Basic History ( 416-425 )

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Basic History ( 416-425 ) Empty Basic History ( 416-425 )

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Leonardo Cerviri I represents Roman Kingdom of Sicily into the Valhurian Nations Union.
Prince Donald I leads the Grand Dutchy of Latvia into the V.N.U.
Queen Elizabeth Vectrophy leads the Grand Dutchy of Eastern Slavania into the V.N.U.
Tomas Mikale Grigrenko ( 408 - 416 ) steps down from representing Serbia in the U.E.N.U. and is succeeded by Jorgio Hjikolan.
Kingdom of Ostrobothnia begins tracking Citizen development.
Kingdom of Russia opens Port Novogorod.
Kingdom of Russia begins to Colonize Sibiria.
2nd Nordic Army increases from level 4 to level 7.
Sanjey Baluem establishes the Balerusian Navy based at Port Okerlan.
Scarzrevik party wins the election in Bealaruse.
First War of Finnish Reunion ( August 4th, 415 - December 17th, 416 ) ends with Finnish Kingdoms merging into Ostrobothnia.
Emporer Muary Herinthopy ( Mar 9th, 409 - May 9th, 416 ) of the Democratic Republic of Carpathia is removed from office and succeeded by Empress Yolanda Herinthopy.
Yokrovich II of Keiv ( 388 - Mar. 8th, 416 ) dies and is succeeded by Yokrovich III of Keiv.
Tzardom of Ukraine replaces Ukrainian Tzardom System with Ukrainian Democratic Tzardom System. Yakovich Party wins their General Election.
Vladstein party wins the general election of Macedonia.
Croat Empire installs a true Democratic Monarchy.
Kingdom of Estonia opens Port Aldica.
Yuani Jihnjua ( Nov. 9th, 413 - Nov. 4th, 416 ) steps down from command of the Army of Lich and is succeeded by Jorgan Venreer.
Lithuania begins to Colonize Togo, a region of Central Africa.
Emperor Erwin Sinclaire of New Berlin expands Germanys' military and establishes the 2nd Werftstreik lead by Hansel Bourg.
Kingdom of Estonia becomes Grand Dutchy of Estonia.
King Francis Groudans I ( 376 - Jun.11th, 416 ) of the Empire of Danes dies and is succeeded by Queen Helenda Groudans.
1st Royal Armed Forces of Alps increase power from level 6 to level 11.
Holy Empire of Italy opens Innidco Inc. producing Potash.
1st Akferkan Force is entirely wiped out by Italian and Roman forces.
Kingdom of Holland opens Barabay Dairy Inc..
Jason White, the Norman founds the 1st Frankish Army for Kingdom of Franks.
The Republic of Varge, founded by Settlers from Briton, re-unionizes offically with the Briton Union.
Bennedict Rogerson founds the People For Welch Dominance in Kingdom of Scots, an Anti-nation who wants Scotland to unionize into Wales.
Circassia becomes Circassian Nation.
Kingdom of Mar installs Mari Tribal Democratic System.
First Kyotian War ( 416 - ) begins as the Construct of Edo invades the Kingdom of Mar.
Yellow War ( 412 - 416 ) ends in Chang/Ming Dynasty victory. Du dynasty is annexed by Changs.
Cambodian Warriors becomes Cambodian National Warriors.
Second Viet War ( 416 - ) begins as Cambodia invades the Vietmanese.
Empire of Vanjar opens Ventruira Ale Works Inc..
Philipino Empire, fearing conflict with Dakamuta, cedes their share of the Island of Borneo to the Indos in the Indos War for Borneo ( 416 ).
Obbogo War ( 402 - 416 ) ends in Koori victory. Koori annex all coastal territories.
Empire of Marmaria unionizes into Second Assyrian Empire through Colonization effort.
Second Assyrian Empire becomes first Trans-Contanential Nation, crossing though Middle East to Europe.
Western Fulani Nation opens Port Fulani.
King Assiwa Jumo I founds the 1st Fulani Army and Fulani Naval Force for Western Fulani Nation.
Igo Buamp founds teh Horde of Magadu for Kingdom of Sodali.
Ishin Piolo founds teh Bujumburian Freedom party in Kivu Peoples' attempting to install a democratic Kivu kingdom.
King Mogodishu ( 220 - 416 ) of Somaliland dies and is succeeded by King Hidru Soli.
Cherokee Nation of Wild Waters begins to track economic health and opens Chickesaw Co..
Inuit Nation opens Port Roscau Dau Pueal.
Cherokee nation of Wild Waters becomes Cherokee Country.
Range of Texarcana opens Port Dallas.
Jule Paxie founds teh 1st Azza Guard for Kingdom of Azza.
Kingdom of Azza adopts Panamanian Empirial System.
Chief Mexico installs an Abosulate Monarchy in Range of Texarcana and creates the Kingdom of Dallas.
Juva Kannacoa opens Gouegrus Energy Inc. producing Hydro Power.
Army of the Hills rise from a level 3 to a level 8 power.
Guardians of Char rise from level 7 to level 9 power.
Eastern Slavania begins trading with Empire of North Afkerka.
Construct of Edo begins trading with Empire of North Afkerka.
Kingdom of Scots and South West Slavania begins protesting to end the Austrian War for Independence in Austrian Favor.
Kingdom of Norway begins protesting the Austrian War for Independence in Austrian Favor.
Malikai Venur founds the Norse Revolutionary Army in the Kingdom of Arctica To Unionize Arctica into the Norse Republic.
King Cyrus I of Cyprus is removed from power and succeeded by Darius II.
Cyrus I of Cyprus founds the Cyprian Naval Fleet.
Mikoli Valrua ( 404 - Feb. 23rd, 417 ) of Croat Empire is killed and succeeded by Mikel Valria II.
Tzardom of Ukraine becoems Republican Tzardom of Ukraine.
Grand Dutchy of Eastern Slavania revolts from Carpathia and becomes The Valiant.
Third Kosovo War begins as Macedonia invades Nation of Serbs.
Empire of the Danes stops the Kingdom of Estonia from sending out a colony.
Republic of Licthenstein becomes Kingdom of Licthenstein.
Lithuania comes the closest its' been to independence.
Empire of North Afkerka surrounders to the Italians. Hoyl Empire of Italy annexes Eastern and Southern Afkerka and Fruk Minerals inc..
Austrian War of Independence ( July 12th, 415 - August 1st, 417 ) ends in Alpine victory. Corisca is annex by the Alps.
King Roscan of Dumoxa ( Jan 9th, 415 - Dec. 5th, 417 ) of Naples dies and is succeeded by Queen Ashlin.
Bedero Van Pel Co. opens under teh Barabey Dairy Inc. in the Kingdom of Holland.
1st Frenkish Army increase from a level 1 to a level 6 power.
United Chechen Tribes begins tracking its' economic situation.
Bakaru Yunoia ( 407 - 417 ) of the Trechlavech Okkervar dies and is succeeded by Proklovech Yunoia.
Circassian Nation becomes Circassian Empire.
Kingdom of Mar unionizes into Construct of Edo.
Chelsea Jorgron revolts from the Kingdom of Western Chechnia and forms the Kingdom of Northern Chechnia.
First Kyotian War ( 416 - 417 ) ends in Japanese Victory.
Shogun Kingdom opens its' borders and industries open for Trade.
Shogun Kingdom begins to Trade with Afkerka and Holland.
Soki opens Port Soki.
Xing Dynasty 1st Legion extends its' reach from 5 territories to 10 territories and rises from a level 7 power to a level 8.
Shan Empire of Singapore opens Misingno Arms Inc. producing Gunpowder.
Shan Empire of Singapore opens Mumbara Inc. producing Cocoa.
Aosinsreng Co. opens under Jumarri Fine Pottery in Dakamuta Viuneas.
The defunct 1st Afkerkan Force raises its' reach from 3 to 5 territories.
Seven Tuareg Kingdoms opens Guinea Energy Inc. producing Hydropower.
1st Afkerkan Force is re-constructed.
Seven Tuareg Kingdoms Installs Monarchy System of West Africa.
Abu-Kamed Mujalahmad founds the Holy Guardians of Somaliland.
Arabia adopts New Economics.
Republican Monarchy of Azerbanjistan opens Azerjinian Tea Inc..
Jamal Hussien Bero I founds the Armienians for Bealic Rule in Azerbanjistan with hopes to Transform Azerbanjistan into a satalite state of Bealaruse.
Kwazulu Natal opens Kwazeali Boar Inc..
Bujumburian Freedom Party rises from a level 4 to a level 7 power and adds Hostage taking, roadblocks, Rallies, Political Terrorism, and Brutality to its' methods.
Somaliland adopts New Economics.
Western Fulani Nation opens Fulani Coa Inc. producing Cocoa.
King Assiwa Juno I [ 417 - ]of the Western Fulani Nation founds the 2nd Fleet, a branch of the Fulani navy.
Kivu Peoples' Chief Tanganyika ( 200 - 417) is killed in Battle and succeeded by Chief Koai, ending the Fist Tuni War ( 414-417).
Kingdom of Sunni Raa opens its' industries up for International Trade.
Cherokee Country opens its' industries open to international trade.
Kingdom of Sunni Raa begins trading with The Valiant and North Afkerka.
Cherokee Country begins trading with the Valiant and North Afkerka.
Chieftess Red Deer founds the Oakalachee Warriors for San Diago.
Navajo Country opens Port Nugi.
Apache Country allies with Navajo COuntry in their war against San Diago.
Empire of Panema opens its' industries open for international trade.
Papian Kingdom opens Port Pazzi.
Empire of Panema begins trading with Sunni Raa and Kingdom of Holland.
Empire of Mya Jopelo' Queen Centriaz Jopelo VI ( 290 - 417 ) dies and is succeeded by Queen Centriaz Jopelo IX.
Empira Castrona' Fidelo Ellecanxi ( 410 - 417 ) is removed from rule and succeeded by Emexi Eladrio III.
Marl the Juvite founds the 1st Juvian Army for Juva Kannacoa.
The Valiant begins trading with Shogun Kingdom and Panema.
Shogun Kingdom begins trading with Edo and Panema.
Panema begins trading with Cherokee Country.
Holland Begins trading with North Afkerka.
Kingdom of Holland begins to protest the Apline occupation of Austria in Alpine favor.
Ukraine begins protesting the Colonial War in Berben Favor.
Sicily ends its' protesting the Colonial War.
Princess Dianna II leads the Kingdom of Northern Danes into the United European Nations Union.
Kingdom of Arcitica opens Port Arrdven.
Norse Revolutionary Army changes their name to Norse Revolutionary Army of Arctica.
2nd Nordic Army becomes 1st Nordic Army.
Kikari Stone Inc. opens Kikari Stone Co..
Republic of Hujindre opens Port Adenvechkel.
Republic of Hujindre establishes the Free Ostrobothian Navy.
Kingdom of Arctica founds the Grand Arctic Navy.
Kingdom of Greece closes Gralopolis Dairys Inc..
Macedonia opens Port Sofia.
Brenda of Macklenburg composes the Treaty of Riga, an agreement to restore Poland in the Prussian lands.
Hans Yuno III signs the Treaty of Riga.
Lithuania Under Danish Rule becomes Provisional Republican Kingdom of Lithuania Under Danish Authority.
Gordern Meerik ( Jan. 18th, 418 - ) installs the Royal Provisional Danish Guard in Lithuania. King Ragi Orkorsk assumes control of the Lithuanian Military.
Teroski Valhurez II founds the Valhurian National Guard for Empire of Valhurez.
Rueben Crench founds the Lich 2nd Army.
Yuani Jihnjua assumes controll of the Lich Military.
Sicillian Marble Inc. opens in South Roman Empire of Sicily.
Republic of Naples opens Port of Italia.
Bardezzio Spice Inc. opens Bardezzio Co..
After a series of negotiations, The Italian Union Era begins as the Dalmations unionize into Rome.
Kingdom of Pyreneese opens its' Industries open for International Trade.
Pyreneese and Holland begin to Trade.
Ricardi Greo founds the Swiss National Guard.
Boshlevek Coal Inc. opens in United Chechnian Tribes.
Northern Circassian Coal Inc. opens in Circassian Empire.
Pomil Timber. opens in Kingdom of Western Chechnia.
Biokjour Inc. opens in Butipovlad Dynasties producing Arabel Land.
Age of Russian Union Begins.
Voushitra founds the 2nd Bashkir Guard in and takes control of the nations' military.
Voushitra founds teh Bashkirian People for Russian Rule in Bashkir Empire to Unionize Bashkir into Russia.
Heriendo founds the 1st Circassian Revolutionary Army in Circassian Empire to unionze Circassia into Nordica.
Og the Great founds Biershkian Ogdernocti in Buryacthkian Empire to unionze with Butipovlad Dynasties.
Prince Alun I founds the People for Chechnian Union in Eastern Chechnia to unionize the Cechnian Peoples.
Construct of Edo begins to track its' citizens health and Government health.
Pai Wo Hoi Chan adopts New Economics.
Pseundophon Poultry Inc. opens in Band of Lao Tribes.
Cambodian Yaos rebels from Cambodian Rule to establish the Southern Yao Kingdom.
Philipino Guards of Ko extend their reach from 5 to 7 Territories.
Dakamuta Viuneas opens Port Emerisop.
Italians found Tripoli - The first Aferican City, and first non-European City.
Empire of North Afkerka closes Tikeu Minerals Inc..
1st Akferkan Force is destroyed a second time, this time by the hands of the Romans.
State of Tobogo opens Port Zolu.
Htu Jumni ( 260 - 418 ) of the State of Tobogo dies and is succeeded by Dusha Jumobo of the Seven Tuareg Kingdoms.
East Persian Kingdom of Elam opens its' industries for international Trade.
Elam and Panema begin to trade.
Assyrians begin to Colonize the Horn of Africa.
Empora Instania becomes Empire of Afghanistan.
KIngdom of Sodali opens Port Magadu.
Somaliland installs Multi Tribal Kingdom System.
Jumbarra Pork Inc. opens Jeridaara Pork Co..
Paka-Kamar begins Trading.
Apecha Country begins trading with Pyrenese.
Cherokee Country opens Giant Fawn Inc. producing Iron.
Okalachee Warriors extend their reach from 4 to 8 territories.
First official Battle between MIlitaries happens between San Diago and Navajo Country.
Okalachee Warriors are terminated after the Washington Campaigne.
Cherokee Country' Chief Tagawarri Okobee ( 416 - 417 ) is overthrown and replaced by Chieftess America Sunfeather.
Okobee founds the Tagawarri Rebels to restore his name to power in the Cherokee Nation.
San Diago surrenders to the Apache and pays them 200 E.P.s.
Kingdom of Azza unionizes into Empire of Tallah-Canoa.
Hiyaperru Jolin, King of Azza, assumes control of the Military of Tallah-Canoa.
Army of the Hills becomes Army of the Southern Hills.
Kingdom of Montu Pica unionizes into Kingdom of Northern Mountains.
The Valiant and Holland begin trading.
Construct of Edo ends its' Trade with North Afkerka.
Construct of Edo and Panema begin Trading.
Construct of Edo and Pryenese begin Trading.
Edo and Elam begin Trading.
Sunni Raa ends its' Trade with Afkerka.
Sunni Raa and Cherokee Country begin Trading.
Sunni Raa and Elam begin Trading.
Cherokee Country and Edo begin Trding.
Cherokee and Holland begin Trading.
Cherokee and Shogun begin Trading.
Cherokee and Elam begin Trading.
Pyrense and Panema begin Trading.
Elam begins trading with Holland.
Paka-Kamar begins trading with Elam.
Apache begins trading with Holland.
Apache begins trading with Shogun.
Apache Begins trading with Sunni Raa.
Kingdom of Scots leaves the U.E.N.U..
Alfonzo Alexis ( 411 - 419 ) steps down from representing the Croat Empire in the V.N.U. and is succeeded by Donner Ocari.
Briton Union begins protesting the Kosovo War in Serbian Favor.
Lithuania and Norway express Support for Wales in their occupation of England, while Hungary protest it.
Kikari Stone Co. closes in Ostrobothnia.
Republic of Hujindre adopts New Economics.
Juliano Fignoun founds teh Royal Ostrobothian Navy for Kingdom of Greater Ostrobothnia.
Roshu Invaltize founds teh Russian Navy for the Kingdom of Russia.
Cyprian Naval Fleet increases its' power from 3 to 6.
Dariot Clay Inc. opens in Kingdom of Cypria producing Clay Goods.
Nation of Serbs begins tracking its' citizens satisfaction.
Dagermunin Froots Inc. opens in Hungarian Empire producing Fruits.
Vallas Party wins the general election of Nation of Serbs.
Third Slavic-Carpathic War begins as Carpathia declares War on The Valiant to reclaim Eastern Slavania.
Empire of the Danes opens its' industries to Trade.
Danes begin to trade with the Apache.
All Nations needed for teh Treaty of Riga sign and Poland adopts Russian Europe payed for by Hamburg/Poland.
Poland cedes most Prussian Lands from Russia. Lithuania, Bealaruse, and Hungary grab minor border regions.
Teroski Valhurez II ( Nov. 4th, 418 - Oct. 8th, 419 ) resigns as commander of the Valhurian National Guard and is succeeded by
Herigrova Valhurez.
Sinclaire party wins the general election of the Free Luxon Kingdom.
Prince Douglas Ikrune founds the Northern Danish Guard for Kingdom of Northern Danes.
Empire of Danes and Hamburg Merge together to form the Kelmar Union, they annex the Dutchies of Latvia, Northern Danes and Lithuania as well. Lithuania and Latvian Colonies are turned over to Kelmar and all militaries and industies as well. Estonia and Poland remain as Dutchies.
Sicillian Marble Inc. opens Inrindos Marble Co..
Gunstroulli party again wins the General election of Sicily.
Marxis party wins the general election of Rome.
Colonial War ( April 30th, 412 - Aug. 11th, 419 ) ends in Victory. Empire of Italy annexes Eastern and Southern Afkerka for its' Colony. Rome annexes Western Afkerka for its' colony.
1st Afkerkan Force is abolished.
Spains' Hispanic Empire of Caravanian Madrid becomes Empire of Spain after Vergos II terminates all non Caravanian Power.
Swiss National Guard becomes 1st Swiss National Guard.
Lamri Lezzinnio founds the People for Italian Union with Goals to Unionize the Swiss into the Alps.
Kingdom of Scots opens its' industries for Trade.
Scots begin to Trade with Edo.
Scots begin to Trade with Panema.
Scots begin to Trade with Paka-Kamar.
Scots begin to Trade with Kelmar.
London Guard becomes 1st London Guard.
Irish Peoples' Union becomes the Republic of Ireland.
2nd Bashkir Guard increases their strength level from 3 to 6.
Western Chechnia begins tracking Nations' Ethnics.
Volaka Igarium Inc. opens in Circassian Empire producing Spirits.
Butipovlad Dynasties open its' Industries to trade.
Butipovlad begins trading with The Valiant.
Butipovlad begins trading with Construct of Edo.
Butipovlad begins trading with Sunni Raa.
Butipovlad begins trading with Empire of Panema.
Butipovlad begins trading with Kelmar Union.
Asuier Mongora adopts Kamachutkan Monarchy System.
Kingdom of Eastern Chechnia installs Chechnian Monarchy System.
Algehda founds teh 1st Armed Forces of Kahzah for the Grand Kingdom of Kahzahkastan.
Bashkir Empire unionizes into Circassian Empire.
Circassian Rebel Group allies with Bashkirian Rebels to declare war on the Circassian Empire.
Asterickra Kamtahyuriso founds the 2nd Circassian Horde for Circassian Empire and assumes control of the Nartions military.
Mongol War for Independence ( 414 - 419 ) ensd in Mongol collaspe. Sengbadasa reclaims all Mongol territory.
Chang Dynasty opesn Port Fu.
Pol Munusapin founds teh Cambodian Nationalist People with goals to Unionize the Band of Lao Tribes into Cambodia.
Hanaka Sulewai ( 407 - 419 ) of the Banjar Raiders dies and is succeeded by Urasa Hukuro.
Car-wan Vanjurwa founds the Philipino Royalist Coalition to establish a Philipino Monarchy.
Oggoo Voui founds the Aboriginali for Royal Progression with a goal to unionize Austrai into a Second Class State.
Empire of Afghanistan opens its' industries up for Trade.
Afghanistan begins trading with Pyreneese.
Afghanistan begins trading with Paka-Kamar.
Afghanistan begins trading with Butipovlad Dynasties.
Amerinians for Bealic Rule increase their strength from level 3 to level 8.
Jeremiah I founds the Kingdom of Zaizia in the Persian Republic To Abolish the Shariah Monarchy and establish a Zaizia Dynasty.
East Persian Kingdom of Elam becomes Iranian Kingdom of Eastern Persia ( Elam ).
Persian Republic becomes commonly known of Alem ( Alem = Iranian Western Persia ).
King Assiwa Juno I founds the 3rd Fleet for the Western Fulani Nation.
King Assiwa Jumo I ( 416 - 419 ) retires as Commander of the 1st Fulani Force and is succeeded by Princess Olma Jumo.
Omu Tilimobaripomba founds the Kingdom of Magudishu to install a Chiefdom Kingdom within Kingdom of Sodali.
Empress Africa II ( 404 - 419 ) dies and is succeeded by Africa III who founds the 1st Army of Sudder.
Bujumburian Freedom Party becomes Bujumburian Freedom Army.
Carrico Inc. opens producing Bauxite to Somaliland.
Sunni Raa ( 160 - 419 ) dies and is succeeded by Shiva Raa.
Oakalachee Warriors extend their reach from 8 to 10 territories.
Navajo Country opens Port Jimihatchee.
Empire of Tallah-Canoa opens Meccario Oils Inc. producing Petroluem.
Ishaboba Cuba ( 402 - 419 ) of the Empire of Tallah-Caranoa dies and is succeeded by Ishaboba Cuba IV.
Chief Mexico founds the Alemo military Unit for Kingdom of Dallas.
Juva Kannacoa opens its' Industries for Trade.
Juva Kannacoa begins trading with Apache Country.
Juva Kannacoa begins trading with Kelmar Union.
King Fruasue ( 414 - 419 ) of the Empire of Andia dies and is succeeded by King Hirtattiza.
Vazamzar IV ( 409 - 419 ) of the Empire of Cone leaves the thrown and is repalced by Veracruxi I.
Shogun Kingdom ends its' trade with North Afkerka.
The Valiant begins trading with Paka-Kamar and Afghanistan.
Construct of Edo begins trading with Sunni Raa, Apache Country, and Afghanistan.
Kingdom of Holland begins trading with Scotland and Butipovlad Dynasties.
Shogun Kingdom begins trading with Kingdom of Pryeneese.
Cherokee Country begins trading with Afghanistan.
Empire of Panema begins trading with Afghanistan and Juva Kannacoa.
Pyrenesse begins trading with The Valiant, Elam, and Kelmar.
Elam begins trading with Afghanistan.
Paka-Kamar begins trading with Butipovlad Dynasties.
Apache Country begins trading with Paka-Kamar.
Kelmar Union begins trading with Cherokee Country and Afghanistan.
Kingdom of Scotland begins trading with Elam, Apache Country and Juva Kannacoa.
Butipovlad Dynasties begins trading with Elam.
Afghanistan begins trading with Sunni Raa.
Juva Kannacoa begins trading with The Valiant.
Queen Helenda Groudans of the Kelmar Union founds ATLANTIS, the worlds first Trade Union, to secure trade routes and protect and advance trading nations.
Ukraine begins to protest the Welsh occupation of England in English favor.
Croat Empire expresses support for Alps in their occupation of Corsica.
Serbia and Wales both support the Italian Occupation of North Africa.
Kingdom of Ostrobothnia begins to Colonize the mouth of the Amazon held by Empire of Cone.
Djon Copper Inc. opens in Kingdom of Norway producing Copper.
Republic of Hujindres' Free Ostrobothnian Navy constructs the worlds' first Battleship - The ' Helsinkis' Revenge '.
First Chechnian War begins as Republican Monarchy of Bealaruse invades Eastern Chechnia.
Sicily begins supporting Bealaruse in the Chechnia War.
Kingdom of Cario opens Port Alexandria.
Valhurian Empire of Burgenand is forced to close Bratalisva Energy Inc..
Democratic Republic of Carpathia surrenders to The Valiant.
The Valiant annexes all Carpathian Territories.
Third Slavic-Carpathic War ( June 8th, 419 - October 15th, 420) ends.
Triskin party wins the general election of Burgenland.
The Valiant becomes the most wealthy nation in the world, surpassing Sunni Raa, Pyreneese, Norway, and Panema.
Bardezzio Co. closes in Holy Kingdom of Italy.
Bardezzio Inc. opens Colma Co.
Sicily opens its' indutries to trade.
Sicily begins trading with Apache Country.
Italian ports suffer worse losses in history.
Holy Empire of Italy establishes the City of Ferrara as its' New Capital.
King Francis II founds the Papian Navy.
Queen Ashlin of Naples ( Dec. 5th, 417 - Mar. 8th, 420 ) of the Kingdom of Naples resigns and is succeeded by Queen Clarissia Benzino.
Kingdom of Pyrenese builds Port Victoria for the Frenks on the condition that the Grand Pyresian Navy docks there.
Leopold Mourne founds the 1st Royal Army for Aquataine.
Rozzio Coal Company opens in United Chechnian Tribes.
Kikireo Cocoa Inc. opens in Construct of Edo.
Xing Dynasty 1st Legion becomes Xing Dynasty 1st Army.
Kariopoli assumes control of the Cambodian National Warriors after the death of Heriathopolo ( 408 -420 ).
Munusipha Potiu ( 414 - 420 ) of the Band of Lao Tribes dies and is succeeded by Manoshupola Bouti.
Pai Wo Hoi Chan installs the Vietmanese Monarchy System.
Rano Bennista founds the Peoples' of Burma in the Shan Empire of Singapore to install a Maylaysian Monarchy.
Philipino Royalist Coalition changes its' goal to Establish a Philipino Monarchy on Taiwan.
Seven Tuarug Kingdoms opens its' industries to international trade.
Western Fulani Nations opens its' industries to international trade.
Joeb Maheekial Banzaari founds the Afghani Peoples' Coalition in Afghanistian to divide the state.
Moshabi Illium founds the Kingdom of Olum in Persia T o Abolish the Shariah Monarchy and establish an Illium Dynasty.
Kivu Peoples' opens Port Tiar.
Sulawesi Ticarro Inc. opens Indigu Breads.
Chieftess Sara Carazottica ( 419 - 420 ) is succeeded by Chieiftess Bonvroea Coune to the thrown of Elam.
First Fulani Army raises its' reach from 5 to 10 territories.
Miraa Pumar founds the Grand Dutchy of Pakastani-Raa, an Anti-State in Paka-Kumar to Unionize with Sunni-Raa.
King Fushi Juna ( 411 - 420 ) of the Inuit Nation dies and is succeeded by his son King Fushi Juna II.
Empress Shining Doe ( 402 - 420 ) of the Dakota Empire resigns and is succeeded by Golden Arrow.
Emexi Eladrio III ( 417 - 420 ) of Empira Castrona is overthrown and succeeded by Fidelo Ellecanxi.
Azziela Veridigo Leads the Tallah-Canoan States of Bamaha, Florrida, and Viridgo in a revolt to establish the Kingdom of Jama Caro Flora.
Guardians of Char extend their reah from 6 to 12 territories.
Guardians of the Holy Flame become Army of the Holy Flame.
Iuchy Pocku founds the Armed Forces of the United South.
Topez Monveer is appointed control of the Empire of Andia' Military and founds the Army of the Northern Hills.
Moroca Heuraz founds the Chilean Pride Movement in Empier of Northern Mountains to establish a Chilean Monarchy.
Cherokee, Apache, and Butipovlad all begin trading with Fulani Nation.
Edo, Cherokee, Panema, Elam, Paka-Kamar and Scotland all begin trading with Tuarug Kingdom.
The Kelmar Union ends its' trade with Kingdom of Pyreneese.
King Jason Macckey I leads the Kingdom of Scots into ATLANTIS Trade Union.
The Valiant begins trading with the Kelmar Union.
Construct of Edo begins trading with Sicily.
Holland begins trading with Afghanistan, Juva, and Sicily.
Shogun begins trading with Elam.
Sunni Raa begins trading with Shogun, Kelmar, Juva, and Fulani.
Cherokee Nation and Pyreneese begin trading.
Panema and Paka-Kamar begin Trading.
Pyreneese begins trading with Paka-Kamar, Butipovlad, and Juva.
Elam begins trading with Juva and Sicily.
Paka-Kamar begins trading with Juva.
Kelmar Union begins trading with The Valiant and the Construct of Edo.
Scotland begins trading with Sicily and Shogun Kingdom.
Butipovlad begins trading with Scotland, Apache, and Afghanistan.
Sicily and the Fulani begin trading.
Tuarug begin trading with Butipovlad.
Fulani begins trading with Valiant, Elam, and Afghanistan.
Kingdom of Greater Ostrobothnia founds the Council of Eight, an Alliance consisiting of one nation from each region of Europe to protect the lawful rights of European Citizens.
Kingdom of Spain, Kingdom of France, Free Luxon Kingdom, Kingdom of Cypria, Hungarian Empire all stand to represent their regions in the Council of Eight.
Kingdom of Russia sells back the Finnish Homeland to Kingdom of Ostrobothnia.
Port Novogorod remains a Russian possesion.
Nordica Mining Inc. opens in Norse Republic.
The Ostrobothian Colony in the Amazon dies.
Jaiysuwn Beaols founds the Republican Nordic Navy for the Norse Republic ported in Port Arrdven by Arctica.
Alun Joster founds His Majesty' Royal Fleet for Kingdom of Ostrobothnia.
Farmos Dairy Inc. opens in Greece.
Kingdom of the Alps absorbs Kingdom of Greece.
Croat Empire opens Port Eron.
The Valiant becomes the first nation to topple 10+ Million Economy Points fueled by the Revolutionary economics system created by the Kelmar Union.
Both Ukraine and Austria begin to support Austria during the Alpine occupation.
Ukraine ends its' support of England during the Welsh occupation.
Norway makes a public statement concerning the need of improvement in Non-Ethnic Hungary.
Sicily annexes Naples.
The Empire of Panema declares war on Rome.
Italy declares war on Sicily.
Russia and Cherokee Trade show support of Sicily in the War of Italian Unification.
Croat Empire shows support of Italy in the War of Italian Unification.
Nepoleon Monnet I, a Pyreneesian Governer, composes and proposes a plan to unite the French State.
Prop 1 is submitted for review by the World Unions, Trade States, and Nations concerning.
Prop 1 is signed by Briton, Holland, Aquataine, Germany, Sicily, the Allied Nations, Atlantis Trade Union, and is approved by Paka-Kamar Trade as well as Pyreneesian Trade.
Kingdom of Pyreneese enters debt.
Asteri Party wins the General Election of Holland.
King Jorduon LaAmore ( Sep. 27th, 405 - Nov. 23rd, 421 ) is removed from office of Holland and is succeeded by Queen Elizabeth Asteri I.
Mikel Pextrokav I ( Mar. 30th, 410 - Oct. 22nd, 421 ) is removed from the thrown by Council and is succeeded by Mikel Pextrokav II.
Pextrokav Family assumes control of the Council and Thrown of the Kingdom of Russia.
The Republican Moanrchy of Aquataine is bought by Panema.
The Kingdom of Holland shows support towards Panema.
United Chechnian Tribes opens its' industries for Trade.
United Chechnian Tribes begin to trade with Holland and Tuarug.
Siberian War begins as Asuier Mongora declares war on the Circassian Empire.
Norway shows support of Kelmar during the Inuit Crisis.
Arctica and Afghani TRade show support of Inuit Peoples during Inuit Crisis.
Jaeas Jumora founds the Ainu Sindicate in Shogun Kingdom To Liberate and establish an Ainu State.
Shan Empire of Singapore opens Port Singapore.
Order of the Earth unionizes into Shan Empire.
Philipino Empire opens Port Gugarturi.
Banjar Umerutu becomes Kingdom of Baanjaria.
Oggoo Voui ( 419 - 421), Founder of the Aboriginali for Royal Progression, is killed and succeeded by Oijo Jas.
The Aboriginali for Royal Progression Begin to practice.
Chief Kuju Cern ( 412 - 421 ) of the Koori Nation dies and is succeeded by Chief Kuju Arlba.
Toom Uuni IV revolts agaisnt Koori Nation Without Kuju Law ( K.N.W.K.L. ), Fjujy Uunnio ( 405 - 421), and establishes the Uuni Dynasty.
Oijo Jas ( 421 ) and the Aboriginali for Royal Progression succeed To unionize Austrai into a Second Class State ( Vanjar ).
Izen succeeds Rami Jahad ( 408 - 421 ) as commander of the Islamic Guard.
Pokistarra Boar Inc. closes in Tuarug Kingdoms.
411th Nubian Guard increases its' attack power from 6 to 11.
Cleopatra IV retiers as commander of the Nubian Guard and is succeeded by Hypiro Raa.
Seven Tuarug Nations enters Massive Debt.
Kingdom of Ethiopia becomes Kingdom of the Red Sea.
Persian Republic ( Alem ) opens port Saudi.
Elam enters massive debt.
The Empire of Afghanistan declares war on the Afghani Peoples' Coalition.
17 Royal Zaizians are hung by Alem Government Militia charged for treason.
The Rebels of the Kingdom of Zaizia declare war on Alem.
Sassan Jumala ( 230 - 421 ) of Arabia is overthrown by Sunshan Haka-Kama who establsihes the United Arabic States.
Inuwa Upolki founds the Eastern Fulani Freedom Party in Western Fulani Nation in goal to establish an Eastern Fulani Kingdom.
Queen Yana Ouji founds teh Navi Raiders.
Chieftess America Sunfeather transforms the Cherokee Country into a European class nation names herself Governor.
Cherokee Country becomes Northern Trade Territory of America.
San Diago becomes Calimento Empire.
Empire of Tallah-Canoa opens Erricoa Oils Inc.
Empire of Mya Jopelo adopts New Economics.
Empire of Panema enters debt.
Kingdom of Jama Carra Flora re-unionizes into Tallah-Canoa.
1st Azza Guard is re-located to Flora Panhandle.
Adios Opiates opens in the Priesthood of Fire producing Fine Drugs.
Army of the Northern Hills increase their Strength from level 3 to a level 6.
Guardians of Char increase their Strength from level 9 to a level 12.
Peoples' of Braza Lisa Monathethia becomes Empire of United Brazillians in the name of Braza Lisa Monathethia ( Empire of Monathethia )
Erowid Siun founds the Agrothian Navy.
Minuatar I founds the Brazillian Unity Front in the United South to unionize the United South into Monathethia.
United Southern Citizens that 'colonized' a Southern Monathethian territory claim control of the territory in the name of the United South. Monathethia responds by invading the territory with military force.
The Brazillian War begins.
Empire of Monathethia begins to track its' citizens incomes.
Jordgen Copper Inc. opens in Arctica producing fine Copper.
Fjahad Dynasty assumes control of the Arctian Government.
The Council of Eight, Atlantis, Valhurian Nations, and the Allied Nations agrees to ban the selling of Stock Value.
All Economies 10k+ are lowered to their lowest 10k.
Holland begins trading with Kelmar, Fulani, and Tuarug.
Holland ends its' Trade with Afkerka.
Sunni Raa begins trading with the U.C.T..
Cherokee begins trading with Butpovlad and Juva.
Pyreneese begins trading with Kelmar and Fulani.
Elam begins trading with Kelmar and Apache.
Paka-Kamar begins trading with Edo, Holland, and Shogun.
Apache begins trading with Valiant, Cherokee, and Afghanistan.
Kelmar begins trading with Elam, Panema and Fulani.
Scotland begins trading with Fulani.
Butipovlad begins trading with Shogun and Juva.
Afghanistan begins trading with Juva and Sicily.
Juva begins trading with Edo, Tuarug, and the U.C.T..
Sicily begins trading with Paka-Kamar and the U.C.T..
Tuarug begins trading with Shogun and Fulani.
Fulani begins trading wtih Paka-Kamar and the U.C.T..
The U.C.T. begins trading with Edo and Cherokee.
Afkerka ends trading.
Nation of Serbs leaves the United European Nations Union.
Ukraine ends its' involvment in the Alpine Occupation of Austria.
Sicily and Dutch Trade shows support for Austria soon after.
Greater Ostrobothnia shows support of Serbia during Third Kosovo War.
Germany shows support of England during their Welch Occupation.
Pashdun Akilte IV shows his support of Corsica during the Alpine occupation of Corsica.
Pyreneesian and Apache Trade shows support of North Afkerka during their Italian occupation.
G. Ostrobothnia and Edo Trade shows support of Chechnia during the Bealarusian invasion.
The Valiant shows support of Bealaruse in responce.
Queen Helenda Groudans expresses Concern for the Inuit People.
Norway and Kelmar Trade vote for Order 3.
Order 4 is Supported by Macedonia.
Ukraine shows support of Sicily during the War of Italian Union.
Wales shows support for Italy.
Sanjey Baluem ( Feb. 10th, 416 - Jun. 18th, 422 ) of the Bealarusian Navy is killed by Chechnians and is succeeded by Eirnise Bolmpo who re-names the Royal Bealarusian Navy.
Fracanio Sczreck Vanrinch I ( 393 - May 29th, 422 ) of the Republican Monarchy of Bealaruse is killed by Chechnians and succeeded by election by Jouna Piper I.
The Von Hench family settles a charter in Bealaruse.
Croatia begins to colonize Eastern Austraillia.
Third Kosovo War ( 417 - 422 ) ends in Macedonian withdrawl.
Croat Empire peacefully absorbs Burgenland.
2nd Werfstriek extends their reach from 5 to 9 territories.
Kelmar Union opens Port Duetchlander on the coast of Oslo.
Grand Dutchy of Poland opens Port Selaxi.
Grand Dutchy of Poland joins the Kelmar Union.
Indicazi Poultry Inc. opens in Holy Empire of Italy.
Kingdom of Russia and the Republican Tzardom of Ukraine announce their full support of Sicily during their War with Italy.
Swiss revolutionary forces and Swiss Government forces clash for the force time at the Battle of Berne, Pro-Alpine Swiss forces are victorious in capturing and holding goverrnment buildings for several hours.
Kingdom of Pyreneese is cleared of debt.
On April 28th, 422 Prop. 1 is finalized, the French states unite and the Parisian Empire is born.
Queen Victoria II is brought to the Thrown of the French Empire, Zefrenk III is appointed head of the Military and they establish French Democratics and eelct to withdrawl from the Valhurian Nations and remain with the United European Nations.
Wales begins to track it's citizens economic situation.
People for Welsh Dominence begin to show displays of interest towards stablizing the Scottish Industry.
Prescott Olroy ( Jan. 21st, 422 - ) succeeds Conner Giggins ( 408 - Jan. 21st, 422 ) as Commander of the First Scottish Guard after his retirement.
Issac Martin IV founds the 2nd Army of Wales for the Welsh Peoples' Union.
Siberian War ( 421 - 422 ) ends in Circassian Victory. Circassia annexes two regions from Ausier Mongora.
After the installation of Chechnian Monarchy System in Kingdom of Western Chechnia, Jolkic Culb founds the 1st Western Fleet ported by Kingdom of Russia.
Emporer Fing Jong ( 280 - 422 ) of the Chang Dynasty dies and is succeeded by Emporer Lang Sung.
Emporer Feng Yu ( 280 - 422 ) of the Xinging Dynasty dies and is succeeded by Emporer Kuhn Man.
Second Cambodian War ( 416 - 422 ) ends in Cambodian annexation of their enemy.
Kingdom of Baanjaria opens Port Arci.
Odjbo Heeb ( 422 - ) founds the Unic Opolo Agum in the Uuni Dynasty To Unionize Uuni into Croatia.
Tiwi Civil Union adopts New Economics.
Several break away regions of Holy Empire of Somaliland unite to form the Eastern Kingdom of Shia II.
The 422 Ethiopian War begins when the Kingdom of the Red Sea & Western Kingdom of Shia II invades Somaliland.
The war ends soon after as Somaliland surrenders and is annexed with W.K.S.2 by Kingdom of the Red Sea.
Kingdom of Zaizia disolves after its' strength raises from 5 to 10.
Remonicaza Coal Inc. opens in Azerbanjistan producing Coal.
Priace Adam I founds the Royal Persian Navy for Alem.
In Retiliation for poor economic trade, the Kingdom of Elam begins a small scale invasion of Afghanistan.
Second Istanian War begins.
Pyreneesian Trade shows support for Elam during the Second Istanian War.
Port Obogo closes.
Inzai Flours Co. opens under Sulawesi Ticarro Inc.
1st Fulani Army becomes 1st Western Guard.
Ras Phar founds the South African Republican Army to Unite the South African Peoples.
Prince Assiwa Juno II succeeds King Assiwa Juno I ( 416 - 422 ) as the Commander of the 1st Fleet of the Fulani Naval Force.
King Assiwa Jumo I ( 405 - 422 ) of the Western Fulani Nation dies and is succeeded by his son King Assiwa Jumo II who assumes his fatehrs roles in the military.
Iruo Oiju succeeds Queen Yana Ouji ( 421 - 422 ) as Commander of the Navi Raiders.
Vertuai Co. opens under Tacabular Coal Inc.
Yuhuic Waxes Co. opens under Ericcoa Oils Inc.
Vennisee Guardians extends their reach from 3 to 9 Territories.
1st Azza Guard extends its' reach from 5 to 6 territories.
Oregino Osgular succeeds Leopold Mourne ( Mar. 30th, 420 - May 17th, 422 ) as Commander of the 1st Royal Army. ( Italian Aquataine )
King Estexi II succeeds King Estavei ( 410 - 412 ) as King of the Papian Kingdom.
The Apache annex the Texans.
Mariu Spirits Co. opens under Monjuvean Liqurolo Inc..
Army of the Northern Hills increases their reach from 6 to 9 Territories.
Tagalui Weapons Inc. in Empire of Cone closes.
Sunni Raa's Economy begins to drop after nearly four centuries of dominance over Central Asia and India.
Tikishi Hirorito of the Construct of Edo founds the Japanese Allied Progressions Union which is recently joined by Shogun Servu Ipoli of the Shogun Kingdom.
Their goals are to unionize the Japanese People and increase healthy Trade routes in and out of Japan.
On March 2nd, 423 Ishma Joilians, the father of the last known born Northern Slavanian Citizen presents the National Classification System to the Council of Eight. Ranking all 113 Countries from Grades D to A+.
On September 21st, 432 Empress Africa III of the Southern Kingdom of Sud founds the Afkerkons for Progression and Protection Union to cease all colonization efforts from non-African nations and to advance in social values and trade status.
Kwazulu Natal joins soon after by King Higibutu Matal.
As does Madakaa by Burasani Jimbamono.
Andrew Mon-Opula succeeds Toomus Nakaro II ( 411 - 423 ) in representing the Free Nation of Italian North Africa in the United European Nations Union.
The Welsh Occupation of England and the Panemanian Occupation of Aquataine are disclassed as issues.
The Swiss Empire shows support of Bealaruse during their war with Chechnia.
The Valhurian Nations show suppoer of the Valiant during their occupation of Carpathia.
In Respnonce to the Instanian War, the Western Fulani Nations and Panema block trade with Elam.
Sicily blocks trade with Afghanistan.
1st Nordic Army increases their strength from 7 to 8.
His Majesty' Royal Fleet increases its' strength from 6 to 9.
First Chechnian War ( July 12th, 420 - Feburary 26th, 423 ) ends with the Chechnian Purchase. The Valiant buys the Eastern Chechnian Kingdom and sells it to Bealaruse.
Juliano Fignoun ( May 3rd, 408 - Apr. 28th, 423 ) resigns as commander of the 408th Ostrobothnian National Guard. He is succeeded by Ixion Fjhourdrita.
Kingdom of Russia abolishes Sovia Tzardom and installs Russian Democratic Tzardom System, Modern Democracy is born.
The Valiant begins tradings with Elam.
Mikol Isotka founds the Croatian National Guard.
Kelmar Union adopts Eco #3.
1st Werftstriek becomes 1st German Defence Legion.
Ashmeir Ammunition Co. opens under Danish Lead Inc.
Dremaxis party leaves the Roman senent.
Julia party Dominates the general election of Rome.
Kelmar Union Begins trading with Tuarug.
Tomokil Valhurea V succeeds Herigrova Valhurez ( Oct. 8th, 419 - Jan. 19th, 423 ) of the Valhurian National Guard.
Northern Danish Guard becomes 1st Kelmar Guard.
Sicily begins trading with Butipovlad and Kelmar.
Holland begins trading with Sunni Raa.
Pyreneese begins trading with Sunni Raa and U.C.T.
Grand Kingdom of Kahzahkastan installs Kazahk Zazarreterien Monarchy.
First London Guard extends its' reach from 4 to 6 territories.
Bennedict Rogerson founds a branch of the People for Welch Dominance in Ireland.
Kingdom of the Alps is excused for their Occupation of Austria and Corsica; Making their occupations legal and politically effective.
1st Circassian Revolutionary Army loses 3,000 members after a second massacar during a sit in.
Ihso Vluod founds the Komi Freedom Party with the goal to Liberate the Komi Peoples'.
Og the Great ( 418 - ) and the Biershkian Ogdernocti are successful in Unionizing Buryatchka into Butipovlad Dynasties.
Cersacia Johesa II rebels agaisnt his father and establsihes the Kingdom of Southern Chechnia
Giesha Warriors Dance Inc. opens Ishai Studio #2.
Deagos party wins the general election of The Alps.
Shogun begins trading with Fulani and Afghanistan.
Espariia family wins the general election of Sicily.
Chang Dynasty closes Port Fu at 4 E.P.s.
Xinging Dynasty opens King Poultry Inc.
General Tso Fong founds the Chang Royal Infantry.
General Tso Fong overthrows the Chang Dynasty and installs himself as Emporer and founds the Fong Dynasty.
Banjar Radiers increse their strengt from level 3 to level 8.
Koori Mantala Kuju opens Port Uyuo.
Tuarug begins trading with Sicily and the Apache.
Seven Tuarug Kingdoms annex Empire of North Afkerka.
State of Tobogo installs Tribal System of West Africa.
Second Assyrian Empire opens its' industries for trade.
Juva and Taurug begin trading with Syria.
Persian Remedies Inc. opens in Elam producing fine Medicines.
Elam enters minor debt.
Ural Fuel Co. opens under Aral Gasses Inc.
Jamal Hussien Bero I retires the Amerinians for Bealic Rule( 417 - 423 ) following the Battle of Timaza Gardens [March 27th, 423].
Loyalist to the Kingdom of Olum begin spreading mass anti-Government proganada and holding mass protest against the Elamic War against Afghanistan.
Iguhus Waters Inc. opens in Somaliland producing Hydropower.
Alem opens Port Ozitica.
Heriomo Azazarii IIX of Afghanistan composes the Treaty of Echron and proposes it to the King of Western Chechnia.
Western Chechnia becomes an incorporated state of Afghanistan.
Afkerkons for Progression and Protection, lead by Empress Africa III, leads Economic progressions throughout Mid and South Africa, opening Industries and introducing Bejan Nation to International Trade.
Bejan Nation begins trading with Sunni Raa, Cherokee, Paka-Kamar, Sicily, Tuareg, U.C.T., and Syria.
KwaZulu Natal begins producing weapons for the A.P.P.
Wergstrufin Copper Inc. opens in Germany producing Copper.
A.P.P. Weapons Inc. opens in KwaZulu Natal.
Sit ins are held across Sodali.
2nd Fleet of the Fulani Naval Force increases its' strength from level 4 to level 5.
King Jumo II Constructs the world's second Battleship, the F.N.F. Africa III, named after his Wife.
Fulani Annexes Empire of Congo.
Paka-Kamar begins Trading with U.C.T. and Kelmar.
Navajo Country adopts New Economics #1.
Tagawarri Rebels increase their strength from level 4 to level 9.
Baluthawanne Zinc Inc. opens in Apache Country prodcing Zinc.
Cherokee begins trading with Sicily.
Apche Move Alemo from Corpus to New Orleans.
Apache closes the Apachic Zoo after : Baluthawanne Zinc Inc. opens and resumes the Trade stock.
Apache begins trading with Tuarug.
Cheif Dances with Fire ( 410 - 423 ) of the Navajo Country dies and is succeeded by Iruo Oiju.
Christianity is regesitered as accounting for 5% of the Population of Empira Castrona.
Leopold Mourne founds the 1st Empirial Army for the Empire of Panema.
Odjbo Heeb founds the Ogdta Vuj Craix to Unionize Nunga into Croatia.
Admirial Aluk-Puk founds the 1st Paka-Karmarian Navy for Paka-Kamar.
Cheif Nukarai founds the 1st Army of Char.
Vaganu Zizente founds the Gaurdians of the North for the Empire of Cone.
Juuli Avazarria names himself king and overthrows King Vazarii Bozco ( 414 - 423 ) of the United South.
United South becomes Keep of the South.
Jordyn Veirghra ( 407 - Oct. 22nd, 424 ) resigns as Chancellor of the Valhurian Nations and Its' representation from Norway and is succeeded by his Son, Oliver.
Nordica begins tracking demographics.
Religion : Norse ( 100% )
Language : Norse (59%), Swedish(1%), Circassian(9%), Russian(8%), Finnish(2%), Estonian(11%).
Major Ethnic Groups : Norse(75%), Russian(20%), Circassian(5%).
Average IQ : 92
The Iretire party of Russia slides to the left.
Opiu Silver Works Co. opens under Bohken Silver Goods.
Malikai Venur ( Oct. 22nd, 424 - ) founds the Revolutionary Army of Nordica to Unionize Arctica into the Norse Republic.
King Lathaniel Mudune II ( 339 - Jun. 18th, 424 ) of the Kingdom of Arctica dies, claimng the longest reign and lifespan of a National Leader. He is succeeded by his Great-Great-Grandson King Lathaniel Mudune V.
In the General election of Kingdom of Cypria, Cypriot Party narrowly defeats the Dariot party. King Darious II retains power.
Valiant begins trading with Tuarug and Sicily.
2nd Werftstreik increases its' strength from 1 to 6.
Kelmar Begins trading with Syria.
The Finnish Protecting Treaty ( Treaty of Bern ), granting the Provisional Danish Government of the Kelmar Union of Estonia ( Grand Dutchy of Estonia ) power over the territories of Hujindre and Greater Ostrobothia, is signed between Angela Orkorsk I of Estonia, Helender Groundens of Kelmar, Sunjero Pabu II of Hujindre, and Henreich Fjhoudrita of G. Ostrobothnia. Releigh Fjhoudrita signs Ostrobothnia under Kelmar as a Grand Dutchy, retaining Economic Freedom.
Sicily begins trading with Panema.
Italian North Africans open Port Carthage.
War of Italian Union ( August 20th, 421 - October 22nd, 424 ) ends in Sicilian Victory.
Sicily annexes Florence from Italy.
Sicily incorporates Indicazi Poultry Inc..
Pual Minot becomes the firsdt General of the newly founded 2nd Golden Horde, a branch of the 1st Golden Horde.
Pyreneese begins trading with Tuarug.
Scotland begins trading with U.C.T., Valiant, and Afghanistan.
U.C.T. begins trading with Apache and Elam.
Estonia installs Danish Dutchy System.
U.C.T. re-introduces Stock Worth.
Endar Crimin ( 408 - 424 ) of the Butipovlad Dynasties dies and is succeeded by Ielvier Crimin.
Jumo Wines Inc. opens in Soki producing Spirits.
Meinheimer Land Inc. opens in Germany producing Arable Land.
Treaty of Amsterdam is composed,
Composed : February 26th, 424 by Kuri Agmos of Kingdom of Ostersund
Campelle Juox of Kingdom of Holland.
Goal - To Ease tension and balance cultures in Europe.
Prop. 1) The Valhurian Nations Union must be closed. (E)
Prop. 2) The State of Hungary cede the Costa vally to Macedonia. (V)
Prop. 3) Norse and Arctican relations will be improved. (E)
Prop. 4) The Western Portion of the Hungarian Empire will become the Kingdom of Austria. (V)
Prop. 5) The States of Bulgaria and Romania will be formed in Southern Hungarian Empire. (V)
Prop. 6) Chzeck Republic will be formed in Northern Hungarian Empire. (V)
Prop. 7) All Peoples must be accounted for and considered in Europe. (V)
Prop. Cool States under 250e.p.'s cannot be colonized or invaded by states with e.p.'s larger than 500. (Cool
Prop. 9) The Prices of Ports and trade route security will be raised. (Cool
Prop. 10) Sicily must remain neutral in any non-Italian based conflict. (E)
Prop. 11) All European hosted Nations must account for and consider all cultures developement. (E)
Reinzsetor Tools Co. opens under Rezevekt Copper Goods Inc.
Edo begins trading with Bejan.
Fong Dynasty opens its' Indystries for Trade.
Fong begins trading with Syria, Cherokee, and Sicily.
Ming Dynasty opens Port of Seoul.
Oglo Han Co. opens under King Poultry Inc.
Southern Yao Kingdom begins tracking citizen welfare and currency value.
Cambodian Loas hold mass sit ins at the capital.
Kingdom of Da Nang opens Port Da Nang.
Kung Minusiphun Ko founds the 2nd Viet Minh, a branch of the 1st.
Nuga begins tracking Citizens Welfare.
Odjbo Heeb ( 422 - 424 ) steps down from the Unic Opolo Agum and is succeeded by Ignu Igshe.
Nunga declares war on the Ogdta Vuj Craix.
Kjio Kunjilo founds the Paupas Peace Party in Kingdom of Baanjaria to Unite Empire of Puapa and Kingdom of Baanjaria.
Port Zolu closes.
Tuarug begin trading with Kelmar.
Juva and Panema trades go Dark Red with Tuarug.
Syria begins trading with Butipovlad, Edo, and The Valiant.
Gardlevech Montoi founds the U.C.T. Guard for Untied Chechnian Tribes.
Elam begins trading with Bejan.
Elam enters massive debt and Cherokee Nation joins Afghanistan in its' military effort against Elam.
Afghanistan begins trading with Syria.
Burasani Jimbamono founds the Island Trulu Guard for Madakaa.
Releigh Fjhoudrita signs the Treaty of Amsterdam.
Royal Persian Navy increases power from 1 to 5.
KIngdom of Sodali closes Port Magadu.
KwaZulu Natal opens Port Ozzerbungia.
Beja Warriors increases their strength from level 5 to level 8.
Johanie Elexie founds the 2nd Nordic Army for Nordica. Felix Gournervi is appointed control of the Nordic Military.
South Africans hold sits across Beja and Fulani.
Beja begins trading with Shogun.
Empress Africa III of Afkerkons for Progression and Protection and the Kelmar Unions' Afkerkan Territories Lord Arvidicccio Herrims I bind ties tighter between the two Unions by overthrowing King Higibutu Matal ( 404 - Sep. 21st, 424. ) and KwaZulu Natal. The two rename the state the New African Republic and Herrims assumes control.
New African Republic joins the Afkerkons for Progression and Protection Union.
Ras Phar establishes a branch of the South African Republican Army in Kivu Peoples territory.
Fulani begins trading with Edo.
Fulani begins trading citizen Welfare.
Danyiel Ipikski founds the Osturkelen Milutare Opoles in Ostersund to Unionize Ostersund into the Kelmar Union.
Soldali unionizes into Somaliland.
Timothy Ardresnze founds the Republican Army of Varge to establish a Vargian state seperate from the Parisian Empire.
Paka-Kamar begins trading with Cherokee.
King Estexi II ( 422 - 425 ) of Papian Empire dies and is succeeded by his son, King Estexi III.
Sunni Raa begins trading with Paka-Kamar.
Rauka Pharmacin Inc. opens in Kingdom of Raja producing Medicinal Medication.
First Sunni-Karmarian War ( April 28th, 424 ) begins as Paka-Kamar begins an invasion to remove the Sunni State, Implement Pakastani Law in India, and move india into Westernization.
Hazaari Gold Inc. opens in Assyria producing Gold.
Cherokee begins trading with Syria.
Chief Falling Eagle founds the First Western Guard for Dakota Empire.
Inuk Redfox succeeds Iruo Oiju ( 422 - 424 ) of the Navi Raiders.
Vennisee Guardians icrease their reach from 9 to 14 territories.
1st Royal Army. ( Italian Aquataine ) increases their strength from 6 to 7 after the Bombing of Port Italia.
Panema begins trading with Apache.
Ceasar Iglizzio, of Rome, founds the Castrona Unity Reformation Party in Papian Kingdom in goals to unioze Papia into Rome. It's numbers reach 2,000,000 Roman supporters with 500,000 Panemanian supporters by 425.
Vertiga Cemerizo founds the Banikia Seaforas for Empira Castrona docked in nearby Port Dallas.
Panemanian War of Independence ( June 30th, 421 -June 30th, 424 ) ends in Roman victory. Rome Annxes Panema and Aquataine.
South American Tribal System is installed in Empire of Andia. Voxa family wins the first election.
Defence Minister Yargro Reilms is appointed coomander of the 1st Irish National Defence Legion of Ireland.
Bennedict Rogerson founds the Welchs' Royal Army in Wales to establish a new Welch Kingdom.
Rome abolishes Panemanian Trade and Government.
King Jason Macckey I ( July 24th, 421 - Oct. 22nd, 425 ) resigns from representing Scotland in the ATLANTIS trade union. Prince William Macckey succeeds him.
Northern Russian Empire of Nordica removs itself from the Valhurian Nations.
Vladmir Tenin I ( 410 - 425 ) dies and is succeeded in the European Nations Union by Alexicai Jures.
Kingdom of Russia permantly settles in Eastern Russia.
Kingdom of Norway closes Port Norwegian.
Two additions to Prop. 1 are proposed.
Prop. 12) Serbian region of Kosovo must be ceded to Croatia. (V)
Prop. 13) Western Oslo is to be ceded from Kelmar Union to Kingdom of Norway. (Cool
People for Chechnian Union in Bealaruse increases their strength from 4 to 8.
Hugeines Hydrydux succeeds Malikai Venur ( Oct. 15th, 417 - Nov. 23rd, 425 ) in the Norse Revolutionary Army of Arctica of Arctica.
Jardagon party successes the Vanrinch party of Kingdom of Norway in their General Election.
King Lathaniel Mudune V ( Jun. 18th, 424 - Mar. 27th, 425 ) unionizes the Kingdom of Arctica into the Norse Republic as part of the Treaty of Amsterdam.
Jaiysuwn Beaols is appointed commander of the Norse Navy.
Erik Julikoigo I ( Apr. 26th, 425 - ) founds the United Kingdom of Finns and Swedes from the Finnish controlled territory of Swedan.
Nubia awknowlages Cario as a nation and the Nubian military relocates to the southern Nile.
Colonized Eastern russia becomes incorporated into Kingdom of Russia.
: 3 Iretire Party ( 180,000 )
Head of Party : Issak Morgin ( Nov. 23rd, 425 - )
4 United Reformation Party ( 20,000 )
Head of Party : Semore Uphrane ( Nov. 23rd, 425 - )
Governor : Issak Morgin ( Nov. 23rd, 425 - )
Representent : Roland Morchech ( Ire ) ( Nov. 23rd, 425 - )
Congress : Heageth Ortchti ( U.R.P. ) ( Nov. 23rd, 425 - )
Frutli Oriks opens under Dagermunin Froots Inc. of Hungary.
Dun Veryus Coal Inc. opens in The Valiant producing Coal.
Issak Valhurez III founds the Ukrainian Liberation Bridge in Tzardom of Ukraine to Install a Valhurian Government in Ukraine.
Kelmar Union issues first census report :
Religion : Norse ( 30% ) Christianity ( 50% ) Judaism ( 10% ) Paganism ( 10% )
Language : German ( 29% ) Norse ( 14% ) Finnish ( 30% ) Polish ( 12% ) Estonian ( 5% ) Lithuanian (5% ) Latvian ( 5% )
Major Ethnic Groups : German ( 20% ) Finnish ( 30% ) Polish ( 15% ) Prussian ( 15% ) Estonian ( 10% ) Swedish ( 10% )
Average IQ : 100.
Kelmar Union ports go down 25E.P.s.
Commander Bolbe Fyraid succeeds Commander Alun Joster ( July 17th, 412 - Aug. 1st, 425 ) as the Commander of the 100th Ostrobothnian Tan Army.
Cheiftess Arol Iniguous founds the Inuit Raiders.
Empress Pocanota founds the Blackfoot Defenders for the Grand Empire of Ottawa.
Kelmar Union begins trading with Fong Dynasty.
Kelmar Union settles its' Latvian colony in Venisee territory claimed by Talla-Conoans - casusing outrage.
Ostrobothnia opens its' borders for Trade.
Lich 2nd Army increases strength from level 4 to level 10.
Almarozzi Poultry Inc. opens in Sicily producing Poultry.
Bochern Issac Vanrinch V succeeds Hans Adolphus Brourk I ( Apr. 9th, 417 - Jan. 25th, 425 ) as King of Lichtenstein.
Swiss Empire adopts New Economics.
Emporer Murtea I ( 415 - 425 ), of teh Empie of Northern Mountains, dies and is succeeded by his son, Emporer Demaxxises II.
Holland begins trading with Syria and Fong.
Empire of Tallah-Caranoa becomes Empire of Cubana-Canoa.
Legron' Olp'Xco Inc. opens in Parisian Empire producing Arsenic.
Patrick McRains Privitizes Barnwells Meats Co. in Scotland, turning it into the first Private Corporation.
Republic of Ireland open its' industries for trade.
Morgan Cattle Inc. opens in Wales producing Cattle.
Southern Circassian Coal Inc. opens in Circassia producing Coal.
2nd Circassian Horde increases strength from 5 to 8.
Trechlavech Okkervar opens Port Oloksi in Circassia.
Grand Kingdom of Kahzahkastan closes Port Astana.
Chelsea Jorgron ( 417 - 425 ) of Northern Chechnia dies and is succeeded by King Igor I of Echron.
Butipovlad Dynasties' Alrago Eneeigrivich founds the 1st Butipovlad Royal Navy ported in Port of Mar, Construct of Edo.
Butipovlad Dynasties begin trading with Syria.
Koori Mantala Kuju installs Koori Tribal System.
Construct of Edo loses its' Tatar population.
Geisha Warriors Dance Inc. opens Ishai Studio #3.
Vanjari Warriors change their name to Vanjarian Guard.
Shogun begins trading with Bejan Nation.
Construct of Edo begins trading with Syria and Fulani.
Mushi Eij founds the Royal Guard of Edo.
Sengbadasa Empire adopts New Economics.
Hogashuveruinta becaomes the Owner of Ventruira Ale Works Inc.
King Poultry Inc. closes Oglo Han Co..
Pao Jun Fu becomes the owner of Lu King Nessesities Inc.
Fong begins trading with Juva, Apache, and Pyreneeseians.
Himeleyan Conflict begins as the Xinging Empire attacks the Southern Yao Kingdom.
Kingdom of Cambodia opens Port Shzau Tsiu.
2nd Viet Mihn increase strength from 3 to 7.
Paupas Peace Party begins to claim territory. They occupy a Hamlet in Western Baanjaria.
Unic Opolo Agum begins claiming Uuni teritory for Croatia.
Agoru Taba founds the Uuni Warriors for Uuni Dynasty.
Nubian Empire adopts New Economics and New Economics 2.
State of Tobogo begins to tracks its' nations ethnics.
15) Religion : Vooddoo ( 67% ) Traditional ( 17% ) Islam ( 16% )
16) Language : Lybian ( 5% ) Tobogan ( 20% ) Spanish ( 33% ) Other ( 15% ) Taurag ( 27% )
17) Major Ethnic Groups : Tobogan ( 50% ) Taurag ( 37% ) European ( 13% )
18) Average IQ : 55
Seven Taurag Kingdoms enters Massive Debt.
Syria and Afghanistan adopt New Economics 3.
Syria begins to trade with Afghanistan, Cherokee, Holland, Fong, Paka-Kamar, Shogun, and Elam.
' The Summer War ' ( May 12th - Novermber 9th, 425 ) Battle of the Second Instantian War leaves over 2,000,000 dead and 900,000 wounded as Azerbanji, Cherokee, and Pakastani forces join Afghanistan as hordes of Elamic volunteer attack.
Afghani Peoples' Coalition falls apart.
Abahkar Abu Abdeen, son of Abu-Jamar Abdeen, founds the 2nd Republican Army of Azerbanjistan.
Kwazeali Boar Inc. closes.
Bejan Nation adopts New Economics #4.
Kingdom of Magudishu changes its name to Tribal Kingdom of Magudishu.
1st Western Guard of the Western Fulani Nation increases reach from 10 to 15 Territories.
South African Republic Army claims a strip of land including a Village in Western Kivu Kingdom connecting them to Western Fulani Nation.
Pol Munusapin, Commander of the Cambodian Nationalist Peoples, take Manoshupola Bouti, ( 420 - 426 ) of the Band of Lao Tribes, hostage until Caboraianisticts is replaced by Burmese-Cambodian Monarchy System.
Paka-Kamar begins trading with Fong.
Sunni Raa adopts New Economics #4.
Religion : Hindi ( 80% ) Buddist ( 20% )
Language : Hindu ( 42% ) Ho ( 58% )
Major Ethnic Groups : Hindu ( 68% ) Bengal ( 5% ) Kashmiri ( 17% ) Nepoli ( 10% )
Average IQ : 83
Kingdom of Raja constructs and opens Port Raj.
First Sunni-Karmarian War ( April 28th, 424 - September 21st, 425) ends with Sunni Victory.
First Western Guard increase strength from 2 to 8.
United Inko Warriors increase their strength from 3 to 8.
Empira Castrona adopts New Economics #5.
Paroara Doxix Inc. opens in Empire of Andia producing Hemp.
Juva Kannacoa adopts new Economics #4.
15) Religion - Traditional (22%) Christianity (44%) Char (34%)
16) Language - Spanish (1%) Panemanian (32%) Venisian (1%) Peruvian (27%) Other (7%) Columbian (32%)
17) Major Ethnic Groups - Columbian (32%) Venezeulian (1%) Panemanian (15%) Amazonian (28%) Peruvian (24%)
18) Average IQ : 66
Empire of Andia opens its' industries for international trade.
Army of Montu Ricu increases its' strength from 5 to 11.
Vertiga Cemerizo founds the Banikia Dudaro Seaforas for Empira Castrona.
Priesthood of Fire opens its' industries for international trade.
Empire of Cone adopts Economics #4.
Prince Elugula founds the Argrogathan Warriors for the Argragotha Tribes.
Ishamal Herioza succeeds Kiljipalo Zazaritez ( 408 - 424 ) as commander of the Great River Keepers.
Gaurdians of the South become Great Forrest Keepers.
Avazarrian forces crush the remaining Bozcoan loyalist in the Keep of the South.
Brazillian War ( 421 - 245 ) ends in Monatheian Victory.

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