Basic History ( 400-415 )

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Basic History ( 400-415 )  Empty Basic History ( 400-415 )

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Welsh discover Petroleum as a Resource; O'Shira Latern Fluids opens as worlds first Industry.
Welsh integrate New Politics.
Ireland Opens Port O'Brian.
Holy Kingdom of Italy opens Port Francis I.
South West Slavanians found City of Tiaga.
Pixin Family takes control of South West Slavania from the Jurota family after it's general election and re-elects King Martin Marzezzo Renghouta to the thrown.
City of Rome is founded.
King Benedict of Paparia, King of Holy Kingdom of Italy is over-thrown by King Francis I and establishes the Holy Papal State of Italy.
Danish Discover Lead in South Swedish shores, Danish Lead Inc. opens.
Burgenland is declared a Metropolis.
King Saint Leopold, Lord of Northern Slavania dies and Totas Moanrchy is replaced in power by Vishwet Clansmen who elect Saint Mikel Vishia I to the thrown.
Hungarians discover Oil lakes in Central Austria, Jungaraar Oil Inc. Opens.
Cyprians begin to Colonize North Africa, a land called Nubia. Tensions are high between Natives and Settlers.
Norwegians discover Timber as an export. Hourra Woods Inc. Opens.
Nordic Russians open Port Portna.
Modorvians, a Sibirian people, create a monarchy.
Far Eastern Arctic people convert to new Economics.
The Western Chechnian tribes discover Timber as an Export. Echan Timber Industries opens.
Second War of the Golden Sun ends in Hiroshimaian victory.
Johta Korea adopts New Economics.
Order of the Skies, in Tibet, introduces Tibetian Holy System and Eastern Monks assume control and re-elect Dali Hun Jun.
Kingdom of Da-Nang adopts New Economics.
Gong Houa Tai Vin introduces Caboraianisticts and Ishua Kingdom takes control of the State. They re-Elect Venishka Hariua Tai to the Thrown.
Zhao Feng Wo ( 200 - 400 ) of Zhuang Nation of Ho Chi Min is over thrown by Wu Jon Lu who establsihes the Pai Wo Hoi Chan.
Republic of United Islanders president Pupu Bubarma ( 200 - 401 ) dies and leaves power to Paro the Liberator ( 401 - )
First towns appear in Islamic Republic of Kassala.
Eritiea War ( 290 - 401 ) ends in Somalian victory of the Ethiapians. Somalians capture Northern Sector of Ethiopian Kingdom.
Sharu Osoli Maram ( 290 - 401 ) of Empire of Somailiand dies, leaving power to Sharia Ra Taku ( 401 - )
Kingdom of Sud establishes Sudanese Monarchy and elects Hurru Family to the thrown.
State of Tobogo establishes Tribal System of West Africa.
Emporer Michael Yazazar Huseein ( 290 - 401 ) of Empire of Assyria is overthrown by Emporer Mukel Ishemezzal Gein I.
Empire of Assyria becomes Second Assayrian Empire.
Empora Instania developes Natural Gas as a resource on the Southern shore of terh South Aral Sea.
Aral Gasses Inc. Opens.
Madakaa opens Port Mugudishu.
King Emarxi Castroni I revolts against Nation of Wide River and leads the Panamanians to create the Panamanian Kingdom.
Americonia Series ( 280 - 401 ) ends in Juvan defeat by the Temple of Northern Mountains and Comunial Veenisi.
River Conflict ( 280 - 401) ends in Southern Waters Victory over Amazonia.
Preisthood of Fire and Empire of Southern Waters adopts New Economics.
Tagalui Weapons Inc. opens in Empire of Southern Waters.
Django Reindhart ( 390 - 402 ) is removed from office after the Fghougstra dynasty wins the Norse elections after a tie with Xunjorgen. Margon III takes the thrown.
New Kingdom of Norway breaches a 1,000 economy.
H.O.H. of the Aegeans Markrahad of Turska ( 390 - 402 ) dies and is replaced with Yogoski Markrahad I.
Kingdom of Burgenland discovers Hydropower ( Eastern Austria ) and opens Bratalisva Energy Inc.
Empress Yolanda Herinthopy ( 388 - 402 ) of Kingdom of Carpathia is killed by Eastern Slavic Rebels. Emporer Muary Herinthopy ( 402 - ) takes the thrown.
Lithuania Under Danish Rule begins Colonizing Greenland.
Grand dutchy of Latvia declares war on Lithuania.
War of Danish Dominance begins.
Hans Adolphus Brourk I of Holstein & Macklenburg leads teh Holstien and Litchin parties in a revolution establishing the Republic of Licthenstein.
Pyreneesians discover Arsenic as a resource and Pairiee Applications Inc. opens.
Samus II, King of Aquataine ( 392 - 402 ) dies. Aquataine is put under the control of a unisom Government from all parties.
Fisher party wins the election in English Peoples' Union and er-elects Prince Gerald I to the thrown.
Giggins party wins the Scottish general election and re-elects King Jason Macckey I to the thrown.
The Rice party in Kingdom of Scotland leads a partition to take the Scot-Irish Parliment and unionize it with the Irish Peoples' Union.
Mordorvia adopts new economics.
War of Kazakah ( 240 - 402 ) ends in Kahzahkastani vitory over Komizahka.
Northern Circassia unionizes with Circassia.
Ryokai annexes Kyoto thus endng the Battles for Kyoto ( 280 - 402 )
Second Kyoto War begins of Construct of Edo forces invade Ryokian occupied Kyoto.
Hiroshima Ainu develope Shogun Order of the Syndicate. Erohmoa Dynasty assumes control of the Government.
Empire of Yao Xin Wei becomes Empire of Yao.
Thai Opaloa Maylaya, a central state from Thai Opaloa Singapora, lead by Lola Bombarioa III ( 402 - ) declares independence.
Philipino Empire adopts New Economics.
Banjar Umerutu opens Port Banatar.
Obbogo War begins as Zealuli forces push to invade Koori territoty.
Zulu Natal establishes Kwzuluan Democratics. Pimboi party assumes Control of the Nation.
Kashmir adopts New Economics.
Kingdom of Redihasha opens Port Vishnu.
Orange Sea Empire surrenders to Dakota Empire. Dakota Empire cedes Several territories.
North Eastern Eskimo Tribes re-unionize with UNited Inko Tribes.
Dakota Empires' Falling Rok ( 290 - 402 ) dies. Title is left to Empress Shining Doe.
Empire of Castrona surrenders to Republic of Texarcana ending the Second-Texi-Mexi War ( 290 - 402 ).
Texans reclaim all territories lost during First Mexi-Texi War.
Aztecai Age War ( 270 - 402 ) ends in Mayen Victory. No territory changes.
Ricanoa Empire merges into Tallahassee Kingdom and together they become the Empire of Tallah-Caranoa.
Pacastacci War ( 270 - 402 ) ends in Argrogathan Victory over the Priesthood of Fire. The Tribes secure several southern regions of the Preisthood.
Picuan War ( 270 - 402 ) ends in Sarruas Victory over Montu Pica. No territorial changes.
Argrothian Tribes establish Argen Monarchy system and Danjargun dynasty takes control.
Saruass Establsihes Montunian Parlia System and elects Terra Party to the thrown.
Franklin Petrovik ( Kingdom of Russia ) Composes and signs the Treaty of Berlin and Submits it to Germany, Austria, Luxumburg, Denmark, Holstein and Macklenburg, Holland, Swiss, Ukraine, Hungary, Lichtenstein, and Ostersund. The Treaty of Berlin contains a comprise to re-organize German Europe.
Scadzrevik party is voted out of control in teh General election of Republican Monarchy of Bealaruse. Vanrinch party is voted into power.
Fracanio Sczreck Vanrinch I ( 393 - ) is voted back into Office by Vanrinch Party.
Kingdom of Holland signs Treaty of Berlin. Treaty deadline in set for 406.
Tzardom of Ukraine Adopts New Economics.
Grand Dutchy of Eastern Slavania opens Herin Coal Company after discovering huge ammounts of Coal.
Vishwet Clansmen win the General election of Republic of Northern Slavania again and re-elect Saint Mikel Vishia I ( 400 - ).
Hungarian Royals deny to allow Hungary to invade Burgenland.
Triskin party is voted in during the General election of Kingdom of Burgenaldn, replacing the Valhourean Party.
Triskin party replaces Queen Triska of Vole ( 341 - 404 ) with King Gjork Triska I.
Carpathia rejects Eastern Slavanias request to war with Croatia.
Croation Federation becomes Croat Empire after Mikoli Valrua overthrows the Government and boots out Reubin Valcarich II ( 396 - 404 ) and abolishes the Proto-Austrio-Slavanian Croat Political System.
Russians hold another Summit proposing the Treaty of Berlin. Denmark Signs.
Lithuania rebels from Danish Rule and establishes Lithuanian Free System.
Free Luxon Kingdom establishes Political Social system.
Valhourea Party takes control of Lithuania Under Danish Rule. They overthrow Prince Michael Von Hench I ( 395 - 404 ) and elect King Ragi Orkorsk I to the Thrown of Lithuania.
Russia holds Third Summit for Treaty of Berlin. Germany, Austria, and Macklenburg sign the treaty.
Rome begins to sale Arable Land. Land of Rome opens as the first Italian industry.
Dremaxis party replaces Popis party after the Roman General Election. Dremaxis party re-elects King Constantine I of Rome.
Kingdom of the Alps declares war on the Republic of South West Slavania.
Dalmation War begins.
The parties of Caren and Caines of Republican Monarchy of Aquataine tie in the general election. They comprimise and take joint roles leading the nation and re-elect Samus II, King of Aquataine to the chair.
Scotland completes it's colonization of Iceland.
United Chechnian Tribes construct and open Porkorski Art Chamber - The worlds first Art Gallery.
United Chechnian Tribes adopt new economics.
Butipovlad Dynasties establish Kamkatchka Tribal System. Kathya party wins the election and elect Erders Merohsa ( 300 - ).
Dali Ujen Chengfong ( 140 - 404 ) of the Order of the Earth dies and is replaced by Dali Jun Seba.
First Maylasian War ( 280 - 404 ) ends in Thai Victory over Vai Cho kingdom. Thailanders assume control of all of Western Vai Cho.
Vai Cho Kingdom plunges into national Debt.
Thai Opaloa Maylayas' Lola Bombarioa ( 402 - 404 ) dies of disease and is secceeded by Farri Houst-Kipo.
Kingdom of Da Nang establishes Da Nang Tribal Monarchy. Vitcknust party is voted into power and re-elects Da Nang Felicias Viet Pom.
Construct of Edo developes Cocoa as an Resource. Kishoman Cocoa opens as first Japanese Industry.
Philipino Empire joins with the United Island Republic in the Maylay conquest of Sumatra / Second Vanjar War ( 250 - ).
Koori Mantala Kuju, and the K.N.W.K.L adopts new Economics.
King Quazi Luli ( 250 - 404 ) of Zaeluli Coastal Nation dies in battle and is replaced by King Vuzela Koji.
Madakaa loses Port Mugudishu.
Bejan nation adopts new Economics.
Kivu People adopt Kwzuluan Democratics.
Pompai Nutal discovers veins of Graphite on their Coast, Muazzle Steel Inc. opens as Africas' first Industry.
Zulu Natal becomes Kwazulu Natal.
United Republic of Sudder becomes Southern Kingdom of Sud.
Pinchu party wins the Kivuan nation election and re-elcts Chief Tanganyika.
Russia holds Fourth Summit for the Treaty of Berlin. Hungary and Lichtenstein sign.
Kingdom of Sunni Raa opens Mujumdar Vinician Inc. as the first Indian Industry, specializing in Deer meat and products.
Apache Coutnry adopts new Economics.
Empress Tickawonnas ( 290 - 404 ) of Empire of Long Island dies, and is replaced by Empress Pocanota.
Empira Castrona adopts new Economics.
Ricoan Nation of Paam develops and adopts Coastan Monarchy System.
Kilijipola Dynasty wins the first general election of Ricoan nation of Paam and re-elects Queen Hirra Sunfora.
Panamanian Kingdom becomes Empire of Panema after King Emarxi Castroni I ( 401 - 404 ) is over-thrown by Emile I.
Jopelo & Mundara Dynasties refuse to allow the Kilijipola dynasty from waring with Empire of Panema.
Russia holds Fifth Summit for the Treaty of Berlin. The Swiss and Ukraine sign.
Comunial Veenisi becomes United Venniswee.
Russia holds Sixth Summit for Treaty of Berlin.
Russia holds Seventh Summit for Treaty of Berlin. Luxumburg Signs.
The Norse adopt New Economics.
The Norse begin to plant and sell vast numbers of various types of Vegatable. Kumarska Vegatables Inc. opens.
Finnish Keep becomes United Finnish Kingdoms.
Fracanio Sczreck Vanrinch I ( 393 - ) leads the Scadzrevik party in eliminating the Von hench, Boble, and Chzejuwa parties from the Republican Monarchy of Bealaruses' Government. They Establish Eastern European Totaltarian Politics.
In turn of the events, Franklin Petrovik Creates a new European Union.
The United European Nations Union is created by the Kingdom of Russia.
Franklin Petrovik gives the Russian Union seat to Mikel Pextrokav I.
New Kingdom of Norway establishes Norwegian Democratics.
Vanrinch party wins the first general election of New Kingdom of Norway and re-elect Jordyn Veirghra.
Hungarian Empire and the Tzardom of Ukraine both join the United European Nations Union.
Yokrovich II of Keiv gives the Ukrainian Union Seat to Vladmir Gustof.
Hans Yuno III appoints Pashdun Akilte IV to the Hungarian seat.
Russia holds Eigth Summit for Treaty of Berlin.
Russia holds Ninth Summit for the Treaty of Berlin.
Russia holds Tenth Summit for Treaty of Berlin.
Under certain altercations in the Treaty of Berlin, Ostersund signs and the reorganization of German Europe begins.
Hostein and Macklenburg, after ceding their French and Norwegian territories, are awarded with the entire German Shores of Germany and Poland. Ostersund, given permission from Empire of the Danes, annexes the Norwegian held territories from the Northern Danes, Danes also withdrawl all Estonians from German Europe. Litchensteins return home. Occupied lands South of Valhura go to Ukranians, North of Valhura go to Russians. Third German Empire stretches around the South of Free Luxun Kingdom. Dutch take Holsteins' French possesions. Danes annex all Hostien possesions in Norway. Hungarians take south Valhuran Posessions from the Ukrainians and give Ukrainians Eastern Hungary.
Free nation of Italian North Africa opens Port Maro.
Dalmation War ( January 18th, 404 - June 29th, 405 ) ends in Alpain Loss. No Territorial changes.
Italians in North Africa invade to annex Sicily.
Sicillian War begins.
King Fredrick Vu Negoli ( 392 - Dec. 4th, 405 ) of Italian North Africa dies, power left to King Victorili Fretila Negoli.
Kingdom of Holland adopts Geman Democractics.
LaAmore Party wins the first General Election of KIngdom of Holland. They replace Lamar Deroux ( 391 - 405 ) with King Jorduon LaAmore.
Town of Astana is founded by Kahzahkastan by their newly Constructed Port Astana.
Construct of Mar builds Port Okerlin.
Kahzahkastan becomes Grand Kingdom of Kahzahkastan.
Japanese Town of Geao is founded by Shogun Kingdom.
Empire of Yao adopts New Economics.
Ji-Li-Paes' Party in Kingdom of Da-Nangs' referendum for a new form of Government fails to pass majority vote.
Chammi War ( 290 - 405 ) ends in Lao victory over Lai-Cho Kingdom. Lao Tribes annex all Vai-Cho territories.
Great Thai War begins as Thai Opaloa Singapora inades its' breakoff nation of Thai Opaloa Maylaya.
Paro the Liberator ( 401 - 405 ) of the Republic of United Islanders dies, Juniyuo Lassa takes charge of the nation.
Koori Nation Without Kuju Laws' Toom Uuni ( 280 - 405 ) dies, thrown is left to Fjujy Uunnio.
Great African War ( 270 - 405 ) ends in Tobogan victory over Berbans. Tobogo annexes most Central Territories of Afferka.
Islamic Republic of Kassala establishes Shariah Monarchy system. Shariah Dynasty assumes control and re-elect Sharu Osoli Maram.
Libite peoples, lead by Dusha Jumobo, revolt from State of Tobogo and form the United Libite Republics.
Queen Bethla Patha ( 270 - 405 ) of teh Pesian Republic dies and is replaced by Zahkoriah Humme.
Abu-Jamar Abdeen over throws Jarmeean Hechka Viche ( 270 - 405 ) of the Empirial Republic of Azerbanjistan and forms the Republican Monarchy of Azerbanjistan, modled after Bealaruse and Aqautaine.
King Otawa II of the United Fulani Tribes is overthrown in the west by King Assiwa Jumo I who forms the Western Fulani Nation.
Krishna Meats Inc. opens in Kingdom of Sunni Raa. Marks the first recorded instance of more than a single Company in a Nation.
Kina Musandar ( 200 - 405 ) is overthrown by Raga Hindi X ( Krishna ) and Empire of Musandar becomes Kingdom of Krissia.
Wallaputan Nation constructs and opens the Theater of the Spirits and adopt New Economics.
San Diago implement Cree Tribal Monarchy System, Adopt New Economics, and open Junawani Music Hall. Wolf Dynasty assumes Control of the Nation.
San Diago Dynasties refuse the Eagle Dynasties request for War after Swaying the Serpent and Kija dynasties.
San Diago Dynasties re-elect Chieftess Red Deer.
Azteccan Kingdom becomes Kingdom of Azza.
Peoples' of Braza Lisa Monathethia adopt new Economics.
Empire of Southern Waters begins to track Life Expectancy and Job Market, Cost of Living, and Average Income.
Juvan Gold Inc opens in Juva Kannacoa after Gold is discovered.
Juva Kannacoa adopts New Economics.
Kingdom of Sarruas becomes Kingdom of Southern Mountain.
Henreich Fjhoudrita leads the Kingdom of Northern Ostrobothnia into The United European Nations Union.
Emperor Charles Sinclaire of Poland leads the Third German Empire into The United European Nations Union.
King Jason Macckey I leads Kingdom of the Scots into The United European Nations Union.
Pashdun Akilte IV is elected President of the United European Natiosn Union.
Norse becoem the first nation to develope two resources when they uncover Rare Earth Elements in Northern Kumakumahrakahad. Norse Minerals Inc. Opens.
Norwegians begin to Colonize Greenland, displacing the local Uniut population.
Gralopolis Dairys Inc. opens after the Greeks become known for their Dairy Products from Merchants.
Republic of Litchenstein adopts New Economics.
Holstein & Macklenburg replace Proto-Danish Empirial System with German Democratics.
Macklen Party is voted into Power and vote Anne of Macklenburg ( 351 - 406 ) out and move Brenda of macklenburg into Power.
Free nation of Italian North Africa adopts new Economics.
Romans Deny the Julias' Partys' request to Aide Sicily in their War against the Africans.
The dalmations and Aplians declare war on each otehr at the same time.
Beginning of the Second Dalmation War.
Caravanian Grand Duchy of Madrid becomes Caravanian Madrid.
Pyren Cannon Works Inc. opens in Pyrenesse after Antimoy traces are found.
Kingdom of Hispania begins to Colonize South America, becoming the first Trans-Atlantic Vouyage.
Catchian Okkervar Consrtucts and Opens Port Okarstrov.
Fu-Wun Coa Inc. opens in Jhoto Korea after Cocoa is commercialized in South Korea.
Empress Shou Ming ( 290 - 406 ) of the Fu Dynasty dies, leaves thrown to Empress Shou Ming IV.
Wu Jon Lu ( 400 - 406 ) of Pai Wo Hoi Chan dies and the thrown is taken by Feng Ha Jing.
Lola Bombarioa II ( 280 - 406 ) of Thai Opaloa Singapora is replaced as Chief of Staff and put into position as Commander of the Army by Venishka Hariua Tai ( 406 - ) after Thai Opaloa Singapora becomes Shan Empire of Singapore after merging with Gong Houa Tai Vin.
Shan Empire of Singapore adopts Caboraianisticts.
Kingdom of Vanjar surrenders to Republic of United Aslanders and the Philipino Empire.
Republic of United Islanders absorbs itself into the Philipino Empire.
Keawea War begins as Tiwi Peoples' invade Murri Peoples' homesteads.
Sharia Ra Taku ( 401 - 406 ) of Empire of Somaliland dies of disease, thrown is left to spouse Muhame Ra Taku.
United Libite Republics becomes Seven Tuareg Kingdoms after Dusha Jumobo ( 405 - 406 ) is overthrown by Musha Huga Jumbu.
Heriomo Azazarii IX ( 200 - 406 ) of Empora Instania dies. Thrown is left to Great Grandson Heriomo Azazarii IIX.
Republican Monarchy of Azerbanjistan devises and installs a new age military program and establish the 1st Republican Army of Azerbanjistan.
Kingdom of Krisiia establishes and installs the Grand Army of the Kingdom.
Waluputan Nation begins to track Social development.
Monitoba Conflict ( 280 - 406 ) ends in Dakota victory over the Apache. No Territorial changes made.
Mexico of Range of Texarcana developes and establishes Meximerican Kingship.
Nation of Wide River becomes Huarua Papa.
Temple of Northern Mountains opens Port Acca.
Second Picuan War ( 406 - ) begins as Kingdom of Southern Mountain invades Kingdom of Montu Pica.
Priesthood of Fire installs the Guardians of the Holy Flames as its' official military service.
Empire of Andes' King Haundra ( 240 - 406 ) dies and the thrown is placed to King Fruasue.
Temple of Northern Mountains becomes Kingdom of Northern Mountains after Hiime Petu ( 230 - 406 ) is overthrown by Demaxxises Murtea I.
Trisken Party refuses to allow the Kingdom of Burgenland to join the United European Nations.
King Martin Marzezzo Renghouta leads the The Republican Kingdom of South West Slavania into the United European Nations.
Jordyn Veirghra leads the New Kingdom of Norway into founding the Valhurian Nations Union.
King Harrold VI ( 353 - Aug 30th, 406 ) of the Kingdom of Ostersund dies.
Kingdom of Northern Ostrobothnia becomes Kingdom of Greater Ostrobothnia.
Ockstratten party wins the General Election of Kingdom of Ostersund and installs King Jarven XII to the thrown.
The Athenians H.o.H. Triston II of Athens ( 390 - 407 ) resigns and installs Deminixies to the Seat.
Republican monarch of Belaruse installs the 1st Belarusian Defenders for Gurtrie Bealbum I ( Dec 10th, 407 - ).
Hungarian Empires' popuation reaches 10 million.
Third Bosca War begins as Burgenland invades Northern Slavania.
Tomas Mikale Grigrenko ( 370 - Aug 27th, 407) of the Nation of Serbs leaves office, title is left to Prescotte Jigkopelo Grigrenko.
Lichtens found the City of Kerne.
War of Danish Dominance ( December 31st, 402 - June 1st, 407 ) ends in Latvian defeat. Latvia pays Lithuania 200 E.P.s.
Holstein & Macklenburg becomes Democratic Republic of Hamburg.
Sicilian War ( November 21st, 405 -March 3rd, 407) ends in Sicillian Victory. No territorial change.
KIngdom of the Alps creates the 1st Royal Armed Forces for Philip Tremore II.
Kingdom of Hispanias' ports plunge into debt as its' South American Colony grows.
Kingdom of Franks opens Loireel Arms Inc. and begins to manufcture Firearms and Steel weapons.
The Dutch DMZ line is erased.
Kingdom of Franks installs French Monarchy System. Victoria Party wins the first General Election and re-elects Queen Victoria II.
Second English War begins as Wales invades England.
John Rice I, Lord of Ireland ( 368 - 392 / 392 - 407 ) dies and is replaced by John Rice II.
Renghouta wins over the Pixin party in the General Election of South West Slavania and re-elect King Martin Marzezzo Renghouta.
United Chechnian Tribes installs Chechnian Tribal System and introduces Boshkeviek Inc. producing fruit as a resource.
Jonaviks and Vertigoks families of United Chechnian tribes tie in the election, and John the Divine holds the thrown.
Construct of Mar adopts New Economics.
Bashkir establishes the Bashkir Guard.
Trechlavech Okkervars' Bishuria Yunoia ( 270 - 407 ) dies and is replaced with Bakaru Yunoia.
Construct of Mar becomes Kingdom of Mar.
Mongolian War begins as Grand Kingdom of Kahzahkastan invandes Sengbadasa Empire.
Fu Dynasty opens port Taiwa.
Xinging Dynasty forms the Xing Dynasty 1st Defenders.
Tao Conflict begins as the Empire of Yao attacks Kungroviag Empire over the Valley of Peace.
Chang Dynasty opens Lu King Nessesities Inc. after Zinc is discovered.
Banjar Umerutu establishes the Banjar Raiders.
Second Kingdom of Indue Vashtinue Unionzes with Kingdom of Maylay after Songertura Kinhourta ( 280 - 407 ) dies and Pijumabura Kankura takes the thrown.
Musha Huga Jumbu ( 406 - 407 ) of the Seven Tuareg Kingdoms is over thrown by Dusha Jumobo.
Sharia War begins as Empire of Somaliland invades Islamic Republic of Kassala.
Persian Republic adopts Shariah Monarchy.
Zahkoriah Humme ( 405 - 407 ) of the Persian Republic becomes Zahkoriah Humme ( Sharia ).
United Republic of Sudder adopts new Economics.
Kingdom of Redihasha Unionizes with Kingdom of Sunni Raa.
Cherokee Nation opens Green Tree Inc. selling Potash as major fertilizer.
United INko Tribes establish the United Inko Warriors.
Walaputan Nation instals Wala Tribal System. Dogu Tribe wins the first election and re-appoints King Montruzuma.
Empire of Panema establishes Panemanian Empirial System and Bomeyi Dynasty wins the first election.
Bomeyi Dyansty re-appoints Emile I to the thrown.
Empire of Tallah-Canoa establishes Carubian Monarchy and Daggaro Dynasty wins the First election.
Daggaro Party re-appoints Ishaboba Cuba to the thrown.
Second Picuan War ( 406 - 407 ) ends in Mountu Pica victory. Pica annzexed 11 northern regions.
Bimini III ( 260 - 407 ) of the Empire of Southern Waters dies, Vazamzar IV takes the thrown and starts the Second River Conflict after attacking the KIngdom of Amazonia.
King Pica I of Kingdom of Montu Pica declares Kingdom of Southern Mountain a part of Montu Pica.
Tomas Mikale Grigrenko leads the Nation of Serbs into the United European Natons.
Lithuania Under Danish Rule is brought into the Valhurian Nations by King Ragi Orkorsk I.
New KIngdom of Norway begins tracking living conditions.
King Jarven XII ( Aug 30th, 407 - Jan 5th, 408 ) is removed from Office by the Ockstratten Party and repalced with King Byron Ockenstratter.
King Byron Ockenstratter of Ostersund attempts to persued United Finnish Kingdoms into Unionizing peacefully into Ostersund.
Second Swedish Coast Conflict begins.
After official unification proceedures are taken, Margon III transforms the Norse people into a Republic.
Northern Russian Empire of Nordicas' Gardlovich Forduya ( 378 - Feb 5th, 408 ) dies and Gardenvier Nogaski takes power.
Kingdom of Greater Ostrobothnia establishes the 408th Ostrobothnian Army lead by Juliano Fignoun.
Nation of Serbs opens Port Sanfranco.
Bulgarians in Macedonia found the City of Sofia.
Kingdom of Burgenland becomes Valhurian Empire of Burgenland.
Peoples' Empire of Valhuria adopt New Economics.
Kingdom of Northern danes opens Port Deigan.
Valhurez Party wins over the Dremaxis party in the general election of Rome.
King Constantine I of Rome ( 375 - Aug 28th, 408 ) is voted out of office and replaced with King Vermin Valhurez I.
Holy Papal State of Italy becomes Holy Empire of Italy after Fraciss II overthrows Fracis I ( 400 - 408 ).
Second Dalmation War ( February 3rd, 406 - April 1st, 408 ) ends in Aplian Victory after the Dalmations suffer a crushing defeat at the hands of the 1st Royal Armed Forces of Alpia.
Emporer George Von Itcci I ( 342 - Aug 8th, 408 ) of the Swiss Empire dies and is replaced with John Von Itcci III.
First Scottish Guard is founded by Conner Giggins.
Democratic Republic of Hamburg opens Rezevekt Copper Goods Inc. after Copper in discovered on their North Eastern shore.
Butipovlad Dynasties' Erders Merohsa ( 300 - 408 ) dies and is replaced by Endar Crimin.
Eastern Checnyan Tribes becomes Kingdom of Eastern Chechnia.
Asuier Mongoras' Cheif Yuosa Quesan ( 270 - 408 ) dies and is replaced by Chief Keifyka Hunfreta.
Hiroshima Ainu unionizes into the Shogun Kingdom under their rule.
Himelaya Conflict ( 290 - 408) ends in O.T.E. Victory. O.T.E. annexes all O.T.S. territories.
Great Thai War / Maylay War of Independence ( 405 - 408 ) ends in Singapora victory. Maylaya remains a part of Singapora.
Kungroviag Empire establishes Zao Pi Guardians for Heriathopolo.
Tai party replaces Ishua party in the new election of Thai Opaloa Singapora.
Band of Lao tribes adopt Caboraianisticts. Pang dynasty wins the election and re-elects Tu-Sa Han Mota to the thrown.
Kingdom of Da Nang establishes 1st Viet Mihn for Kung Minusiphun Ko.
Tribal Kingdom of Maylay opens Musadumor Fires Inc. creating cannons and firearms.
State of Tobogo adopts new Economics.
Kingdom of Sud establishes the Islamic Guard.
Second Assyrian Empire opesn Al-Quazarri foods Inc. producing Poultry.
Western Fulani Nation opens Fulani Wheat Inc.
Pimboi party abolishes Jumbura party and installs Kwzuluan Single Party Democratics.
Empress Benzinni Rahji revolts from Kashmir and establishes the Kingdom of Raja.
Raga Hindi X ( Krishna ) ( 405 - 408 ) resigns as Commander of Grand Army of the Kingdom and appoints Ujumbabar Poxi.
Empire of Long Island opens Port Manhata.
Empira Castrona adopts Meximerican Kingship under Emaxii Dynasty and re-elect Maro Emexica.
Juva Kannacoa opens Monjuvean Liqurolo Inc. operating in Liquores and Spirits.
Kingdom of Northern Mountains adopts New Economics.
Temple of Char becomes Kingdom of Char.
Second River Conflict ( 407 - 408 ) ends in Cone victory. Cones annex all Amazonian territories.
Fexai Heliex ( 406 - 408 ) of the Guardians of the Holy Flames resigns and passes title to Karakra Heliax.
Empire of Southern Waters establish the Great River Keepers for Kiljipalo Zazaritez.
Common Buryati Families opens Bakhuak Fuels Inc. after Petroleum is discovered.
King Martin Marzezzo Renghouta ( 407 - 409 ) resigns as representive from South West Slavania in the United European Nations Union. Antonio Viningze is appointed.
King Lathaniel Mudune II ( 339 - ) leads the Kingdom of Arctica into the Valhurian Nations Union.
United Finnish Kingdoms opens Bjorgan Colloseum.
Northern Russian Empire of Nordica opesn Port Accana.
Empire of Marmaria begins Colonizing Syria.
Kingdom of Carpathia becomes Democratic Republic of Carpathia.
Teroms party wins the Serbian general election and re-elects Prescotte Jigkopelo Grigrenko.
Vishwet Clansmen win the Slavanian general election and replace Saint Mikel Vishia I ( 400 - Mar 6th, 409 ) with King Marle Vanhagard.
Dieschwoggan Salt Inc. opens in Third German Empire after Salt is industrialized.
Waffenmark party wins the General election of Free Luxon Kingdom and re-elect Unich Vann Luffen I.
Kingdom of Northern Danes adopts Danish Dutchy System and Fredrickson Dynasty wins its general election.
Fredrickson Dynasty re-elects Prince Frederick VI.
Holy Empire of Italy begins Colonizing Norther Africa.
Queen Flora of Marra ( 386 - Sep 30th, 409 ) of the Kingdom of Corsica dies.
King Vermin Valhurez I ( Aug 28th, 408 - Sep 30th, 409 ) is voted out of office by the Roman parties and they re-appoint King Constantine I of Rome.
King Constantine I of Rome appoints King Vermin Valhurez I as official King of Corsica.
O'Conner Meats inc. opens in Scotland producing Cattle goods.
In the turning of the war, Prince Gerald I ( 345 - Aug. 4th, 409 ) commits suicide before the capture of Liverpool.
Fisher party wins the pre-mature election of England and appoints King Daniel VII o the thrown.
United Chechnian Tribes opens Pikenruppa Poultry Inc. producing Poultry.
Grand Kingdom of Kahzahkstan opens Banjarra Inc. after Manganese is discovered.
Catchian Okkervar adopts New Economics.
Ghouta house wins the general election of the Butipovlad Dynasties.
Bashkir becomes Bashkir Empire.
Order of the Earth adopts New Economics.
Tao Conflict ( 407 - 409 ) ends in Yao defeat. Cambodians annex several Yao southern regions.
Empire of Yao' Xengwai Sairu ( 402 - 409 ) is killed in battle and the thrown is passed down to Sjujen Jilkon.
Rami Jahad ( 170 - 409 ) of Kingdom of Sud dies and is succeeded by Arcabar Hajeem.
Pompai Nutal unionizes with Beja Nation.
United Inko Tribes adopts new Economics.
Dakota Empire establishes Dakotan Tribal Monarchy and Hawk tribe wins the first general election.
Hawk party re-elects Empress Shining Doe.
West Coast War ( 270 - 409 ) ends inconclusively after Dakotan surrender.
Kingdom of Azza adopts New Economics.
Conoan Coal Inc. opens in Empire of Tallah-Conoa after Coal is discovered.
Second Aztecai Age War begins as the Kingdom of Azza attacks the Lower Mayan Empire.
Juva Kannacoa opens Gojayuwea Spiritos Inc. operating in fine Spirits.
Cheif Nukarai of the Kingdom of Char establsihes the Monks of Char.
United Venniswee establishes the Vennisee Guardians under King Bonibon, Cheif of Toula.
Empire of Southern Waters becomes Empire of Cone.
Lamar Deroux is appointed by the Kingdom of Holland to represent them in the United European Nations.
United Finnish Kingdoms opens Banjunre Field.
Republican Monarchy of Bealaruse opens Port Okerlan off of the Russian coast of Kalingrad.
Republican Tzardom is installed in Northern Russian Empire of Nordica and Forduya takes command.
Kingdom of Ostersund is forced to close down Port Lulea.
Franklin (the Petrite) Petrovik ( 317 - Mar 30th, 410 ) dies and Mikel Pextrokav I takes power over Kingdom of Russia.
Vladmir Tenin I is appointed to the Russian seat in the United European Nations.
Northern Russian Empire of Nordica establishes the 2nd Nordic Army for Felix Gournervi.
Croat Empire opens Port Cyro.
Grand Dutchy of Eastern Slavania begins tracking citizin welfare.
Macedonian War begins as Macedonia seeks to liberate original Macedonian homesteads held by Hungary.
First standoff ends during the Second Swedish Coast Conflict ends in Ostersundi victory at Carq. [ Ost. 8 / Fin. 6 ].
Kingdom of Holland and Kingdom of Greater Ostrobothnia begin to protest Wales over the Second English War.
Petersbruk party of teh Kingdom of Northern Danes revolts against Fredrickson party. Pakarola party remains neutral.
Lithuanian Coast Conflict begins.
Peoples' Empire of Valhura becomes Empire of Valhurez.
KIngdom of Hispania adopts New Economics.
The Kingom of Hispania becomes Spains' Hispanic Empire of Caravanian Madrid after the remaining Caravanian peoples' revolt and overthrow the Hispanic Government and install King Rosell Vergros II of Madrid as Emporer.
Kingdom of Holland removes South Belgium as a region by merging it with North Belgium.
Kingdom of Pyrenees establishes the Golden Horde for Jaquese Danarquies.
Common Buryati Families is forced to close Bakhuak Fuels Inc. due to lack of local interest in industry.
United Chechnian Tribes' John the Divine ( 250 - 410 ) dies and is succeeded by Daxter the Ruler.
Mordorvia becomes Tribal Kingdom of Mordorvia.
Second Kyoto War ( 402 - 410 ) ends in Yamoto victory. Construct of Edo annexes all Kyotian lands.
Soki installs Japanese Clans Monarchy and Muuji Clan wins the General Election.
Muuji clan replaces Feraviro Hitsisumo ( 280 - 410 ) with Beijie Hirotota.
Fu Dynasty is forced to close Port Taiwa.
Kingdom of Da Nang houses a port for Kungroviag Empire. Port Da Nang is founded.
Dakamuta Viuneas' Gertyuo Herasffa II ( 220 - 410 ) dies and is succeeded by Gertyuo Herasffa VIII.
Maylay conquest of Sumatra / Second Vanjar War ( 250 - 410 ) ends after Empire of Puapa surrenders to Banjar Umerutu. banjar annexes southern most regions of Puapa.
Nunga Peoples' Dominion open Aborfruan Inc. after Bauxite i discovered in Tazmania.
Empire of North Afkerka opens Fruk Minerals inc. after Gypsum is discovered in North East Lybia.
State of Tobogo begins to track citizen development and opens Port Tobogo.
Seven Tuareg Kingdoms opens Pokistarra Boar Inc. in Southern Liberia.
Arcabar Hajeem ( 409 - 410 ) of the Kingdom of Sud is killed and succeeded by Jahad XII.
Sharia War ( 407 - 410 ) war ens and Kingdom of Somaliland annexes all Islamic territories.
Gotche Dynasty in Kingdom of Sud replaces Hurru Dynasty as the ruling Dynasty in the Kingdom of Sud.
Empire of the Green opens Port Mocarro.
Bejan Nation develops and installs Natalian Tribal monarchy System. Baku-Topal dynasty wins the first general election.
Empire of the Green becomes Empire of Congo.
Kingdom of Sunni Raa begins tracking its citizens development.
Orange Sea Empire becomes Navajo Country.
Empire of Long Island and Waloputan Nation merge together under Blackfeet Rule and establish the Grand Empire of Ottawa.
Range of Texarcana adopts new Economics.
Cacaroa Energy Inc. opens in EMpire of Panema after Hydropower is founded.
United Venniswee unionizes into Empire of Tallah-Canoa.
King Bonibon, Cheif of Toula decides to continue to lead the Venisee Guardians as an army of the Empire of Tallah-Canoa.
Huarua Papa becomes Papian Kingdom.
Maro Emexica ( 290 - 410) is overthrown and killed by Fidelo Ellecanxi who replaces Meximerican Kingship with Mexican Monarchy System.
Kingdom of Montu Pica declares War on Kingdom of Northern Mountains.
Solosix War begins.
Gardenvier Nogaski of Northern Russian Empire of Nordica chooses Cerb Pontoshi I to represent them in the Valhurian Nations Union.
Refronza Vladstein II chooses Atharious, Andrew Puin to represent Republican Macedonia in the Valhurian Nations Union.
Mikoli Valrua sends Alfonzo Alexis to represent the Croat Empire in the Valhurian Nations Union.
Emporer Muary Herinthopy leads the Democratic Republic of Carpathia into the UNited Europen Nations Union.
King Roscan of Dumoxa chooses Carla Sandrago to lead the Republic of Naples into the UNited European Nations Union.
King Victorili Fretila Negoli sends Toomus Nakaro II to lead the Free Nation of Italian North Africa into teh United European Nations Union.
Kingdom of Holland ends its' protest against Wales over the Second English War.
KIngdom of Russia begins Protesting the Bosca War in favor of Northern Slavania.
Third German Empire begins its' attempts to end the Second English War.
First battle during the Second Swedish Coast conflict takes place.
Second Swedish Coast Conflict ( January 30th, 408 - March 5th, 411 ) ends in Finnish victory over Ostersund.
New Kingdom of Norway becomes Kingdom of Norway.
Nigoridca Spices Inc. opens in Northern Russian Empire of Nordica producing fine spices.
Democratic Republic of Carpathia opens Gladiator Hall.
Republican Macedonia becomes Republican Monarchy of Macedonia.
Third Bosca War ( November 12th, 407 - April 19th, 411 ) ends in Burgen victory. Burgenland annexes Northern Slavania.
Lithuanian Coastal Conflict andLithuanian Disobedience to the Danish Crown leads to the Latvian invasion of Lithuania.
Beginning of the Second War for Danish Dominence.
Bardezzio Spice Inc. opens in Holy Kingdom of Italy.
Rome begins its' colonization of North Africa.
South Roman Empire of Sicily becomes Roman Kingdom of Sicily.
Facing Alpian threats of war by their supeiror military, Austria unionizes into Kingdom of the Alps.
Austria becomes a disputed territory between Third German Empire and Kingdom of the Alps.
Bikiny Materials Inc. opens in Kingdom of Holland specializing in Silica Sand.
Kingdoms of Pyreneese and Norway becomes first Nations in history to breach a $2,000,000,000.00+ economy.
McHaggons' Dairy Inc. opens in Ireland.
Circassia adopts New Economics.
Buryacthkian Empire decalres war on Common Buryati Families.
Itticakathan War begins.
Western Chechnian Tribes becomes KIngdom of Western Chechnia.
Shogun Kingdom opens Giesha Warriors Dance Inc.
Johta Korea becomes Ming Dynasty.
Xinging Dynasty installs Ging Political System and Sengzi Dynasty wins the national Election.
Tribal Kingdom of Maylay unionizes with Shan Empire of Singapore.
Abasonui Austrai opens Port Occasa.
Nubian Empire establishes the 411th Nubian Guard for Cleopatra IV.
Empire of North Afkerka establsihes the 1st Akferkan Force for Empress Lasia Bonuba.
Empire of Zimbwae adopts new Economics.
United Republic of Sudder adopts Sudanese Monarchy. Shub Dynasty wins the general election.
Bejan Nation establishes the Beja Warriors lead by their King Boumnpa Razzisaro.
San Diago opens Port Pascoa.
Inuit Union becomes Inuit Nation.
Cherokee Nation becomes Cherokee Nation of Wild Waters.
Empira Castrona begins to track citizen developement.
Argrogatha Tribes opens Port Gerioz.
King Huresa Bozcaztra revolts against King Cerizza Mantexi Cazarte of Peoples' of Braza Lisa Monathethia and creates the United South.
King Denard Gore leads the Welsh Peoples' Union into the Valhurian Nations.
Semour Axtroses is chosen to lead the Briton Union into the United European Nations.
Northern Russian Empire of Nordica opens Poxtroxxi Spices Inc..
Helsinki is promoted to a city by the United Finnish Kingdoms.
Kingdom of Russia begins to Colonize Eastern Russia.
Kingdom of Ostrobothnia establishes the 100th Ostrobothnian Tan Army for Commander Alun Jostner.
Republic of Hujindre is founded out of KIngdom of Ostrobothnia after Sunjero Pabu III leads a revolt against the installation of a military presence.
Kingdom of Russia replaces Republican Tzardom with Sovia Tzardom.
Mosjusca Family is deemed the controlling party of the Council of the Kingdom of Russia. Pextrokav family remains in royalty.
St. Petersburg is declared the Royal Capital as Moscow is deemed the Council Capital.
Carpathia demolishes Gladiator Hall and constructs the Theater of Carpathia is its' place.
Eastern Slavania opens its' industries to International Trade.
Macedonian War ( April 7th, 410 -January 18th, 412 ) ends Inconclusive. Macedonia ends its' threats and demobilizes its' militias.
Valhurian Empire of Burgenland repalces Proto-Eastern Slavic Empirial System with Slovenian Valhurian System.
Valhourea party assumes control from Triskin party after the general electon of Burgenland.
Carpathian Concern over the growing economy and radical Government of Eastern Slavania leads to the Carpathian Invasion of their Grand Dutchy of Eastern Slavania and the beginning of the Second Slavic-Carpthic War.
Valhurian Empire of Burgenland re-elects King Gjork Triska I to the thrown.
Second War of Danish Dominance ( July 29th, 411 - February 22nd, 412 ) Lithuanian Victory, Latvian Withdrawl and Lithuanian annexation of four South Latvian territories.
Prince Reginald ( 369 - Nov. 5th, 412 ) of Kingdom of Estonia is killed by disease and is succeeded by sister Angela Orkorsk.
Valhurez party wins again the General Election of Rome but is soon repealed by the other parties after the Roman Empirial Democratics is replaced by Roman monarchy Democratics and Valhurez party is ran from Rome.
Popis Party wins the new general election of Rome and Re-elect King Constantine I of Rome.
Holy Empire of Italy declares war on Empire of North Afkerka. Creating the first intercontinental war.
Beginning of the Colonial War.
Battle for Liverpool, the largest battle in history on the British Islands, ends in English Victory over Wales.
The Welsh Peoples' Union establishes the London Guard under the command of Lord Drake Cromwell.
Ireland buys the Southern Most territories of the Island of Ireland from the Spanish for full price.
Grand Kingdom of Kahzahkastan opens Komi Gold Inc..
Catchian Okkervar unionizes into Empora Istania.
Shogun Kingdom opens its' Industries to International trade.
Eastern Slavania opens Trade routes with the Construct of Edo.
Shogun Kingdom opens Soganoki Theater Inc..
Xing Dynasty 1st Defenders become the Xing Dynasty 1st Legion.
Yellow War begins as Fu Dynasty invades the Chang Dynasty.
Zao Pi Guardians become the Cambodian Warriors.
Philipino Empire openes Port Audico.
Philipino Empire installs Philipino Parlimental Monarchy System and Hannas Dynasty wins the first general election.
Hannas party re-elects Phifer Fusela to the thrown of the Philipino Empire.
Koori Mantala Kuju becomes Koori Nation.
Empire of North Afkerka opens Tikeu Minerals Inc..
Second Assyrian Empire opens Port Razza-Habeen.
East Persian Kingdom of Elam begins to raise boar and opens Hazaka Pork Inc..
Empire of Zimbwae opens Port Obogo.
Western Fulani Nation opens Sulawesi Ticarro Inc..
Bejan Nation King Boumnpa Razzisaro retires as the Nations' leader and is succeeded by King Bompoura Razzisaro.
United Fulani Tribes Unionizes with Western Fulani Nation.
Paka-Kamar Empire opens Jumbarra Pork Inc. producing fine Boar products.
Kingdom of Sunni Raa breaches a $2,000,000,000.00+ Economy.
Kingdom of Krisiia peacefully unionizes into Kingdom of Sunni Raa.
Grand Empire of Ottawa begins tracking its' citizens' Ethnics.
Empire of Tallah-Canoa opens Port Cubi.
Empire of Panema opens Beldio Leather Inc. cultivating leather from Boar.
Papian Kingdom adopts Panamanian Empirial System. Estex party wins the general election.
Second Aztecai Age War ( 409 - 412 ) ends in Azza victory over Maya. Azza annexes all Maya territories.
Estex party of the Papian Kingdom replaces King Estavei ( 410 - 412 ) with King Estexi.
Empire of Cone opens Juhikla Inc..
Solosix War ( 410 - 412 ) ends in Northern Mountain Victory. Montu Pica withdrawls all forces.
Kingdom of Char installs the Order of Char.
Lamar Deroux ( 410 - 413 ) steps down from Representing the Kingdom of Holland in the United European Nations Union and is succeeded by Jaques Dinomin.
Emporer Muary Herinthopy ( 411 - 413 ) steps down from Representing the Democratic Republic of Carpathia in the United European Nations Union and is succeeded by Carin Aurdry.
Brenda of Macklenburg leads the Democratic Republic of Hamburg into the United European Nations.
Emporer John Von Itcci III leads the Swiss Empire into the Valhurian Nations.
Mark of Westshire leads The English Peoples' Union into the Valhurian Nations.
Fghougstra party wins the general election of the Norse Republic.
408th Ostrobothnian Army becomes 408th Ostrobothnian Guard.
Kingdom of Ostrobothnia opens Bohken Silver Goods Inc. after Silver deposites are mined.
Norwegian Territories held by Swedish succeed and rejoin Norway.
Valhurian Empire of Burgenland begins to track to welfare of its' citizens.
Carpathia secures Southern most Slavanian Territory during Second Slavic War.
Lithuanian Coastal Conflict (Feburary 21st, 410 - March 10th, 413 ) ends in Petersbruk victory over the Northern Danish Authority after the Rigalous Massacar ( Dec. 8th, 413 - Dec. 27th, 413 ).
Western Lithuanian Coast, held by Northern Danes, is returned to Lithuania.
Petersbruk Party is expelled from Northern Danish Government bodies.
Emperor Charles Sinclaire of Poland ( 347 - Oct. 31st, 413 ) of the Third German Empire Dies and is succeeded by Emperor Erwin Sinclaire of New Berlin as Chancellor of Germany and the Third German Empire representor in the U.E.N.U..
Dougen Kloftstrom founds the 1st Werftstriek for the Third German Empire.
Jun Peterbruk founds the Peterbrukors for Lithuania Under Danish Rule.
Carl Poloxi founds the 6th Hamburg Armed Forces for Democratic Republic of Hamburg.
Yuani Jihnjua founds the Army of Lich for Republic of Lichtenstein.
Poxilous Dairies Inc. opens in Republic of Naples producing Dairy goods.
Kingdom of Corsica adopts Roman Moanrchy Democratics and Orando party wins the General election.
Free nation of Italian North Africa installs African Single-Body Empirial System and Merao assumes control.
Golden Horde becomes the 1st Golden Horde.
Bikiny Materials Inc. opens Dardardsi Flamoug Company.
Second English War ( February 2nd, 407 - July 8th, 413 ) ends in Welsh victory over England. Wales annexes all English Land.
The Welsh Peoples' Union installs Wales Royalty Parlament System and Higginbothom wins the General Election.
United Chechnian Tribes becomes the first non-European nation to exceed a $2,000,000,000.00+ economy.
Trechlavech Okkervar adopts new Economics and constructs Port Cahkitzar.
Grand Kingdom of Kazahkastan opesn Port Ascov.
Mongolian War ( 407 - 413 ) ends in Mongolian over Kazahkastan Victory. No Territorial Changes.
Itticathan War ( 411 - 413 ) ends in Buryacthkian Empire annexing all Common Buryati Families territory.
Mordorvins unionize into Russians.
Ming Dynasty allys with Chang Dynasty agaisnt the Fu Dynasty during the Yellow War.
Empire of Yao becomes Kingdom of Yao.
Kungroviag Empire adopts new Economics.
Jumarri Fine Pottery Inc. opens in Dakamuta Viuneas.
Niuguani Capoune founds the Philipino Guardians of Ko for the Philipino Empire.
Sun Tribe of the Tunga Peoples' Dominion installs the Nunga Tribal System and abolishes Aborfruan Inc..
Empire of North Afkerka opens its' industries to International Trade.
Empora Instania closes Port Alkamuk.
East Persian Kingdom of Elams' Chieftess Maria Coune ( 280 - 413 ) dies and is succeeded by Chieftess Sara Carazottica.
Republican Monarchy of Azerbanjistan installs Caucasian Monarchy System.
Tigris Dynasty wins the first general election of Azerbanjistan.
Burasani Jimbamono founds the Island Trulu Warriors for Madakaa.
Apache Country opens Apachic Zoo Inc. exporting exotic animals.
Choctaw nation becomes Choctaw Country.
Northwest Territory War begins as the Navajo invade the United Inko tribes.
Apache Country begins tracking Citizen development.
Empira Castrona begins to track ethnics.
Kingdom of Azza opesn Veracruz Lead Inc. in Yucatan.
Empire of Tallah-Canoa opens Tacabular Coal Inc..
Monks of Char become Guardians of Char.
Kingdom of Montu Pica opens Monticez Timber Inc..
United South opens Port Boscillez.
The Valhurian Book of Laws is Composed.
Ukraine begins to Protest against Slavania during the Second Slavic-Carpathic War.
North Africa joins attempts to convince Italy to end its' war on the Berben people.
Kingdom of Russia Adopts New Economics.
Kingdom of Norway opens Port Malikova.
408th Ostrobothnian Guard becomes the 408th Ostrobothnian National Guard.
Atristotle Gerigorius ( 390 - Dec. 9th, 414 ) is removed from representing the Greackonians in Greece and is succeeded by Apoloxi Baxdenious.
Cyprias' Nubian colony revolts from Cypria to establish the Kingdom of Cario. The Kingdom of Cario is not seen by Nubia, and so Nubia remains to hold the Military and Capital in Cario.
The Battle for the Easern Slavania Capital (Carraco) ends in a bloody battle that leaves over 30,000 Carpathians dead in defeat.
Princess Rarwanda Herinthophy ( 392 - Dec. 1st, 414 ), the Carpathian elect, is removed from the thrown of Eastern Slavania and is succeeded by Slavanian Queen Elizabeth Vectrophy.
Rome enters into the Colonial War as a non combatant party.
Renghouta party wins the general election again in South West Slavania.
Kingdom of the Alps adopts Roman Monarchy Democratics and Deagos Party wins their first general election.
Kingdom of Holland opens its' Industries to International Trade.
O'Conner Meats Inc. opens Barnwells Meats Co..
The Welsh Peoples' Union opens Cromwalles Fuels Inc..
Kingdom of the Scots general election is won by Jakobson party.
Irish Peoples' Union general election is won by Jakobson party.
Lord Drake Cromwell of Wales leaves the London Guard ( Sep. 8th, 412 - Aug. 18th, 414 ) and takes command of the Military of Wales after Commander Maxwell Cardi founds the 1st Army of Wales. Commander Allen Kingsland takes control of the London Guard.
United Chechnian Tribes closes Porkorski Art Chamber.
Circassia opens Circassian Coal Inc..
Trechlavesh Okkervar closes Port Cahkitzar.
Buryacthkian Empire installs Kamachutkan Monarchy System and Cyvera Dynasty wins the general election.
Asterickra Kamtahyuriso, Ruler of Circassia, founds the Circassian Horde.
Construct of Edo begins Trading with Kingdom of Holland.
Chang Dynasty begins tracking the Economic welfare of its' citizens.
Ghengseong Pillok ( 414 - ) rebels against the Sengbadasa Empire to form the Empire of Mongol and to start the Mongol War for Independence.
Kungroviag Empire becomes Kingdom of Cambodia.
Tu-Sa Han Mota ( 200 - 414 ) of Band of Lao Tribes dies and is succeeded by Munusipha Potiu.
Nubian Empire installs Pharohship of Nubian Egypt. Aten Dynasty is elected to the Thrown.
Empire of Somaliland adopts Sudanese Monarchy and elects Seth Dynasty to the Thrown.
The Kivu Peoples' lead an assult on Somaliland starting the First Tuni War.
Kingdom of Sodali installs Magadian Tribal Monarchy. Jinu party wins the first general election.
Kingdom of Raja installs Krishnism and Raja Dynasty wins its' general election.
Sultra Paka Bumi ( 260 - 414 ) of Paka-Kamar Empire dies and is succeeded by Sultra Suri Abdul Manahad.
Kashmir peacefully Unionizes into Kingdom of Sunni Raa.
Cherokee Nation of Wild Waters opens Grey River Inc. producing Mercury goods.
Dakota Empire opesn Manwaki Inc. producing fine weapons.
Kingdom of Azza opens Azzteccan Oils Inc. producing Petroleum.
Papian Kingdom adopts New Economics.
Ricoan Nation of Paam unionizes into Empire of Panema.
Third Mexi-Texi War ( 414 - ) begins as Texans begin an invasion into Castrona.
Monjuvean Liqurolo Inc. opens Kornicoa Spirits Co..
Empire of Andes becoems Empire of Andia.
King Huresa Bozcaztra ( 411 - 414 ) is removed from power after the United South Installs Basza Monarchy System. He is succeeded by King Vazarii Bozco.
Cheif Nukarai ( 408 - 414 ) of Kingdom of Char steps down from the thrown and is succeeded by Char ( 414 - ).
Vazamzar IV takes command of the Military of teh Empire of Cone after Vaganu Zizente founds the Guardians of the South.
Kisphia Vuno founds the Army of Montu Ricu for Kingdom of Northern Mountains.
Shea Mon Verlgo ( 414 - ) founds the Army of the Hills for Empire of Andia.
The Welsh Peoples' Union threatens to leave the Valhurian Nations until they are classified as a first class nation.
Republican monarchy of Bealaruse opens Port Karviek off of the Lithuanian coast.
Kingdom of Ostrobothnia opens Kikari Stone Inc. producing Limestone.
Vanrinch holds power after the General Election of Norway.
Norse Republic abolishes Proto-Nordic Tribal System and installs Norse Republican System.
Republican Monarchy of Bealaruse abolishes Eastern European Totaltarian Politics and adopts Norwegian Democratics.
First War of Finnish Reunion begins as the Tan Army invades Finland.
Theater of Carpathia opens marvio Dance Co.
Croat Empire begins to track its' economic situation.
Second Slavic-Carpathic War ( December 31st, 412 - March 6th, 415 ) ends in Slavanian Victory. Carpathia withdrawls all forces.
Democratic Republic of Hamburg closes Port Hamburg after 45 years of Operation.
Valhurez party wins in the national election of Lithuania.
6th Hamburg Armed Forces becomes Royal Hamburg Armed Forces.
Producing Arable Lands, Empire of Valhurez opens Valhuran Farms Inc..
Grand Dutchy of Latvia begins to Colonize Venisee in South America, held by Talla-Canoa.
Democratic Republic of Hamburg sends Lord Harrold Kramer I to establish the Grand Dutchy of Poland.
Holy Empire of Italy begins tracking it's economic situations.
Kingdom of Rome begins to Colonize Panema.
Rome joins with Italy during the Colonial War as a Combatant Party.
Kingdom of Corsica Declares War on Kingdom of the Alps until Austria is restored as a Nation.
Austrian War of Independence begins.
Republic of Naples becomes Kingdom of Naples.
South Roman Empire of Sicily adopts Roman Monarchy Democratics. Gunstroulli wins the general election.
Juan Marca of Spains' Hispanic Empire of Caravanian Madrid colony in South America founds the New World Guard.
Kingdom of Mar begins to track its' citizens ethnics.
Ming Dynasty opens Guoyangarg Cocoa Inc..
Kingdom of Yao Unionizes into Xinging Dynasty.
Empire of Paupa opens Port Ceferito.
Frasodeni Suldern founds teh Vanjari Warriors for Kingdom of Vanjar.
Kingdom of Vanjar becomes Empire of Vanjar.
Kaewea War ( 406 - 415 ) ends in Murri Victory. Tiwi withdrawls all forces.
Kingdom of Ethiopia opens Eiccama Poultry Inc..
Empire of Somaliland becomes Holy Empire of Somaliland.
Murris' adopt new Economics.
Persian Republic adopts New Economics.
Empire of Zimbabwe unionizes into Beja Kingdom.
Kingdom of Sunni Raa begins keeping records of its' Ethnical History.
Inuit Union adopts New Economics.
North West Territory War ( 413 - 415 ) ends in Navajo victory. Eskimo peoples' unionize into Navajo.
San Diago invades Navajo Country to begin the Second Northwest Territory War.
Papian Kingdom begins tracking Economics.
Panema begins tracking Economics.
Third Mexi-Texi War ( 414 - 415 ) ends in Mexican victory. Texans withdrawl all forces.
Monticez Timber Inc. opens Ithvica Co..
Shea Mon Verlgo ( 414 - 415 ) retires as Commander of the Army of the Hills and is succeeded by Topez Monveer.
Great River Keepers strength increases from level 4 to level 8.
Kingdom of Montu Pica becomes Empire of Montu Pica.
Kingdom of Northern Mountains becomes Empire of Northern Mountains.

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