Basic History ( 353-399 )

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Basic History ( 353-399 ) Empty Basic History ( 353-399 )

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    Proto-Autrio-Slavin Political System invented and adapted in Northern Slavania.
    Western Slavs begin recording European History.
    Belgian Genocide of Holland ( 352 - 354 ) Ends leaving 167,000  Hollanders dead.
    Swiss Empire Gain Control of 8 Territories of Southern Belgium.
    Reconstruction of French Peoples Begins in Aquataine.
    Arival as Charantes as a French Super-State.
    Great Spanish Flu ends in Hispania leaving 400,000 dead.
    War For Sardinia ends with Roman Victory - Rome Cedes the Islands from Hispania.
    Proto-Illyrian Empirial System devoloped in Dalmatia.
    End of the War for the Sicillian Channel - Kingdom of Sicily cedes Northern most region of Island of Sicily.
    Rome begins Invasion of Albanian Sicilly(Italy).
    Middle dark Ages in German Empire.
    Prussian Revolution begins.
    Bosca War ( 352 - 354 ) ends with Viennian Victory of Carinthia & Styria.
    Vienna Annexes Carinthia & Styria.
    Empire of Eastern Slavania declares war on Carpathio-Romania.
   Croatia adapts Proto-Slavic Political System.
   South Serbian Republics joins with Albania during War Against Albania / Bosnia joins with Allies.
   Ostersund declares war on Lulea.
   Estonia devolpe Proto-Baltic Monarchy system.
   Estonia leaves the Post Nordic/Petrian Union of Russia.
  End of Swiss War for Belgium ( 351-355 ) - Swiss Empire annexes Kingdom of Belgium.
  Great Spanish Flu ends in Roma ( 351 - 355 ) leaving 240,000 dead and in  Albania ( 353 - 355 ) killing another 240,000.
  Great Spanish Flu ends in Sicily ( 351 - 355  ) leaving 342,000 dead; Spanish Flu stops spreading.
  Prussian Revolution ( 354 - 355 ) ends. Republican Kingdom established in Prussia.
  Empire of Danes developes Proto-Danish Empirial System.
  The Slavic-Carpthic War ( 354 - 355 ) ends in Slavic(Victory)/Carpthian Treaty.
  Second War for Thrace ends ( 353 - 355 ) with Greek Victory. Kingdom of Western Greece annexes Eastern Attica and Dorias.
  War for Oslo ( 345 - 355 ) ends inconclusively.
  Third German Empire, Empire of Danes, & Holstine & Macklenburg establish buffer zone between Oslo & Norway.
  First Swede War ( 354 - 355 ) ends in Lulea Victory. Lulea annexed four central Swedish regions.
  Second Swede War Begins.
  Karelia adopts Proto-Baltic Monarchy System.
  Moscow Oblast leaves Post Nordic/Petrian Union of Russia.
Empire of Aquataine attacks Rome during the war agaisnt Albania. Swiss Empire invades in Albanias' favor.
German Dark Ages ends.
Germany Introduces Bohemian Banking system into their Economy.
South Serbian Republics reunionizes with Serbia.
Burgenland adopts Proto-Slavic Political System.
Start of Greek War for Aegea & Cyprus.
Red Revolution ( 348 - 356 ) Ends with Petrian Victory over Moscow and Estonia.
Empire of Saint Peter and Moscow  annex all Moscow and Estonian territory.
Karelian-Finnish War ( 351 - 356 ) Ends. Kingdom of Karelia cedes North and Central Finland.
Norway collaspes. Norwegian territories are open to colonization.
Third Swede War breaks out when Kingdom of Ostersund attacks Kingdom of Northern Swedes.
 Great Spanish Flu outbreak ( 348 - 357 ) ends in Aquataine leaving 480,000 dead.
 Empire of Dalmatia replaces Proto-Illyrian Empirial System ( 354 - 357 ) with Proto-Illyrian Democratics.
 German Empire attacks Kingdom of Vienna, sparking Austrian Revolution and the German/Balkan war of 357.
 Kingdom of Vienna adopts Austrians as Viennian Austrians.
 Aquataine assults Central/Eastern Rome, gets forced back by Swiss.
 Aquataine surrenders to Romans and Swiss.
 Swiss Annex a ring around the coastal most region of Aquataine.
 Albania surrenders to Rome.
 Rome cedes regions of Albanian occupied Sicillian Italy.
 Albania surrenders to Serbs; Serbs annex Albanian Kosovo regions.
 Romanio-Hungarian Empire delcares war on Kingdom of New Chzeckoslavokia.
 Republican Macedonia declares war on Republic of Bosnia.
 Arctica develops Proto-Norse Monarchy System.
 Finnish Exodus begins. Danish enforce military action against Finnish Refugees.
 War for Central France Begins with Normandy's forces ready to invade France.  
 War for Holstine begins with Hollands sea fleet constructed.
 Prussia invades German controlled Poland to re-instate it as a territory - bvegin of War for Poland.
 Empire of the Danes invades previously Estonian held territorys by the seas now held by Pets. Begin of War for Estonian Seas.
 Third German Empire annexes Oslo and Telemark.
 Holstein & Macklenburg annexes Previous Norwegian land.
 Rome blocks Swiss forces from entering Albania proper.
 Macedonia blocks Marmarian forces from entering Albania Proper.
 Serb and Bosnik tension increases as Bosnia hols on to Serbian territories secured during War against Albania and as Serbia                                                                  Blocks Bosnian forces from entertaing Albania Proper.
 Albania Surrenders to Marmaria. Marmaria annexes all previously Southern Albanian territories.
 Romanio-Hungarian Empire develop Hungarian Empirial Democratic system.
 Kingdom of Arctica jojns with Pets to fight back Danish forces.
 Kingdom of Northern Swedes develop Proto-Sami Political System.
 Republican Macedonia leaves Central Powers Union.
 Second War for Briton begins when Welch forces attampt to liberate Welch territories held by the Scots.
 Rome annexes Castillian Region of Hispania.
 Kingdom of Vienna Adopts Proto-Austrio-Slavanian Political System.
 Republic of Bosnia adopts Proto-Illyrian Democratics.
 Albanian surviving forces fight back Bosnians in Post-Southern Albanian territories.
 Empire of Marmaria develops Proto-Hellec Empirial System.
 Third Swede War ( 356 - 359 ) Ends with Ostersund Victory.
 Second Swede War ( 355 - 359 ) ends in Sweda Victory after Collaspe of Kingdom of Northern Swedes.
 Second Nordic War begins as the Norse prepare to invade the Nordic Empire.
 Kingdom of Karelia becomes Karelian Russia.
 Kingdom of Scots develop Proto-Gaelic Monarchy System.
 War for Central France ( 358 - 360 ) ends with Norman Victory over Franks.
 Kingdom of Normandy Annexes all French Territories.
 Aquatainians fight to liberate Roman-Aquatain Territories occupied by the Swiss.  
 First Aquatainian War for Liberation begins.
 Austrian War for Independence / German war on Vienna ( 357 - 360 ) ends with German Victory.
 Austria becomes disputed region under German rule and Viennian influence. Germany loses southern most regions to   Viennians. Austria survives as a satalite state to Germany.
 Empire of Eastern Slavania developes Proto-Eastern Slavic Empirial System.
 Serbia declares war on Bosnia over Serbian territories being held by Bosnia even after War Against Albania.
 Second Serbio-Bosnik War begins.
 Carpathio-Romania becomes Carpathia.
 Empire of Eastern Slavania becomes Empire of Huns, Slavs, Slovs & Austrians.
 Greek War for Aegea & Cyprus ( 356 - 360 ) ends in Greek Victory.
 Greeks annex Southern Cyprus, Attica, and Aegean Coast.
 Swiss Empire devolopes Proto-Swiss Empirial System.
 War for Holstine ( 358 - 361) ends in Macklen victory over Holland.
 Holland forced to re-buy all territories back from Holstine & Macklenburg.
 Hispania forces invade Roman Castillia to re-establish Hispanic rule.
 War for Castillia begins.
 Holstein & Macklenburg adopts Proto-Danish Empirial System.
 Kingdom of Arctica withdrawls forces from Empire of Saint Peter & Moscow, thus leaving War of Eastonian Seas.
 Austrian forces ( back by Germany ) invade Kingdom of Vienna for control of Vienna.
 Austrio-Viennian War for Control begins.
 Nation of Serbs develope Proto-Illyrian Democratic Nationalism.
 Albanian Lordship adopts Proto-Illyrian Democratic Nationalism.
Macedonian War for Bosnia ( 357 - 361 )  ends with Macedonian Victory.
Macedonia annexes Aosta Valley from Bosnia.
Albanian Lordship Unionizes with Kingdom of Rome.
Albania abandons Proto-Illyrian Democratic Nationalism.
Fourth Swede War ( 361 - ) begins when Ostersundi forces invade Lulea.
Bohemian Banking Reich abandons Proto-German Communistics.
Bohemian banking Reich developes and adopts Bohemian Economical Political System.
War for Estonian Seas ( 358 - 362 ) ends in Petrian victory.
Danish withdrawle all forces from Eastonia.
Vienna surrenders to Austria & Germany. Austria annexes all Vienna regions.
Austrio-Viennian war for Control ( 361 - 362) ends with German Victory.
Bohemian Banking Reich developes and Adapts Bohemian Economical Plan.
Berlin, Capital of Third German Empire, becomes first Town/City declared by German People.
Huns abandon Hungarian Empirial Democratic system.
Serbian-Albanian Kosovo War ( 352  ) / War Against Albania ( 352 - 362 ) ends in Allied Victory.
Serbia annexes Northern Kosovo Region. Marmaria annexes Southern Albania. Swiss annex three ring regions around  Aquataine. Rome Liberates and Annexes Sicillian Italy from Northern Albania. Bosnia annexes Eastern Northern Albanian   Territories. Albania unionizes into Rome. South Serbs unionize into Serbia. Aquataine reduced to a 'scrap nation'. Bosnia's    Economy collosped.
Second Serbio-Bosnik War ( 360 - 362 ) in Serbian Victory.
Serbia annexes all Bosnian Regions east of Aosta Valley.
Greek Cyprus revolts to form Kingdom of Cypress.
Finnish Invasion of Exodus ( 357 - 362 ) ends in Finnish victory.  
Finnish gain control of Aaland and Latland.
 French reconstruction ends in Kingdom of Normandy. Possible Start of French dark ages.  
 Kingdom of Sicily invades Republic of Sicily to regain island of Sicily.
 Second Sicillian War begins.
 Empire of Danes abolish Proto-Danish Empirial System within their own Boarders including Latvia.
 Austrians Develope and Adopt Proto-German Empirial System.
 Republican Macedonia Develope and Adopt South Balken Republican System.
 Nation of Serbs develope and Adopt Proto-Illryian Economic System.
 War for Chzeckoslavokia ( 357 - 363 ) ends in Hun Victory. Huns Annex all Chzeck territories.
 Kingdom of Cyprus developes and adopts Cyprian Kingship.
 The Norse develope adopt Proto-Nordic Tribal System.
 Empire of Saint Peter & Moscow becomes Republican Russia.
 Second Nordic War ( 359 - 363 ) ends in Nordic Victory.
 Nordic Empire annexes Several Northern and Coastal Norse regions.
 Bohemian Banking reich abandons Bohemian Economic Political System with Bohemian Unitarian System.
 Michael Gore ( Wales ) Dies, passes on Thrown to his son, James Gore.
 First Aquatainian War for Liberation ( 360 - 364 ) ends in  Swiss Victory.
 Aquataine remains a single territory nation, Swiss puts cap of 25,000 of Aquataines Military and caps their E.P.'s at 100.
 Briton invades Pryeneese to expand the Unions power in the Frence Landmass.
 War for Briton Expanion begins.
 Roman Protective Kingdom of Sicily becomes Kingdom of Sicily.
 Emporer Cecil Engrohpti ( 334 - 364 ) is released of duty and Mario Vinis Toph takes his place as Commander of the United Empire of Dalmatia.
 War for Poland ( 358 - 364 ) ends in German Favor. Wars turns around on Prussians, Germany annexes all Prussian Territories.
 Kingdom of Burgenland Abandons Proto-Austrio Slavanian Politcal System and Adopts Proto-Eastern Slavic Empirial System.
 Tzardom of Ukraine Developes and Adopts Ukrainian Tzardom System.
 Great Burgen War begins as Kingdom of Burgenland prepares to invade Kingdom of Western Slavania.
 Empire of Marmaria develops and Adopts Proto Marman Economic System.
 Empirial Kingdom of Sweda collapses due to Bankruptcy.
 All Sweda territories are freed of political claim.
 Karelian Russia becomes Nordic Russian Republic of Karelia.
 Chandler Von Hench III ( 339 - 364 ) ends his reign over Republican Monarchy of Bealaruse. Chandler Von Hench IV takes his place.
   Second War for Briton ( 359 - 365 ) ends in Scottish Victory. War turns on the Welch.
   All Welch territories are annexed by Scotland.
   Kingdom of Charentes developes and adopts French Constitutional Monarchy.
   Empire of the Danes Developes and Adopts Danish Economics.
  Empire of Marmaria Abandons Proto-Hellec Empirial System; Devolps and Adopts Aegean Empiralist System.
   Republican Monarchy of Bealaruse Develops and adopts Proto-Eastern European Constitional Politics.
   Fourth Swede War ( 361 - 365 ) ends in Ostersund victory.
   Kingdom of Ostersund annexes all Lulaian terrtories.
   London Region established under Scottish Political law.
  War for Castillia ( 361 - 366 ) ends in  Hispanic Victory. Hispania liberates Castillia, the islands, and annexes Port territory of Sardinia.
  Mario Leon I ( 349 - 366 ) dies in battle, leaving his son, Mario Leon II, to rule the Republic of Sicily.
  Valhurez Revolution Begins as Grishiam Valhurez leads a Tzarist uprising against Bohemians loyal to Robunstein.
  Kingdom of Burgenland develops and adtops Slavic Economical Policy.
  Nation of Serbs replaces Proto-Illryian Economic System with Illyrian Economics.
  Henriechan Fretilli ( 338 - 366  ) dies and leaves his position to Hans Yuno III.
  Republican Macedonia becomes Macadonian Empire.
 Macadonia invades Carpathian Nation in an attempt to expand it's Empire northward.
 Macadonian War for Carpathia begins.
 King Trumon Visk I ( 355 - ) gets re-elected for a second term over Republic of Northern Slavania.
 Queen Marma II, Empress of Aegea ( 280- 366)  of Marmarian Empire dies.
 King Ramahad I, Emporer of Aegea assumes control of Marmarian Empire.
 New Kingdom of Norway is established by Nords living under Arctican Rule.
 Republican Russia becomes Kingdom of Russia after a political revolution.
 Petriski Groushti ( 364 - ) is re-elected as King of Nordic Russian Republic of Karelia.
 Karelian Grand Duchy of Russia leaves Post Nordic/Petrian Union of Russia.
 Queen Veronica Gore  replaces King James Gore ( 365-367 ) as King of the Welsh.
 War for Briton Expanion ( 364 - 367 ) ends in Pryeneese victory.
 Briton' assult fails, Pryeneese maintains all territories, Briton pays Pryeneese 4 E.P.'s.
 Second Sicillan War ( 363 -367 ) ends in Kings Victory.
 Republic of Sicily surenders, Island of Sicily is annexed by Kingdom of Sicily.
 55,000 Valhurian Slovokian Tzarist protesters are killed in during a protest in Bratislava.
 Bohemian Banking Reich & Empire of Marmaria suffer worse economic stock loss at the time in history.
 Capathia becomes Kingdom of Carpathia.
 Sandrago Talskle ( 348 - 367 ) is voted out of office by Rusio Pakitz. Pakitznots take control of Croatia.
 Great Burgen War ( 364 - 367 ) ends in Northern Slavanian Victory. Burgenland withdrawls all forces and pays Northern Slavania 10 E.P.'s ( $10,000,000.00 ) in reperation.
 Macadonian War for Carpathia ( 366 - 367 ) ends in Carpathian Victory. Carpathia annexes town and city in Northern most Territory of Macadonian Empire, establishes militarized zone around border of Territory.
 Empire of Marmaria loses Silver as a trade stock.
Marmarian War for Aegea and Cyprus ( 367 - ) begins as King Ramahad I leads forces in Northern Aegeas & Cyprus, breaking the long time alliance.
 Due to progress made in unification, Petriski Groushti ( 364 - ) is granted ten more years as king of Nordic Russian Republic of Karelia.
 Population of Europe is counted to be over 100,000,000.
 Post Nordic/Petrian Union of Russia is abandoned.
 Empire of Marmaria and Romanio-Hungarian Empire both leave the Central Powers.
 Kingdom of Scots replaces Proto-Gaelic Monarchy System with Scottish Parlimentary System.
 The Irish are given stateship by the Scottish under the new Parliment system.
 The Highland and Lowland Irish unionized to form the Irish Peoples Union.
 John Rice I is crowned Lord of the Irish Parliment.
 King Rouben Jakobson ( 346 - 368 ) is voted out of Scottish Parliment and is succeeded by Jason Macckey I  as King of Kingdom of the Scots.
 King Frazzi Gunruli ( 364 - 368  ) dies and is succeeded by King  Mar Gunstroulli.
 King  Mar Gunstroulli leads Sicily into Leonia and Hispanic Africa to expand it's economical Empire.
 Sicillian War for Lenonia and Hispanic Africa begins.
 Valhurez Revolution ( 366 - 368 ) ends in Bohemian victory.
 Grishiam Valhurez dies. Bohemians arrest and execute remaining Tzarist.
 Empire of Danes loses Salt as a stock.
 Carmicheal Robunstine I (  352 -  ) gets re-elected as Lord of the Bohemian Banking Reich.
 King Ramahad I of Empire of Marmaria leads assult into Northern Otta.
 Empire of Marmaria shows signs of stablizing its economy.
 Kingdom of Northern Ostrobothnia develops and Adopts Finnish Democratics.
 Kingdom of Hispania rejoins Central Powers.
 Nordic Russian Republic of Karelia joins Central powers.
 King Denard Gore replaces Queen Veronica Gore ( 367 - 369 ) as King of the Welsh.
  Town of Paris is founded by Normans.
  Kingdom of Pryeneese leads a war agaisnt the Swiss Empire to destroy Swiss Economical Empirilism in Central Europe.
 Emporer Mario Vinis Toph ( 364 - 369 ) is voted out of office in United Empire of Dalmatia and is succeeded by Emporer Rigel Dea Pixin I.
 Empire of Danes recontructs itself. Gives Estonia, Lithuania, and Northern Danes own kingdoms.
 Kingdom of Lithuania ( Empire of the Danes )  is established by Princess Victoria.
 Kingdom of Estonia( Empire of the Danes )  is established by Prince Reginald.
 Kingdom of Northern Danes( Empire of the Danes )  is established by Prince Frederick VI.
 Kingdom of Carpathia Develops and adopts Carpathio-Hungarian Slavic Economics.
 Romanio-Hungarian Empire develops and Adopts Hungarian Impirial System.
 Grigrenko politicians assume control of Nation of Serbs after the 369 election.
 Sanfranco Teroms ( 335 - ) is re-elcted as Lord of Serbs by Grigrenko Politicians.
 King Grogon of Turka ( 360 - 369 ) of  Empire of Aegea & Cyprus dies in battle, Queen Handra of Otta takes his position.
 Nordic Russian Republic of Karelia merges into Kingdom of Russia.
 Gordan Fjhoudrita ( 348 - 369  ) of  Kingdom of Ostrobothnia retires, leaving the title to his sister Releigh Fjhoudrita.
 Kingdom of Scots begins colonizing north islands.
 Kingdom of Charentes, Swiss Empire, Republican Macedonia give finiacial Aide to Kingdom of Holland.
 Kingdom of Charentes founds first French City of Carrel.
Republic of Croatia & Romanio-Hungarian Empire side with Pryreneese and declare war on Swiss Empire. Republican Macedonia sides with the Swiss.
 Holstein & Macklenburg open up Europes first trade port ( Port Hamburg ).
 Bohemien Banking Reich adbandons Bohemian Unitarian System & Bohemian Banking Plan.
 Valhurites assume control of Bohemian Banking Reich.
 Princess Victoria ( 369 - 370 ) is removed from power of Kingdom of Lithuania and is replaced by Princess Gretchen I.
Austrians enforce a police state within Bohemia to ensure Valhurian Take over succeeds. War For Bohemia begins.
Styra is established and declared as the first Metropolis in Europe in Republic of Northern Slavania.
Sanfranco Teroms ( 335 - 370 ) dies and is replaced by Tomas Mikale Grigrenko as Lord of the Nation of Serbs.
Republic of Croatia becomes Croation Federation.
Kingdom of Western Greece becomes Kingdom of Greece.
Kingdom of Greece developes and adopts Greek Trade Economics.
Governor, Lewis I of Varge ( 344 - 371 ) of  the Republic of Varge dies, title is passed down to Governor, Clarence of Varge.
Kingdom of Charentes joins on the Swiss side of the First War Against te Swiss.
War For Bohemia ( 370 - 371 ) ends in Austrian/Valhurian Victory.
Robuntine surrender power to Valhurians. People's Empire of Valhura is Established.
Bohemian Banking Reich becomes People's Empire of Valhura.
Empire of the Danes allowes Kingdom of Estonia to join in the War against the Swiss on the Allied Side.
Third German Empire develops and adopts German Empirialist System.
People's Empire of Valhura lose Gold as a Stock.
Allies in First War against the Swiss lead an assult against the Vahurian States to prevent a Dictorship economical takeover of Europe.
First War Against the Swiss. ( 369 - 371 ) becomes Second European War.
Third German Empire joins on Swiss side in Second European War.
Takarian Monarchish of Northern Slavania ends it's runnings as a Political Party.
Paparian Kingship takes office in Republic of Northern Slavania and replaces King Trumon Visk I ( 355 - 371 ) with King Saint Leopold, Lord of Northern Slavania.
 Empire of Huns, Slavs, Slovs & Austrians joins on Swiss side during Second European War.
 Tzardom of Ukraine joins on Allied side during Second European War.
 Kingdom of Carpathia invades Empire of Huns, Slavs, Slovs & Austrians to re-unite Eastern Slavs.
 War of Carpathian Vengence begins.
  Empire of Huns, Slavs, Slovs & Austrians adopts Carpathio-Hungarian Slavic Economics.
  Marmarian War for Aegea and Cyprus ( 367 - 371 ) ends in Marmarian victory.
  Empire of Marmaria annex all Otta territories.
  Empire of Marmaria abandons Proto Marman Economic System and adopts Greek Trade Economics.
  King Cyrus I of Cyprus overthrows King Darious of Cyprus ( 362 - 371 )  and assumes control of Kingdom of Cyprus
  Kingdom of Russia joins on allied side in First European War.
  Nordic Empire becomes Republican Empire of Nordica.
  Tzardom of Ukraine leaves Central Powers.
  Chandler Von Hench III, backed by Tzardom of Ukraine, form the Allied Nations with Kingdom of Pryeneese, Croation Federation, Kingdom of Estonia, and Kingdom of Russia.
  The English and Welsh declare indpendence from Kingdom of the. Scots respond by enforcing military action to maintain control. British Wars for Independence begins.
   Empire of Aquataine adopts French Constitutional Monarchy.
   Second War for Aquatainian Independence begins.                          
   Caren, a political party in The Empire of Aquataine re-Elects Samus, King of Aquataine the to thrown.
   The United Empire of Dalmatia joins with Allied nations during Second European War.                
   Third German Empire develops and adopts German Economics.
   People's Empire of Valhuria develops and adopts Valhurial Communistic Democratics.
   People's Empire of Valhuria adopts German Economics.
   Empire of the Danes joins Allied Nations during Second European War.
   Serbs seeks advantage in waring with Empire of Macedonia to claim Macedonia region.
   Third Serbio-Macedonian War begins.
   Kingdom of Ostersund opens up Port Lulea.
   Kingdom of Northern Ostrobothnia replaces Finnish Democratics with Ostrobothnian Democratics.
   New Kingdom of Norway joins with Central Powers during Second European War.
   The Finnish Keep invades Estonia during their fighting with Germany during Second European War.
   War for Estonia begins.
   Welch and English forces fail to liberate any territories from Kingdom of the Scots.
   Kingdom of the Scots joins with the Central Powers during Second European War.
   New Kingdom of Norway attacks Kingdom of Ostersund in an attempt to reach Port Lulea.
   Kingdom of Ostersund is forced to join the Allied Nation in the Second European War.
   Aquataine fails to Liberate any territories from the Swiss Empire. Swiss Empire claims Coasta De La Roma as their own.
   Kingdom of Sicily claims itself as a nuetral state during Second European War.
   Kingdom of Rome joins Central Powers during Second European War.
   Germany abandons German Empirial System and develops and adopts German Unitarian System.
   Following the change in Politics and disagreeing with the Sinclaire family's takeover, the Luxons revolt from Germany.
   Kingdom of Northern Danes joins with the Allied Nations during Second European War.
   Nation of Serbs declars itself Neutral during Second European War.
   Kingdom of Cyprus opens Port Cryius.
   Kingdom of Rome joins Central Powers.
   New Kingdom of Norwar surrenders to Kingdom of Northern Danes & Kingdom of OStersund in Second Europen War.
   Second War for Aquatainian Independence ( 372 - 374 ) ends in Aquatainian Victory.
   Aquataine liberates and secures Swiss occupied regions in Italy.
   Sicillian War for Lenonia and Hispanic Africa ( 368 - 374 ) ends.
   Sicily and Hispania retain original regions. Sicily pays Hispanis $20,000,000.00 in reperation.
   Prince Michael Von Hench I  repalces Princess Gretchen I ( 370 - 374) as Prince of Lithuania.
   Empire of the Danes Develope and Adopt Danish Dutchy System.
   Republic of Northern Slavania adopts Slavic Economic Policy.
   Kingdom of Burgenland claims neutrality during Second European War.
   Kingdom of Burgenland declares war on Republic of Northern Slavania.
   Second Bosca War begins.
   Kingdom of Carpathia joins Allied Nations during Second European War.
   Kingdom of Greece claims neutrality during Second European War.
   Kingdom of Cyprus becomes Kingdom of Cypria.
   Norse join with Central Powers during Second European War.
   Kingdom of Russia developes and adopts Republican Tzardom.
   Republican Empire of Nordica claims neutrality during Second European War.
   Karelian Grand Duchy of Russia joins with Allied Nations during Second European War.
   English and Welsh forces gain more ground against the Scots.
   Republic of Normandy claims neutrality during Second European War.
   Kingdom of Hispania sides with Allied Nations during Second European War.
   King Rosell of Madrid ( 349 - 375  ) of Grand Duchy of Madrid dies, power is left to Queen Veronica Juansorez.
   Prince Julius II ( 352 - 375 ) dies in battle with Dalmatia, crown is left to his brother King Constantine I of Rome.
   Holstein & Macklenburg sides with Allied Nations during Second European War.
   War of Carpathian Vengence ( 371 - 375 ) ends with Both nations taking sides in Second European War.
   Vladstein party in Macedonian Empire emerges and takes title of ruling party from Alexis party.
   Alfronzo Alaxis ( 366 - 375 ) is removed from power in Macedonian Empire by Refronza Vladstein II.
   Kingdom of Cypria sides with Central Powers during Second European War.
   Central Powers Trade Value increases from 11(EPS) to 14(EPS).
   New Kingdom of Norway ( 376 - ) (+5 ) joins Central Powers.
   Central Powers Trade Value increases from 14(EPS) to 19(EPS).
     English forces secure a large portion of England from the Scottish. Welsh forces are wiped out from London area.
     Scots and English begin to discuss terms of peace.
     Pryenesse is fully occupied by the Swiss and Charentes.
     War for Estonia ( 372 - 376 ) ends after intervention from Northern Danes occupy Aaland Island.
     Finnish forces withdrawl from Estonia.
     Port DeRosa is opened by Hispania on Big Island.
     The Kingdom of Holland sides with Allied Nations after the Swiss Empire declare war on them.
      Emperor Rigel Dea Pixin I ( 369 - 376 ) is killed by Roman forces.
      Two years after the next election in Dalmatia was to take place. King Charles Jurota I takes power in Dalmatia.
      The United Empire of Dalmatia becomes The Republican Kingdom of South West Slavania.
      Kingdom of Northern Danes open up Port Reagus.
      Kingdom of Lithuania sides with Central Powers during Second European War.
      Queen Heretta Groudans ( 348 - 376 ) of Empire of the Danes dies, King Francis Groudans I takes her place.
      Serbians are convinced to settle for Kosovo region and Two post Serbian Rebpuics held by Rome.  
      Third Serbio-Macedonian War ( 372 - 376 ) ends on Macedonian terms in Serbian Favor.
      New Kingdom of Norway opens Port Oslin.
      Three years past election time, Xunjogen Dynasty replaces Xarvais dynasty as Fourth Dynasty in line of the Norse.
       Xunjogen dynasty re-appoints Djarndo Fghougstra as Lord of the Norse.
      British Wars for Independence ( 372 - 377 ) ends in Rebel victory.
      The English and Welsh nations are restored.
      The English adopt Scottish Parlimentary System.
      Kingdom of Sicily retracts its call for Nuetrality during Second European War.
      Kingdom of Holland buys back all territories annexed by the Lichs, cutting them off from fighting the Swiss.
      The Second European War hits 1.2 million casualties.
      After suffering high casualties, Kingdom of Burgenland and Republic of Northern Slavania establish DMZ.
      Totas Monarchy reclaims control of Republican of Northern Slavania from Paparian Kingship.
      Totas Monarchy re-elect King Saint Leopold, Lord of Northern Slavania for a second term.
      Minka Party of Republican Monarchy of Bealaruse wins the election over Von Hench Party.
      Minka Party re-elects Chandler Von hench IV as president of Republican Monarchy of Bealaruse.
     Geralda Party takes control in English Peoples Union and re-elect Prince Gerald I
     Irish Peoples Union fail to begin a revolution.
     Hispanic Forces clear Scottish forces from Hispnia, begins to invade Ireland and Charentes.
     Hispania occupies Southern Coast of Charentes.
     Swiss Empire occupies Pryeneese territories.
     Luxon forces invade North Midwest Swiss Empire.
     Huns, Macedonians, Carpathians and Eastern Slavs begin peace talks.
     Free German Land continues to deminish as the coalition gains steady ground.
     Second European War hits 1.5 million casualties.
     Kingdom of Rome Constructs and opens Port of Rome.
     Roman Republic of Naples fails to revolt against Roman Rule.
     Viennian-Austria sides with Central Powers during Second European War.
     Kingdom of Latvia becomes Grand Duchy of Latvia.
     Northern Slavanian forces cross the DMZ to invade Burgenland.
     Burgen forces hold most of DMZ.
     Macadonian Empire becomes Kingdom of Macedonia.
     Marmaria & Greece invade Kingdom of Cypria to gain control Port of Cyrius
     Invasion of Cyprus begins.
     Gralics revolt from Marmaria and, with unionizing with Albanians, reform the Kingdom of Albania where Southern Albania once was.
    Republican Empire of Nordica becomes Northern Russian Empire of Nordica.
    English Peoples Union replaces Scottish Parlimentary System with English Parlimentary System.
    The English found the town of Liverpool.
    Welsh forces invade Scotland to liberate Sussex.
    War for Sussex begins.
    Dutch and North German Invasion of Swiss Empire begins.
    Russians Secure Berlin.
   Macedonians and Hungarians set a new border and peace talks continue to progress.
   Austrian invasion of Hungary fails.
   Danish invasion of North Germany begins as they secure Norwegian German Territories.
   Grand Duchy of Latvia constructs and opens Port of Rigatulious.
   P.E.V.'s Economy continues to rise.
   Kingdom of Burgenland adbandons Slavic Economic Policy and adopts German Econimcs.
   Kingdom of Burgenland repels Slavanian assult, maintains control of DMZ.
   Nation of Serbs loses Clay as a trade stock.
   Grigrenko Party of Nation of Serbs wins the 379 Election and re-elects Tomas Mikale Grigrenko as Lord of Serbs.
   Marmaria and Greece begin their minor invasive war against Cypria.
   Second Finnish Invasion of Estonia begins.
   Scottish forces defeat Welsh forces defending the channel to Normandy.  
   Hispania constructs Port Secosta Du Hispania for Pryeneese on the condition it be gifted to Hispania after Second European War.
   Hungary & Madedonia agree on a ceasefire in an attempt to end military action against one another.
   First signs of Second European War's ending begin to show.
   Hungary & Hispania join Croatia and Western Slavania in their fight against Rome.
   Scottish, Swiss and German forces fail to make any progress in liberating their teirritories held by Allied Nations.
   Second European War reaches Two Million ( 2,000,000 ) casualties.
   Kingdom of Sicily becomes South Roman Empire of Sicily.
   Second Bosca War ( September 25th, 374 - March 21st, 380  ) ends in Bugernland victory.
   DMZ between Northern Slavania and Burgenland is abolished in Burgen Favor.
   Finnish Invasion of Estonia begins.
   Kingdom of Hispania leaves Central Powers Union.
   Central Powers Union Trade Value drops from 19 to 16.
   Dark Ages begin
   Welsh Peoples Union developes and Adopts Brittish Economics.
   Welsh Peoples Union secure their second Territory in Sussex.
   The Briton Union declares war on Charentes.
   Briton War against Charentes begins.
   Queen Victoria I ( 346 - 381 ) of  Republic of Normandy dies, leaving the thrown to her Daughter Queen Victoria II.
   Allied Nations begin invading Swiss Empire and Kingdom of Rome. Lithuania and Germany on brink of Collasp.
   Swiss Empire invades North West Hispania capturing their Port. Swiss also occupy all Pryreesian territory.
   Kingdom of Rome Develops and Adopts Roman Monarchy System.
   Scottish, Charenten, and Dalmation elections are put on hold due to War.
   Viennian Austria becomes Republic of Austria.
   Chancellor Arnold Furstruh I leads Free Germany in a revolt against the Third German Empire.
   German Confederation is founded.
   Republic of Northern Slavania and Croation Federation both Adopt German Economics.
   Kingdom of Northern Ostrobothnia opens Port Alun.
   First row of Cities begin to apear on the coast of Ostrobothnia.
   Djarndo Fghougstra ( 337 - 381 ) of the Norse dies after a Karelian Raid.
   Title of Lord of the Norse is passed down to Jranse Fghougstra.
   Kingdom of Hispania joins Allied Nations Union.
   Allied Nations trade value increases from 13 to 19.
   Wales adopts Clay, Spices and Iron as Stocks.
   Wales and Scotland come to standstil during war.
   Second European War surpasses 2.5 Million casualties.
   Second Phase of the invasion of Swiss Empire by Hols, Danes and Hispanics begins.
   Second Phase of Invasion of Kingdom of Rome by Huns, Dalms, and Croats begins.
   German Uprising forces secure several territories and begin operating out of Oslo and Lichtinstein.
   British forces occupy most of Charentes.
   Third German Empire surrenders to Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Danes, Luxons, and Ostersund.
   Kingdom of Lithuania surrenders to Russia and Northern Danes.
   German Confederation declares war on Republic of Austria in order to end Austrian Involvement in S.E.W. and to also devide to region into military districts to restore Vienna as a city state.
   Paparian Kingship wins the General Elction in Republic of Northern Slavania and re-elects King Saint Leopold, Lord of Northern Slavania.
  Marmaria surrenders to Cypria and halts its invasion.
  Third German Empire is forced to pay $500,000,000.00 in Reperations to the Allied Nations.
  Reperations are sent to Holland, Romanio-Hungary, and South West Slavania - Extra funds are put into A.N. Reserve.
     Welsh forces lose control of a territory in Sussex.
      Karelian Grand Duchy of Russia surrenders to Norse after sever losses on both sides.
      Northern Lake Karia Region becomes disputed territory between Norse and Russians.
      Second European War surpasses 3 million Casualties.
      Central Croation Regions are secured by Austria after a failed Ukrainian Liberation effort.
      As the Hispanic, Danish, Mecklen, Dutch, and Pryeesian forces advance, Swiss Empires Borders shrink.
      As the Huns, Dalms, Croats, and Hispanic forces advance, Kingdom of Rome' Borders shrink.
      A failed invasion of the Shore Region of Karelia, the Norse retreat and are ramped by Russians and Ostersundis.
      Tempers remind calm in Macedonia and Eastern Slavania. Scots are given most of Ireland back from Hispania.
     Queen Veronica Juansorez ( 375 - 383 )  of Grand Duchy of Madrid and  King Rosell Vergros II ( 383 - ) takes power.
     Kingdom of Rome constructs and opens Port of Naples.
     Luxons receive $100,000,000.00 from Allied Nations reserve.
     Political Revolution takes place in Holstein & Macklenburg.
     Valhurian Peoples' Empire suffers first financial lost in 15 years.
     German Confederations' assult into Austria backfires and results in Austria securing West G.C..
     Carsvur becomes second Metropolis in Europe in Kingdom of Burgenland.
     Reggen Repucisist win the Croation Federations' election and replace the Pakitznots.
     Reggen Repucsist replace Rusio Pakitz ( 370 - 383 ) with Mikel Valria I.
     Kingdom of Greece develops and adopts Greek Democratics.
     Invasion of Cyprus ( Novermber 22nd, 378 - October 20th, 383 ) ends in Cyprian Victory.
    Marmaria surrenders to Cypria and halts its invasion. Greek surrenders after Cyprias successful invasion of Eastern Creat. Cypria annexes a portion of Western Creat.
    Second Finnish Invasion of Estonia ( June 26th, 379 - April 19th, 383 ) ends in Estonian Victory.
    Aaland Islands are returned to the Finnish by the Northern Danes.
    Republic of Austria & Empire of Huns, Slavs, Slovs & Austrians join Central Powers Union.
    Central Powers Trade Value rises from 16 to 23 E.P.'s.
    War for Sussex ( July 2nd, 379 -  June 19th, 384) ends as Inconclusive. Welsh claim control over Scottish owned Sussex.
    Republic of Charentes becomes Keep of Charentes.
    Free Luxon kingdom signs peace treaty with Central Powers and withdrawls from Second European War.
    Kingdom of Macedonia and Swiss Empire surrender to Allied nations ending their roles in Second European War.
    Second European War begins to end.
    Croation Federation and Tzardom of Ukraine sign peace treaty with Central powers and end their involvement in Second European War.
    Second European War reaches 3.5 Million casualties.
    Austrians defeat Carpathian and Ukrainian Assults and maintain hold on Central Croatia.
    Croatia secures port of Naples and Rome loses control of all of three territories to the, Croats, Hunts, Hispanics, and Dalms.
    Russia and Ostersund maintain control of Eastern Karelia and Western Norse lands.
    King Charles Jurota I ( 376 - 384) of The Republican Kingdom of South West Slavania dies in Battle with Romans leaving King Martin Marzezzo Renghouta to take his Position.
    German War against Austria ( June 1st, 382 - April 19th, 384 ) ends inconclusivly.
    Kingdom of Lithuania builds Port of Litavoka on Northern Dane Territory.
    Kingdom of Estonia adopts Danish Economics.
    Nation of Serbs abandons Illyrian Economics with German Economics.
    Valhurian Representives from across Europe convince the Nations to drop Economic systems and to adopt funding areas.
    Kingdom of Arctica adopts Valhurian System.
    Kingdom of Ostrobothnia constructs and opens Port of Timbre.
   Middle Dark Ages.
   War Between Scots and Welsh ends un-officially.
   British War against Charentes ( June 25th, 381 - November, 24th, 386 ) ends in British Victory.
   Charentes falls as a nation and is annexed by British.
   Briton Union adopts adopts Valhurian System.
   Rome, Holland, Danes, and Dalmatia all end their roles in Second European War.
   South West Slavania adopts Roman Monarchy System.
   South West Slavania annexes most Hungarian held territories of Eastern Rome.
   Kingdom of Florence is established by, Under Hun Rule, King Francis I of Bakre.
   Kingdom of Corsica is established by, Under Hun Rule, Queen Flora of Marra.
   Hispania annexes Sardinia from Rome.
   Rome falls into Bankruptsy and Allied Nations give last of Reserve ( $100,000,000.00 ) to aide Rome.
   Kingdom of Naples is established, under Croat Rule, by King Romaxis Laterri I.
   Karelian Grand Duchy of Russia merges with Kingdom of Russia.
   Chandler Von Hench III ( 371 - 386 ) of Allied Nations dies, title is passed to Mikel Pextrokav I of Russia.
     Geralda Party wins the Election in English Peoples' Union, re-elects Gerald I to the thrown.
     Empire of Huns, Slavs, Slovs & Austrians surrenders to Allied Nations, ending their role in Second European War.
     Kingdom of Pryeneese signs peace treaty with Central Powers, ending their role in Second European War.
     Hungarians reclaim Hunland from Austrian forces. Russians succeed in securing Austria, save the North.
     Ostersundi forces secure remaining Norse territories.
     Scots reclaim all but two South coastal regions of Ireland from Hispanic forces.
     Kingdom of Cypria surrenders to Allied nations, ending their role in Second European War.
     Carpathia annexes Empire Empire of Huns, Slavs, Slovs & Austrians and makes it Grand Dutchy of Eastern Slavania.
     Roscan of Dumoxa overthrows King Romaxis Laterri I ( 386 ) of Kingdom of Naples and turns it to Republic of Naples.
     Danes relieve all Secured Norse regions to Ostersundi forces.
     Croation Federation constructs and opens Port Tylon.
     Franklin DjArdagon  ( 356 - 386  ) of Finnish Keep dies, title passed to his son Roshua DjArdagon.
     City of Paris is incorporated as a city and declared Capital of the Norman people.
     Ostersundi forces under Hungarianc ommand sucure several Austrian Territories.
     Kingdom of Scots surrenders to Allied Nations, ending its' role in Second European War.
     Hispania gains two southern most coastal regions of Ireland from Scot.
     Paparian Kingship wins the General Elction in Republic of Northern Slavania and re-elects King Saint Leopold, Lord of Northern Slavania.
      Kingdom of Hispania signs peace treaty with Central Powers, ending it's role in Second European War.
      Samus party wins the general election in Aquataine and replaces the Caren party.
      Samus, King of Aquataine ( 348 - 388 ) is voted out of office and is replaced by his son, Samus II, King of Aquataine.
      Briton Union declares war on Kingdom of Hispania over Western Coastal Region.
      Coastal War begins.
      Kingdom of Ostersund signs peace treaty with Central powers, annexes Norse Territories and ends its role in Second European War.
      The Swiss Empire is divdied into Five Regions, to create new states and to be annexed by Previous states in 389.
      Empress Sheldga Herinthopy ( 367 - 388  ) of Kingdom of Carpathia dies, leaves title to cousin, Empress Yolanda Herinthopy ( 388 - )
      Yakrovich of Keiv ( 339 - 341 / 348 - 388  ) of  Tzardom of Ukraine dies, leaves title to son Yokrovich II of Keiv ( 388 - )                    
      Hans Yuno III of Romanio-Hungarian empire revises Government and Romanio-Hungarian Empire becomes Hungarian Empire.
      Scottish General Election takes place long over due, Macckey Party is voted to remain in power.
      Macckey party re-elects King Jason Macckey I ( 368 - ) as Lord of the Scots and Irish.
      Scottish Ireland parliment fills with Irish seccessionist.
      Norse sign peace treaty with Allied nations, their population is kindly replaced to the Arctican horn.
      Hungarians declare an end to their involvement in the Second European War after securing the final territories of Austria.
      Austria becomes a disputed region between the Austrians and Hungarians.  
      Kingdom of the Alps is re-established under the rule of King Marcelli Yogoth.
      Pryeneese annexes most of the Western Swiss Empire.
      Cental Border between French, German and Italian peoples becomes vacant for establishment.
      Rome closes in on Paying off Debts left off from Second European War.
      Kingdom of Florence starts small scale invasion of Italian Coast held by Republican Kingdom of South West Slavania.
      War of the italian Coast ( December 21st - 389 ) begins.
      Free Luxon kingdom develops and adopts German Democratics.
      Free Luxon constructs Port Luxumburg = + 10 E.P.'s off of the Holland Coast.
      Vacant territories begin to be filled by Germans, Luxons and Danish peoples.
      Serbians begin Medicinal Research.
      Teroms party reclaims office of Nation of Serbs and re-elects Tomas Mikale Grigrenko as Lord of Serbs.
      Kingdom of Russia Constructs and opens Port Petrovik.
      Coastal War ( June 22nd, 388 - Feburary 15th, 390 ) ends in Hispanic Victory over Bretons.
      Hispania annexes two coastal regions of Post Charentes.
      Republic of Normandy becomes Kingdom of Franks.
      Austrians accept peace treay with Allied Nations.
      Hungary secures Proper Austrian Territory.
      Austrians move into remaining vacant areas.  
      Second European War ( 371 - 390 )  Ends with Allied Victory at 3.7 Million Casualties.
      As promised upon Construction, Kingdom of Pryeneese transfers rights of Port Secosta Du Hispania to Hispania.
      The Republican Kingdom of South West Slavania constructs and opens Port Slavia.
      Kingdom of Rome Opens and Constructs Port of Italy.
      With the aide of Two ports and the Central Powers Union, Rome finishes paying off debt.
      Estonians begin Medicinal Research.
      Republic of Austria becomes Democratic Republic of Austria after Erwin Von Sinclaire I takes power.
      Greek Democratics takes effect in Kingdom of Greece - State divides into Six electoral Houses as seen below.
    Spartans ( 620,000 )
Head of House = Marious Fikelas ( 390 - )
   Pelopians ( 530,000 )  
H.o.H. = Fredrick I of Greece ( 390 - )
   Greackonians ( 470,000 )
H.o.H. = Atristotle Gerigorius ( 390 - )
    Athenians ( 530,000 )
H.o.H. = Triston II of Athens ( 390 - )
    Thracians ( 720,000 )
H.o.H. = Athenia of Thrace ( 390 - )
    Aegeans ( 560,000 )
H.o.H. = Markrahad of Turska ( 390 - )
       Greeks re-elect Triston of Athens.
       Jranse Fghougstra ( 381 - 390 ) of Norse Peoples dies, leaving Django Reindhart to the Title of Lord of The Norse.
       Empire of Huns, Slavs, Slovs & Austrians is offically removed from Central Powers by Kingdom of Carpathia.
       Central Powers Trade Value drops from 23 to 19.
       European Population in estimated at around 122 Million.
       Russia is declared a World Super Power.
       King Jorduon LaAmore ( 346 - 391 ) of the Kingdom of Holland dies and King Lamar Deroux takes the thrown.
       Treaty of Minsk begins to be written to allow European Powers to interact with other Worldly Nations.
       Empire of Marmaria constructs and opens Port Marma.
       Kingdom of Greece Constructs and opens Port Apollo.
       Greece invades Cypria to re-gain control of the Island of Cyprus.
       Second Invasion of Cyprus Begins.
       Scadzrevik Party wins over Minka Party in General election over Republican Monarchy of Bealaruse.
       Scadzrevik Party re-elects Chandler Von Hench IV back into power over Republican Monarchy of Bealaruse.
       Kingdom of Russia becomes first nation to reach and maintain an Economy of over $1,000,000,000.00.
       The English Peoples Union, Kingdom of Pryenees, Kingdom of Hispania, Kingdom of Florence, Republic of Naples, Grand Duchy of Latvia, Kingdom of Carpathia, Croation Federation, Kingdom of Northern Ostrobothnia all sign the Treaty of Minsk.
       The Irish Peoples' Union becomes Independent from Kingdom of Scots. Scots remain in control of several Irish Territories.
       The Empire of Aquataine becomes Republican Monarchy of Aquataine.
       War of the Italian Coast ( December 21st, 389 - February 15th, 392  ) ends in Dalmation Victory.
       Republican Kingdom annexes Florence.
       Italian North African colonies succeed from South Roman Republic of Sicily to form Free Nation of Italian North Africa.
       Prauge, the first German City, is founded by Slovokians and Bomenians in Valhuria.
       Queen Halenda Vectrophy ( 386 - 392 ) of Grand Dutchy of Eastern Slavania dies.
       Princess Rarwanda Herinthophy is put into power over Eastern Slavania by Kingdom of Carpathia.
       Hungarian Empire begins an invasion of teh German Peoples in German Confederation.
       Hungarian War against Germany begins.
       Greek assult into Cyprian held East Crete ends in massive failure.
       Second Invasion of Cyprus ( July 1st, 391 - August 4th, 392 ) ends in Cyprian Victory. Territories remain the same.
       New Kingdom of Norway constructs and opens Port Norwegian.
       Kingdom of Estonia , Finnish Keep, The Briton Union and Republican Monarchy of Aquataine all sign Treaty of Minsk.
      Town of Belfast is founded by Free Irishmen in Northern Ireland.
      Danes lift all taxes from Lithuania, Estonia, Northern Danes and Latvians.
      Political Order finally re-established in South West Slavania.
      Nation of Serbs founds City of Belgrade.
      Paparian Kingship again wins the General Election in Republic of Northern Slavania.
      Paparian Kingship re-elects King Saint Leopold, Lord of Northern Slavania to the thrown.
      Croatia invades Eastern Slavania to gain recources from Carpathian Mountains.
      Croatian/Slavic War begins.
      Due to poor leadership and a failing Economy, Kingdom of Albania peacefully Unionizes with Croation Federation.
      Scadzrevik party of Republican Monarchy of Bealaruse replaces Chandler Von Hench IV ( 364 - 393 ) with Fracanio Sczreck Vanrinch I ending the Von Hench rule over Bealaruse of nearly Sixty Years.
     Third German Empire leaves Central Powers Union.
     Central Powers Unions' Trade Value drops from 19 to 13.
     Holstein & Macklenburg, Tzardom of Ukraine, and Kingdom of Burgenland all sign the treaty of Minsk.
        Fisher Party takes power from Geralda party in English Peoples' Unions General Election.
        Fisher Party re-elects Prince [King] Gerald I ( 345 - 377 / 377 -  ) to the thrown.
        Northern Danish Military prepares to invade Finnish held territories to increase its hold on the Blue Sea.
        War of the Blue Sea ( August 14th, 394 - ) begins.
        German Confederation Military repels yet another large scale Hungarian invasion force.
        Croation Forces secure major towns and cities within Eastern Slavania.
        Refronza Vladstein II ( 375 - ) restores Republican Macedonia.
        Kingdom of Greece begins researching Medicinal Science.
        Kingdom of Ostersund develops and adopts Swedish Democratic Monrachy.
        New Kingdom of Norway leaves the Central Powers Union.
        Central Powers Unions' Trade Value drops from 13 to 8.
       City of London is founded by Welsh.
       Queen Arianna DeRosa ( 342 - 395 ) of The Kingdom of Hispania dies, leaving the thrown to King Juan Frestilia DeRosa.
       Kingdom of Rome Abolishes Roman Monrachy System and develops and Adopts Roman Empirial Democratics.
       Julia party is elected into power over the previous Popis party.
       Third German Empire begins to research Medicinal Science.
       Kingdom of Lithuania becomes Lithuania Under Danish Rule.
       Alaxis party defeats Vladstein party in general election for Republican Macedonia.
       Alaxis party re-elects Refronza Vladstein II to the thrown.
       Hungarian forces successfully secure most of Central German Confederation after heavy losses.
       Dariot Party defeats Cypriots in General Election of Cypria.
       Dariots re-elect King Cyrus I of Cyprus to the thrown.
       Kingdom of Rome leaves the Central Powers Union.
       Central Powers Unions' Trade Value drops from 8 to 7.
       DjArdagon party wins the first general election in Kingdom of Ostersund.
       Bretons found City of Saint Lo.
       Spanish peoples begin to build towns.
       Sigfreid Party of Democratic Republic of Austria  succeeds in Impeaching Erwin Von Sinclaire I ( 390 - 396 ).
       Sigfreid Party brings Erik Thomwuller Sigfreid II to the thrown.
       Hungarian War Against Germany ( 392 - 396 ) ends in Hungarian Victory.
       Hungarian Empire annexes German Confederation.
       Croatian/Slavic War ( September 12th, 393 - January 10th, 396) ends in Draw.
       DMZ established after the battle for Morvea.
       Verginots win the Croation Federations' general election, replacing the Reggen Repubcist.
       Verginots remove Mikel Valria I ( 383 - 396 ) from power and replace him with Reubin Valcarich II.
       Greeks found Cpital City of Arta.
       Kingdom of Northern Ostrobothnia joins on Danish side of the War of the Blue Sea.
      Nation of Serbs and Norse sign Treaty of Minsk.
      Paparian Monarchist from Republic of Northern Slavania succeed in rebelling against the Republican Kingdom of South West Slavania and found the Holy Kingdom of Italy in Central/North East Italy under King Benedict Frousli of Paparia.
      Estonian Citizens are at an estimated +1.73 Happiness.
      Finnish defence forces repel large scale Northern Ostrobothian Invasion.
      Kingdom of Northern Ostrobothinia withdrawls from War of the Blue Sea.
      Cyprians found city of Caprica.
      Kingdom of Russia Constructs and Opens Port Mosse - First port in Northern Arctic Sea.
      Kingdom of Arctica begins funding Medicinal Science.
      Arcticans begin to construct towns.
      Kingdom of Russia buys Ostersundi Russia from Kingdom of Ostersund for its' full value.
      Kingdom of Franks signs Treaty of Minsk.
      After a re-adjustment of Taxes, Allied Nations' Trade Value increases from 19 to 22.
      Kingdom of Scots re-values Scottish Ireland from 100 seats to 50 seats.
      McReary Party assumes control of Scottish Ireland.
      The Swiss Declare Berne as its' Capital City.
      Grand Dutchy of Madrid becomes Caravanian Grand Dutchy of Madrid.
      Danish Forces successfully occupy Swedish Finna.
      Grand Dutchy of Eastern Slavania adopts Valhurian System.
      Paparian Kingship leaves Republic of Northern Slavania to represent the Holy Kingdom of Italy.
      Totas Monarchy narrowly wins the Northern Slavanian General Election over Vishwet Clansmen.
      Totas Monarchy re-elects King Saint Leopold, Lord of Northern Slavania to the thrown.
      The Welsh Peoples Union signs the Treaty of Minsk.
      French and British peoples' development slows near to a halt for the year.
      Caravanian population drops to an all time low of around 16,000.
      South Romans found the City of Naples.
      Corsicans found the City of Saint Florent.
      Popis Party of Kingdom of Rome wins the General Election by a landslide, replacing the Julia Party.
      Popis Party re-elects King Constantine I of Rome ( 375 - ) to the thrown due to progress made in Romes' Economy.
     War of the Blue Sea ( August 14th, 394 - May 22nd, 399 ) ends in Finnish Victory.
     Northern Danes pay Finnish Keep 50 E.P.'s in repreation of the war.
     Peoples' Empire of Valhura begin Medicinal Research.
     Luffen Party of Free Luxon Kingdom wins the general election.
     Luffen Party replaces Marcus Von Bismark IV ( 373 - 399 ) with Unich Vann Luffen I ( 399 - ) as King of Luxons.
     Grigrenko Party narrowly defeats Vallas Party in General Elction of Nation of Serbs.
     Grigrenko Party re-elects Tomas Mikale Grigrenko as Lord of Serbs.
     Empire of the Danes, Lithuania Under Danish Rule, and The Swiss Empire sign the Treaty of Minsk.

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