyrian Empire declares war on the Kingdom of Cario in order to gain more Control over the Medierterranian.
War of Gein begins.
Treaty of Odessa and the Sofia Agreement are Composed by Allistor Manly of the Republican Monarchy of Macedonia on June 30th, 426. Commission Deadline set by Kelmar Union for April 16th, 432.
Memphis Agreement is Composed by Ishmal Shujiaz VII of the Nubian Empire on November 23rd, 426. It's set to finalize the seperation of Cario and Nubia.
Jaqueni Bozellza De Leonia succeeds Juan Marco I ( July 12th, 415 - May 29th, 426 ) as commander of the New World Guard after falling violently ill.
Abu-Kamed Mujalahmad founds the 1st Somali Navy for the Kingdom of the Red Sea.
Matthewah Khewtiza leads a revolt of several pocketed territories in Azerbanjistan and founds the Kingdom of Armenia.
Kivu Peoples adopts New Economics #1.
First Scottish Guard becomes 1st Army of the Scots.
Beja begins trading with Juva, Apache, and Butipovlad.
First Bantu War begins as Madakaa assualts Somaliland in the name of the African Union.
Kingdom of Northern Chechnia installs Chechnian Tribal System.
Julianna Von Strouz II founds the 1st Chechnian Navy for K.N.C..
1st Fleet of the Fulani Naval Force constructs the F.N.F. Assiwa, a battleship (+2).
Princess Olma Juno succeeds King Assiwa Juno II as Commander of the 2nd Fleet of the Western Fulani Navy.
Paka-Kamar begins trading with Empire of Andia.
Sunni Raa enters Debt.
Ogavo Mulkao replaces Inuwa Upolki ( 421 - 426 ) as Commander of the Eastern Fulani Freedom party after he is killed by opposing rebels from the South African Liberation Army.
Sunni Raa Adopts New Economics #5.
Golden Wolf founds the 1st Cherokee Naval Fleet.
Cherokee begin trading with Ostrobothnia and Priesthood of Fire ( P.H.F. ).
Apache begins trading with Andia.
Apache re-enters war with Calimento during the Second North-West Territory War.
Cheiftess Arol Iniguous founds the Inuit Warriors Guild.
Choctaw Country adopts New Economics #1.
Circassian Horde becomes 1st Circassian Horde.
Dakota Empire adopts New Economics #3.
Navajo Country adopts New Economics #2.
Andia begins trading with Pyreneese, Shogun, Fong, and Beja.
Chief Golden Hare of Navajo Country founds the Tribes for Unity and Peace, an Anti-State with chapters in Calimento and Navajo Country to Unite Northern America and to end American Warfare.
The Guardians of Char increase their strength from 12 to 16.
Army of the Holy Flames increase their strength from 6 to 12.
Vazoli Olexa founds the 1st Guard of Castrona for Empira Castrona.
Shea Mon Verlgo founds the Andian Legion.
Cleopatra XII succeeds Cleopatra IV ( 260 - 426 ) of the Nubian Empire.
Empress Shining Doe II succeeds Empress Golden Arrow ( 420 - 426 ) of the Dakota Empire.
Juva Kannacoa becomes Juva Hunjurra.
Wealth of World in 426 = $934,549,000,000.00
First summit for the Treaty of Valerie is held.
Afkerkons for Progression and Protection becomes Afkerkon Union.
Helenda Groudans, Headmaster of the ATLANTIS Trade Union adresses the Colonization of the Inuit People.

" For Twenty-Five years the people of Europe have Tormented the Inuit populations of the Northern Atlantic ocean. As Chancellor of the Kelmar Union I have decreased the ammount Lithuanian trade and budget for the Colonization effort. Having seen the recent development of certain Nations that we in Europe once saw as Primal and savage, the damage we have done to the development of the Inuit nation is far beyond anything I would like to imagine - But I fear is far worse. I call on Joseph Godren-Vinyick III to end the Colonization efforts of the Northern Atlantic. " - ATLANTIS Trade Union Headmaster Helenda Groudans, Chancellor of the Kelmar Union. September 21st, 427.

Alexicai Jures, Kingdom of Russia, addresses the Revolution in the Ukraine.
" Still, further unrest from this proposition, this ' Treaty of Amsterdam ' that seeks to abolish one of the U.E.N.U.s dearest allies, has destroyed another of our dear allies. The Valhurian hidden agenda behind this Treaty, regardless of our own input or promised outcome of Valhurian demise, will live in the veins of Europeans for Generations. This treaty wishes to delute and undo any progress that has been made in Europe for the last one hundred years. Petrie stands ready to defend herself from the transitional evil that awaits in the Treaties of Amsterdam and Odessa. What we see in Ukraine will soon follow through the rest of the Balkans and lower German States. " - Alexicai Jures, United European Nations Union representent of the Kingdom of Russia. July 19th, 427.

Carla Sandrago, representing Sicily in the U.E.N.U., addresses the Revolution in the Ukraine.
" The recent events in the Ukraine are un-settling but still we must remember the goal of the Treaty of Amsterdam. Sacrifices must be made and Sicilia believes that the break-up of the Ukraine is fair and just. We encourage our European bretheran to watch the events un-fold naturally and allow the division to take place. It is, for the time being, the safest position for the Ukrainian people. " - Carla Sandrago, United European Nations Union representent of the Roman Kingdom of Sicily, August 25th, 427.

Queen Elizabeth Vectrophy comments on the Treaty of Amsterdam.
" At long last our great fear has become a dim reality that I believe we, the Eastern Slavanians, can no longer fend away - the Re-unitement of the Romanian mother state from which the Carpathian hordes siezed control of our homes. The Ukrainian displacement of the Romanians landed them at our doorstep and we humbly took them in, to which they stabbed our hearts and stole from us all we knew. I dispair that this Valiant nation should step so gracefully yet again into Slavery upon the Romanians. " - Queen Elizabeth Vectrophy, Speaker of The Valiant of the Valhurian Nations, September 14th, 427.

Emporer John Von Itcci III ( Aug. 8th, 408 - Jun. 30th, 427 ) of the Swiss Empire is killed by rebels of the People for Italian Union. He is succeeded by Mikeli Von Itcci who immedietly withdrawles the Swiss Empire from the Valhurian Nations Union.
Norse Minerals Co. Opens under Norse Minerals Inc. in the Norse Republic.
Norse begins trading with Elam, U.C.T., Andia, and Holland.
Norse are awarded as a Bronze steeple in the International Trade when they become the first state in have an all positive income trade board.
Danyiel Ipikski founds the Finnkelen milutare opoles, a branch of the Pro Kelmar Union Anti-State.
Xavier Carmukle II founds the Norgernkelen milutare opoles, a branch of the Pro Kelmar Union Anti-State.
Gabriel Zaphoda succeeds Aluk Mouuin ( Aug. 1st, 423 - Apr. 28th, 427 ) as head of the Tenin party in the Russian Sibirian Colony.
Mikal Pextrokav II ( Aug. 1st, 423 - Feb. 26th, 427 ) Steps down as King of Russia and is succeeded by his wife - Kathrine.
Kyal Vernon ( Aug. 1st, 423 - Jan. 25th, 427. ) resigns as Representing N.P.P. of Eastern Nordica and is succeeded with Ashyel Janyuit.
Vallerie Anscott III ( Aug. 1st, 423 - Dec. 24th, 427 ) ( Russian Congresswoman of St. Peters Land ) is killed by a flash mob of Sibirian Russians, all of whom [ 14 in total ] are executed afterwards without trial. She is succeeded with Joshya Ilpalma.
Marousil Mariop succeeds Jon of Mariop ( Aug. 1st, 423 - Jan. 25th, 427 ) as head of the Lexonis Mauripoli Party.
Cyprian Eastern Crete Succeeds to the Government of the Alps.
Kingdom of Cairo becomes Kingdom of Alexandria.
Mikel Valria II of the Croat Empire sign the Treaty of Amsterdam. ( Aug. 1st, 427. )
Jullious Assari XIV and other Kievenist seize aboloish Issak Valhurez III ( Feb. 26th, 426 - Jan. 29th, 427 ) and the Ukrainian Democratic Tzardom System and replace it with Ukrainian Democratic System.
Republican Monarchy of Ukraine beomes Republic of Ukraine.
Hans Yuno III ( 366 - Nov. 4th, 427 ) of the Hungarian Empire steps down and leaves the thrown to his Great-Grand Nephew, Hans Atilla Yuno VI.
Kelmar Union settles its' Central African "Togo" Colony.
Ostrobothnia begins trading with Fulani, Holland, and Elam.
Kelmar begins trading with Norse.
100th Ostrobothnian Tan Army increase their reach from 6 to 11.
Godrick Albertosk founds the 3rd Werftstriek for German Empire.
Sicily begins trading with Ireland.
Ceasar Vanrizo founds the Sicilians for Roman Rule in Sicile to Unionze Sicily into Rome.
Eglerios Marble Inc. opens in Sicily.
Holy Empire of Italy adopts New Enomics #4.
15) Religion : Christian ( 100% )
16) Language : Italian ( 67% ) Slovanian ( 33% )
17) Major Ethnic Groups : Italian ( 100% )
18) Average IQ : 104
Sailion Remurso II founds the Free Italian Navy for Italian North Africa.
Gunstroulli Party takes office from Espariia party after the General election of Sicily.
Arctarious Blazo becomes the owner of Land of Rome Inc..
Popis party takes office from Julia party after the General election of Rome.
Republican Army of Varge holds mass Sit ins and Propaganda Campaigns in wake of Victorias' removal from the thrown of Paris.
Azderiou Arms Co. opens under Lorieel Arms inc..
Pyreneese begins trading with Syria.
Queen Victoria II ( Apr. 22nd, 422 - Jun. 30th, 427 ) is removed from the thrown of Paris and is succeeded by ZeFrenk IV.
Lamri Lezzinnio ( Nov. 16th, 419 - Jan. 25th, 427 ) of the People for Italian Union is found and executed by Swiss Authorities. The P.I.U. succeed him with Lerenzo Vousilinni.
Kingdom of the Scots adopts New Economics #3.
Kingdom of Scots abolishes the Scottish Parlimentary System and installs the Scottish Monarchy System.
Scotland begins trading with Ireland.
Ireland begins trading with Holland and Fulani.
Bennedict Rogerson ( Jul. 11th, 416 - Jul. 31st, 427 ) closes his Branch of the People for Welch Dominance in Scotland after deaming it ' A dying State. '
An infestation of diseased rodents kills ~120,000 throughout northern Asia. ( Ming Dynasty ( 9,000 ), Sengbadasa (110,000), Kazahkastan(900), Upper Singapore(10), Upper Fong Dynasty(1,000) )
King Denard Gore signs the Treaty of Amsterdam. ( Dec. 24th, 427. )
U.C.T. begins trading with Shogun.
1st Navy of Chechnia becomes 1st Royal Navy of Chechnia
Shogun Kingdom constructs and opens Port Nagasaki.
Hikara Tirimura founds the 1st Royal Shogun Fleet for the Shogun Kingdom docked in Port Nagasaki.
Soki begins trading with Shogun, Sunni Raa, Taurug, Juva, Syria, Ireland, and the Norse.
Fong begins trading with Elam, Fulani, and Shogun.
Himeleyan Conflict ( 425 - 427 ) ends in Xinging Victory. Xinging Dynasty absorbs Southern Yao Kingdom.
King Poultry Inc. is put under the ownership of Hon Xenggi on 9/14/427.
Xinging Dynasty becomes the Feng Dynasty.
Urugora Song Inc. opens under Fu-Wun Coa Inc. in the Southern Ming Dynasty.
Pao Jun Fu ( May 23rd, 425 - Mar. 8th, 427 ) is removed from his Ownership of Lu King Nessesities Inc. in Fong Dynasty. Emporer Tso Fong appoints Han Yu Jai Po as the new manager of the Industry.
Shan Empire of Singapore begins trading Cocoa.
Shan Empire of Singapore becomes Empire of Singapore.
Empire of Puapa adopts new Economics.
Lord Danyel Issacai founds the Kingdom of the Dominion of Madam Aussana II within the Uuni Dynasty to unionize the Australian peoples into Croatia.
Muinokaopoas War begins as Empire of Vanjar attacks Koori Mantala Kuju.
Tiwi Civil Union installs Tiwi Tribal Sysytem.
Taurug begins trading with Andia and Afghanistan.
Africa is Mapped completely.
Vos Phat Phar Phor founds the rebel Kingdom of Egypt in the Northern Nubian Empire with goals to break away and establish its' own State.
Azerbanjistan opens its' Industries for Trade.
The Afghani Elamic Massacar ( Jan. 6th - May 10th, 427 ) leaves over 1,000,000 Elamic citizens dead.
Syria begins trading with Sunni Raa.
Azgog Lumbres Co. closes.
Horik Vennaix founds the 1st Chechnian Navy for the United Chechnian Tribes, docked in Port Novgorod ( Russia ).
Afghanistan begins trading with Fong.
Persia adopts New Economics #3.
An Icestorm throughout Siberia claims over 500,000 lives. ( Upper Edo(400,000), Circassia(180,000), Upper Sengbadasa(14) )
Second Istanian War ( December 22nd, 422 - May 10th, 427 ) ends in Coalition victory over Elam. Afghanistan Pays Cherokee/Azerbanji forces 300E.P.s each and annexes Southern Elam. Total losses are over Five Million.
Persian Republic ( Alem ) launches the A.M.V. ( Alemic Maritime Vessal ) 'Persian'; Their first battleship.
Kivu Peoples adopt New Economics #2.
Syria settles its' Colony in the Horn of Africa.
South African Republican Army becomes South African Liberation Army.
Bejan Nation becomes Southern Trade Territory of Africa after Lord Hansel Burcherette IV of the Kelmar Union uses Fulani and African union power to abolish the rulership of King Bompoura Razzisaro ( 412 - Feb. 22nd, 427 ).
Princess Olma Juno ( 419 - 427 ) retires as Commander of the Fulani 1st Western Guard and the title is appointed to Queen Africa III.
Paka-Kamar begins trading with P.H.F..
Admirial Sanjey Erro Pza succeeds Admirial Aluk-Puk ( 423- 427 ) as Commander of the 1st Paka-Kamarian Navy after Puk is killed.
Apache begins trading with Soki and Norse.
The last known Blackfoot speaking tribe in Ottowa departs the State and heads South.
Choctaw Country adopts new Economics #2.
Dakota Empire adopts New Economics #4.
15) Religion : Traditional (22%) Pagan (29%) Voodoo (37%) Kodai (12%)
16) Language : Dakota (31%) Apache (10%) Inuit (31%) Navajo (25%) Blackfoot (1%) Other (2%)
17) Major Ethnic Groups : Dakota (20%) Apache (42%) Navajo (12%) Blackfoot (17%) Inuit (9%)
18) Average IQ : 86.9
Okalachee Warriors increase their Strength from 6 to 10.
Navajo Country adopts New Economics #3.
Blue Ridge War begins as Choctaw Country assualts Cubana territory of Northern Carralona.
Juva begins trading with Sicily and Norse.
Agrothian Navy increase their strength from 5 to 9.
Dezimur Clay Inc. opens in Kingdom of Cypria.
Army of the Southern Hills increase their strength from 8 to 11.
Andia begins trading with The P.H.F. and U.C.T..
Army of Montu Ricu increase their strength from 11 to 17.
P.H.F. begins trading with Kelmar, Holland, Afghanistan, Fulani, Sicily, and Ireland.
United South adopts New Economics #1.
Azuli Monveer succeeds her father, Topez Monveer ( 420 - 427 ), as the Commander of the Army of the Northern Hills in the Empire of Andia.
Monticez Timber Inc. in the Empire of Northern Mountains is put under the Management of Egzealigo Obudrugura.
Juva Hunjurra Annexes Empire of Cone and adopts New Economics #3 & #4.
Cheif Consar Toursa ( 220 - 427 ) of the Argrogatha Tribes dies and is succeeded by Cheif Consar IX
Minuatar I, of Monatheia, founds a branch of the Brazillian Unity Front in the Kingdom of Char to Unionize it into the Monatheia.
Vazamzar IV becomes the Commander of the Juvan military.
Queen Helenda Groudans of the Kelmar Union, representing ATLANTIS, addresses the War of Italian Union, remarking it as a fearful time in Southern Europa.
King Jason Macckey of the Kingdom of Scots, representing ATLANTIS,also addresses the War of Italian Union and the Treaty of Valerie, commenting that they must be welcomed together - Both a new age of Italy and a new age of Economic freedom to all man.
Releigh Fjhoudrita leads the Kingdom of Ostrobothnia into the ATLANTIS Trade Union and appoints Grand Knight Alun Joster to speak for Ostrobothnia.
Burasani Jimbamono of Madakaa, under the A.U., comments on the South African Republican Army stating that they must be eliminated and Africa must be secured from the Traditionalist and be free to advance.
Alexicai Jures, Kingdom of Russia, addresses concerns over the Kelmar Unions increasing influence.
" The Northern German Federation, or the Union of the Kelmar, is on its' most behaved day a threat to all Europe. Its' works in Aufraka are purely Impirial and its' splinter organizations are driving the Finnish, Swedish, and Norwegian peoples all under the wing of Headmaster Groudans. Action must be taken at once to see to it that as our dearest nemesies, the Valhurian Union, breaks apart and dies in Italia, the rapidly expanding Kelmar will not infringe on Petrian independence. " - Alexicai Jures, United European Nations Union representent of the Kingdom of Russia. July 26th, 428.
Shan Empire of Singapore begins trading with Valiant, Pyreneese, Afghanistan, Syria, and Ostrobothnia.
Republican Monarchy of Azerbanjistan begins trading with Valiant, Edo, Shogun, Kelmar, Butipovlad, Afghanistan, and Juva.
Second summit for the Treaty of Valerie is held.
Omar Ogzopolul, De-Facto of the Odessians, signs the Sofia agreement on August 6th, 428.
Cleopatra XII signs the Memphis Agreement
Republican Nordic Navy launches the A.R.M. Thor, the Norse Republics' second battleship.
Aluk Mouuin abolishes Russian law in the Sibirian colony and rebels against Russia forming the Kingdom of Sibiria.
Ostersund adopts New Economics #1.
Zerxata Lumbers Co. opens under Hourra Wodds Inc. in Norway.
Prince Alun I ( 418 - 428 ) of the People for Chechnian Union in Bealaruse dismembers and breaks up as moral of Chechnian freedom drops.
Sunjero Pabu III of the former Republic of Hujindre takes power over the Kingdom of Ostrobothnia after Releigh Fjhoudrita ( 369 - Sep. 16th, 428 ) retires.
The Kingdom of Ostrobothnia becomes the Kingdom of Finland.
Kingdom of Cypria adopts New Economics #3.
Azcotti Ezeikieal I becomes the owner of Darolle Potteries Co. in Cypria.
Cyprians build and launch the Royal Cyprian Vessal "Posidion " their first battleship.
Leroy Von Hench V ( Aug. 1st, 423 - Jul. 12th, 428 ) of the Valhurian Party of the Kingdom of Russia, retires as head of the Party and is succeeded by Allender Manlynch VI.
Issak Morgin ( Nov. 23rd, 425 - Aug. 1st, 428 ) steps down as Governor of the Eastern Russia Colony and the people vote fellow Iretire member Rullio Zepheries ( Aug. 1st, 428 - ) as Governor.
Jonah Petrovik II ( Aug. 1st, 423 - Aug. 1st, 428 ) is voted out of office as Governor of Eastern Noridca of the Kingdom of Russia and is succeeded by Lisa Mujura of the Lexonis Mauripoli Party.
Domas Leemon founds the Estonian Freedom Party in the Russian state of Eston.
Serbia closes Port Sanfranco due to elongated neglecvt by attantion drawn to the Treaty of Amsterdam. In response, the Croatians construct and open Port Albania off the coast of Borkrut, the Albanian capital.
Harrold Pazwits is put over control of the Rezevekt Copper Goods Inc. of the Kelmar Union.
The Valiant begins trading with the Priesthood of Fire.
The Republic of Ukraine becomes the Keep of Ukraine.
Kingdom of Finland closes Kikari Stone Inc. it's only Limestone Industry.
Ostrobothnia begins trading with Norse.
Army of Lich increases its' reach from 4 to 7 territories.
Kingdom of the Alps opens its' Industries open to International Trade.
Kingdom of Sicily closes Soutese Poultry Inc. and Sicillian Marble Inc. ( including Inrindos Marble Co. in an attempt to re-strengthen and centralize Sicilian resources as it launches Expharos Marble Co. under Eglerios Marble Inc.
Sicily begins trading with Soki and Andia.
1st Royal Army ( Kingdom o fRome ) increases its' reach from 5 to 8 territories.
Holy Empire of Italy adopts New Economics #5.
Papian Navy constructs and launches the H.P.V. ' Francis II ' as their first Battleship.
Mark the Mintman ( 428 - ) establishes the Mintman family in the Portugal Colony of the Kingdom of Spain.
Holland begins trading with Azerbanjistan.
Barabay Dairy Inc. in the Kingdom of Holland is put under the ownership of Fredarick Aisleo.
First Golden Horde ( France ) increases its' reach from 6 to 12.
Pyreneese begins trading with Ireland and Azerbanjistan.
Pyren Cannon works Inc ( France ) is put under the ownership of Merseile Dujont II.
Siririan Vanmelalian founds the 2nd Swiss National Guard for the Swiss Empire.
The People for Italian Union ( Swiss Empire ) begin to claim small patches of territory bordering the Kingdom of the Alps.
Martin Egzales leads the Portugal Colony in a revolt against the Empire of Spain and establishes the Kingdom of Brazzailia.
Caravanian Spain leads an assualt on Alpine Corsica to claim it for the Italian Thrown.
Spanish War for Corsica begins.
Scotland adopts New Economics #4.
15) Religion : Pagan (25%) Chatholic (21%) Norse (13%) Atheist (41%)
16) Language : Irish (11%) Scottish (32%) Welsh (1%) Norwegian (19%) French (18%) German (19%)
17) Major Ethnic Groups : Scottish (68%) Welsh (22%)
18) Average IQ : 99
Hugards Co. opens under McHaggons' Dairy Inc. in Ireland.
Ireland begins trading with Apache, Sunni Raa, and Juva.
Daneak Mcgallus founds the Second Grand Navy of Wales.
Second and Third summits for the Treaty of Amsterdam are held in Budapest.
Erik Julikoigo I of the United Kingdom of Finns and Swedes. ( Aug. 25th, 428. ), Prescotte Jigkopelo Grigrenko of the Nation of Serbs. ( Mar. 20th, 428. ), King Martin Egzales of the Kingdom of Brazzaillia ( Nov. 28th, 428. ), and King ZeFrenk IV of the Parisian Empire ( Aug. 25th, 428. ) all sign the Treaty of Amsterdam.
Circassian Empire opens its' industries for itnernational Trade.
United Chechnian Tribes adopts New Economics #5.
Kingdom of Southern Chechnia adopts New economics #1.
Heriendo I ( 418 - 428 ) along with nearly 2,000,000 other 1st Circassian Revolutionary Army are slaughtered in the Third Repulsution massacar. Heriendo II ( Tomas Urgurol ) takes control of the few 200,000 remaining.
Kingdom of Kazahkstan ends its' war ( 427-428 ) on the Komi Freedom Party after Government Forces and Rebels clash in a two month battle known as the Surra War in which 24,000 lives are lost.
Oikimoa Arts Inc. opens in Southern Edo as its' first industry in the Visual Arts resource.
Ishai Studio #4 opens under Giesha Warriors Dance Inc. in Shogun Kingdom.
As part of their war on the Construct of Soki, the Kyoto House Samurai perform the Soki Bombings which kills an estimated 16,000 Soki citizens throughout 428.
Soki begins trading with The Valiant, Beja, Andia, and the U.C.T..
Fong begins trading with Tuarug and Scotland.
Shan Empire of Singapore adopts New Economics #1.
Shan begins trading with Edo, Paka-Kamar, Shogun, Sunni Raa, Scotland, and Fong.
Shen Ti Feng founds a second branch of the People for Burmese Power in the Kingdom of Da Nang.
Vouhmihn Spice Inc. is put under the ownership of Kung Ko II.
Philipino Empire constructs Port Atossa.
Empire of Puapa opens Port Azelegeo.
Empire of Puapa installs Puapan Parlimental Monarchy System.
Kingdom of the Dominion of Madam Aussana II adds a goal to install themselves as a Dutchy under Croatia.
Iju Polias founds the Tiwi Guard.
KIngdom of the Red Sea opens its' industries for International Trade.
Tuarug begin trading with P.H.F..
Second Assyrian Empire and Empire of Afghanistan install the Islamic Monarchy System.
Elewyn Aryeh, Son of the Governor of the Second Assyrian Empires' colony to Burma, begins to hunt for Timber in order to construct his master navy.
Iranian Kingdom of Eastern Persia ( Elam ) installs the Elamic Monarchy System.
Afghanistan adopts New Economics #4.
16) Religion : Islam ( 100% )
17) Language : Iranian (31%) Persian (1%) Chechnian (42%) Arabian (10%) Afghani (16%)
18) Major Ethnic Groups : Afghani (27%) Chechnian (38%) Iranian (35%)
19) Average IQ : 90.5
Elewyn Aryeh doubles the Income of Port Razza-Habeen after managing renovations and relations with the Kelmar.
Syria settles its' Colony in South Eastern Maylasia ( Burma )
Afghanistan begins trading with Soki.
Elam begins climbing out of debt as its' Trade is repaired slowly.
1st Western Fleet ( Chechnian Afghanistan, docked in Port Novogorod, Kingdom of Russia ) increases its' strength from 5 to 9.
Azerbanji begins trading with Soki, P.H.F., and Elam.
Republican Monarchy of Azerbanjistan becomes Kingdom of Azerbanjistan.
Acteh-Polopaziaz leads the Second Assyrian Empires' Colony of Burma ( South-Western Maylasia ) in a rebellion and forms the Kingdom of Aceh.
KIngdom of Olum changes its' name to the Kings' Army of Olum.
Ur Dynasty is founded as a Political Faction is the Kingdom of Azerbanjistan.
Eurphrates Dynasty wins the General Election Azerbanjistan.
Port New Lithuania is destroyed by Somalian Extremist and is left abandoned by the Government of Madakaa.
Somaliland opens Port Somali at 16 Million E.P.s.
Princess Olma Juno succeeds Empress Africa III as Commander of the 1st Army of Sudder.
Southern Kingdom of Sud becomes Empire of Africa.
Paka-Kamar adopts New Economics #3.
Paka-Kamar begins trading with Ireland.
Sunni Raa begins Trading with the Norse.
Cazar Pumjaru becomes the Sunni Embassador to Paka-Kamar.
Kingdom of Raja adopts New Economics #1.
Kingdom of Sunni Raa becomes the Empire of the Raa.
First Indus Valley War begins as Sunni forces invade the Kingdom of Raja in order to expand its' newly proclaimed Empire.
In wake of recent events, Sirri Paolme founds the Pakistani National Guard for Paka-Kamar.
Apache begins trading with Syria.
Juwani Co. opens under Junwani Music Hall in Calimento Empire.
United Inko Warriors ( OCCUPIED BY CALIMENTO EMPIRE ) increase their Range from 8 to 9 territories.
Empire of Mya Jopelo unionizes into Empira Castrona.
Second Sea Invasion begins as the Empire of Cubana-Canoa invades the Empira Castrona.
Banikia Dudaro Seaforas becomes 2nd Banikia Seaforas.
Northern Trade Territory of America becomes the Cherokee Trade Empire.
Kingdom of Finland appoints Issak Melrosia as the Commander of the New edition to the Tan Army, the 101st T.A..
Alun Joster is appointed Commander of the Finnish Military.
Kingdom of Finland opens the Stadium of the Union ( Industrialized Establishment ) and Icarus Alvur is chosen to Manage it.
Yuani Jihnjua ( Jun. 11th, 418 - Oct. 25th, 428 ) retires as Commander of the Lichten military and is succeeded by King Issac V.
Poxilous Dairies Inc. ( Kingdom of Sicily ) is put under the Management of Palmari Iazas.
Azourme Coal Inc. opens in the Parisian Empire producing Coal.
Juva Hunjurra adopts New Economics #5.
Barbados Energy Inc. opens in Juva Hunjurra producing Hydro Power.
The United South adopts New Economics #2.
The United South opens Port Bundool.
Igurra Pomeloz succeeds Vaganu Zizente ( 423 - 428 ) as Commander of the Guardians of the North ( Juva Hunjurra ).
Domxoia Siun succeeds Erowid Siun ( 421 - 428 ) as Commander of the Agrothian Navy.
Alpus Monveer succeeds Topez Monveer ( 415 - 428 ) as Commander of the Army of the Southern Hills ( Kingdom of Andia ).
Andia begins trading with Kelmar and Azerbanjistan.
P.H.F. begins trading with Syria and Edo.
King Fruasue returns to Power in the Southern Andian Empire and establishes the Independent state of the Priesthood of Wind.

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